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  1. Was expecting mine tomorrow from Amazon but received my CD tonight!
  2. Greatest LPs to never make it to CD

    Hi BFrank, It was I that sent you those copies. Still a dang shame that Cecil McBee's "Compassion" hasn't been released as a CD and that "Music From The Source" hasn't been reissued on CD. In addition, I'd love to see Cecil's "Flying Out' LP on India Navigation issued for the first time as a CD as well. I have that on LP and it's a good one.
  3. This same group, but with Scott LaFaro on bass, played the New Port Jazz festival the summer of 1961. Unfortunately, it was Scott LaFaro's final gig as he perished in a car accident soon after.
  4. Couldn't pass this up either! Thanks for letting us know about this.
  5. LPs that have never made it into CD

    I have a CD of Cecil McBee's "Music From The Source" but it's long OOP I believe. I don't think 'Compassion" has ever been on CD. I wish Enja would reissue them both too!
  6. QQ For LaFaro Buffs

    I'm not sure 100% of when the other bass was stolen in 1958 but this recording from January 1958 with Victor Feldman may have him playing with the first bass (the album that this is taken from is my favorite Scott LaFaro):
  7. QQ For LaFaro Buffs

    I believe Scott LaFaro's bass was set up with lower action after his first bass was stolen in California in 1958 and he then went to the Kolstein Bass Shop in New York to obtan a new one shortly thereafter. Here's a great short discussion on the history and restoration of LaFaro's bass that was nearly destroyed in the car acident that took LaFaro's life: The bass now belongs to the International Society of Bassists to loan out. Several notable bassists such as Mark johnson, Phil Polumbi and others have used it on recent recordings and concerts.
  8. Carmell Jones archival release

    Ordered June 2nd and have yet to receive it here in Florida!
  9. Dealing with tinnitus

    I've been dealing with what my Doctor calls Eustacian Tube Dysfunction in my left ear since October of last year. It causes white noise (tinnitus) in my left ear (sometimes faint and sometimes loud) and my ears "click" whenever I swallow. It is very annoying especially at night when things get quieter. Since I'm a musician, I went out and bought some expensive ear protectors which do help protect them when I play in loud situations. I've also found that staying away from caffeine also helps with the symptons. Some days are better than others and sometimes it almost seems like it goes away only to return. So far the Doctor I've been seeing has not been very helpful so I may try someone else. Not sure what caused it but it's been very annoying.
  10. Looks like some lucked out with sets without the distortion. I forgot to add in my comment above that my friend sent his set back to the seller (which was not Mosaic) for a replacement set and he got back a new sealed set from them but it still had the distortion. So the distortion must have been on quite a few of the European Universal Tal Farlow sets but maybe not all. I don't believe I ever heard that the distortion was on any of the US direct from Mosaic sets.
  11. I bought the european Universal version of the Farlow set several years ago and it had the distortion on Disc 6 and a friend of mine got one also and it had the distortion on Disc 6 too. We didn't get them directly from Mosaic so we couldn't return them for replacement. However, I had the Verve elite edition of the single CD with the song "Lean On Me" on it so I created my own un-distorted version of Disc 6. The Tal Farlow set is one of my favorite Mosaic sets and one that I play a lot.
  12. Mosaic plans Beehive box

    So it will be 2 separate mosaic sets? Yes, I was told by Michael Cuscuna that it would be 2 seperate 6-cd Box sets. Although, I guess things can always change. I'm really excited about this set as I've heard very little of this music! It will be a must buy for me. As much as I really love the older music Box sets that Mosaic puts out (Armstrong, Ellington, etc.), I'm glad that Mosaic is putting out these modern jazz sets too! (Not sure if the word "modern" is the right word to use but I think you all know what I mean).
  13. Mosaic plans Beehive box

    Michael Cuscuna told me it would be 2 6-cd box sets.
  14. The bass players

    Thanks Larry Kart for letting me know that George Tucker was from Palatka, FL. I didn't know that. Doesn't seem like there's much information about George Tucker that I can find online. What I do know is that if his name is on a recording, I always pick it up! His work with Horace Parlan, Jerome Richardson, Booker Ervin, Jaki Byard and others is all great stuff!
  15. The bass players

    Scott LaFaro -- his recordings with Bill Evans are desert island discs for me. Chuck Israels is another great bassist who played with Bill Evans and is drastically underated Sam Jones -- all his stuff with Cannonball, Cedar Walton and others is great stuff-- he always swung hard!. Someone already mentioned the great underated George Tucker --another personal favorite!