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  1. Mobile Fidelity: Uh-Oh, Spaghetti-Os

    Agreed. The last musical/audio thing this hilarious was the "Joyce Hatto hoax" in classical recordings. A delightfully ironic aspect is that the non-analog nature was not discovered by audiophiles' discerning ears, but by deduction (duh, if the records are being pressed this way, the source can't be analog).
  2. I'll put in a word for the 2-CD (I don't buy vinyl, don't know if it was released in that format) Tapscott / Arkestra Live at I.U.C.C. on the souljazzrecords label.
  3. Post a pic

    Many events stay up on Youtube. How about:
  4. Paul Bley

    Just checked it out via inter-library loan (I belong to a good network). Should get it next week.
  5. Paul Bley

    for Gnu High. As leader, I still have 3 of Jarrett's old Euro Quartet albums: Belonging, My Song and Personal Mountains. Don't listen that often, but they've have survived many culls. Once had both Köln Concert and La Scala, enjoyed them at first but it faded, eventually culled. Considered some Standards Trio albums but never spent the money. The Lou Harrison looks interesting. I'd also like to hear Jarrett's recording of the Hovhaness Piano Concerto. Never bought his recordings of "standard" classical repertoire (Bach, DSCH, Handel, Mozart) because there are so many good competing versions. Back on topic, my collection of Paul Bley recordings is slowly growing, while the Jarrett collection is static.
  6. BFT #220 reveal

    Thanks, it was an excellent BFT but I only had time for cursory listens. I always suspect Khan Jamal on vibes tracks, but never heard that particular album and drew a blank on #1. Kind of red-faced on #2 and (especially) #6, as I own both albums and am an Elmo Hope enthusiast. I suspected Friesen on the bass solo but never got around to pulling the CD off the shelf. Guessed Mal by process of elimination on #11, but had never heard that version. Will go back and listen in detail.
  7. Tell Us How Much You Love Ernie Henry

    I like EH a lot. Enough that this thread made me pore through discographies to check what recordings I'm missing.
  8. Stumbled upon this and have watched several times. Seems like excellent playing to me, though there's no shortage of alternatives. Am going to listen to more of Ehnes.
  9. Japanese Jazz CD Sources

    DG's offerings are sporadic, but I've found their prices pretty darned good. Now that DG allows preorders, I'm going to take them more seriously. Waiting for "in-stock" e-mails was not very reliable - product would often be sold out.
  10. News of the Day

    https://www.bbc.com/travel/article/20220721-the-worlds-largest-crystal-cave An abandoned mine in Spain hides a sparkling treasure – the world's largest geode, a natural crystal phenomenon that has stunned scientists. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-62292511 Japanese police are turning to tranquiliser guns in an attempt to stem the tide of wild monkey attacks that have been terrorising residents.
  11. Absolutely. Stopped around 20 years ago. I still remember one of their big columnists (Jonathan something?) constantly singing the praises of "Shun Mook resonators". Thought I'd slipped through a wormhole to some kind of alternate universe.
  12. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    Looks like they (and most similar outlets) use digital direct-to-garment ("DTG") printing. Send 'em an image file and ask. If they don't care about licensing (as suggested above), they might put it on any color shirt they stock.
  13. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    That Aussie outfit has the best selection of jazz album T-shirts I've seen. Trouble is, I'm a former distance runner, kept all my old race T-shirts and haven't gained significant weight. Have burned through quite a few, but still have a large stockpile of wearable Ts, tough to justify significant $ for more. The Aussies do have a bunch of tempting offerings, though.
  14. Richly deserved IMO. And a lot of it's dirty kleptocrat money he acquired by making F1 one of the world headquarters of sportswashing (granted the IOC, FIFA, etc. are right up there).