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  1. Dylan Box Live 1966 recommendation

    Of course I bought it. Just took the right price. I like the fact it’s basically the same set list, I enjoy focusing on the performance. I find it similar to a lot of early ABB with Duane. Same set lists but different nuance to each song performance.
  2. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    I will take this if available. i will make donation. PM sent
  3. Dylan Box Live 1966 recommendation

    I think I can live with Royal Albert Hall on vinyl. I was hoping it would be as strong as the Vol 4 CD Royal Albert Hall. Was pleasantly surprised that Trouble No More on vinyl was so strong. I personally don't mind the the relgious subject matter , sound is very good and I like the band. Very strong players and great backup singers. Reminds me of the church I grew up in. I can save my money for next Bootleg release or next Dead box set. Thanks
  4. Dylan Box Live 1966 recommendation

    I am afraid my OCD is going to kick in. Same feeling I get with Dead Europe 72, so many great and different shows to experience in the moment. thanks for the insight
  5. I have all the Dylan Bootleg Box sets on CD except Trouble No More on vinyl. Also purchased The Royal Albert Hall 1966 on vinyl. Have original vinyl of Nashville Skyline and Greatest Hits II. Trying to decide whether to purchase Sydney 1966 on vinyl or the Live 1966 box set. The Royal Albert on vinyl was great for the acoustic side but lacking on the electric side IMO. The size of the box concerns me. I am big Dead follower as well and have the Complete 1972 trunk and 30 Trips around the sun box. Don't get to visit these as much after first listen. Of course I have all the Miles's Box sets and bootlegs too. I went for Vinyl on Vol 6 for Stockholm and Copenhagen. I am buying more vinyl these days but trying to be selective and not replace everything I own on CD.I purchased Side Tracks on vinyl because many of the songs are on Biograph. I have Biograph on cassette only. I am retired but it hasn't slowed down my purchasing habits. I appreciate any insight you can provide.
  6. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Seems the story never changes, the artist gets hosed. The industry decides what media we can have music on. I have two teenagers and they are in the streaming , social media world. If it doesn’t fit on phone or smart book they have no interest. I personally don’t want anyone to dictate what media I use and they can forget trying to figure out what I will buy. I am not their demographic. I will continue to listen and look at forums like this. I have lurked around forums from Blue Note and All About Jazz in the past. Some current members from this board have influenced what music I have purchased over the years. I think the Dead/Rhino folks have figured it out. Market to the serious demented 15-18 k fans and we will buy everything they put out. I am ready for more Miles.
  7. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Just picked up Copenhagen Exclusive at Barnes & Nobles in red vinyl. Reviews on Amazon were complaining about mastering so decided to give this a try. Just finished listening and mastering sounds fine. Olympia show is definitely a different Coltrane. Now I am trying to decide if I need CD box. Have Dragon box.
  8. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Just received Paris vinyl from vinyl me please. Played first two sides and very impressed with sound. Rhythm section is tight. Miles’s solos are pure Miles. Trane’s solos are long and so good. Now thinking about buying Copenhagen on vinyl or the CD box.
  9. Av Receiver Replacement

    Thanks, haven’t purchased yet, getting close.Waiting for some paypal stuff to clear. Recently started buying vinyl again, a whole new addiction. Looking at all the ones you mentioned. thanks again
  10. Av Receiver Replacement

    Crutchfield recommendation is Onkyo TX-RZ810@$599. $700 savings sometimes I don’t trust them , I get the feeling they are pushing it because it’s end of life or an unstated product issue.
  11. Av Receiver Replacement

    It fails to connect when powering up. It did it periodically over past few years. I have upgraded HDMI cables and that seemed to fix issue. But after a year or so it started again. I have been able to power down in the past and restart devices but that no longer works. Seems to be a known handshake issue with the Sony. So I thought I would replace it. Just recently started getting into vinyl again after the wife bought me a turntabIe, the result of years of threatening to bring out my old vinyl.I have separate listening room with NAD 356 amp with elac speakers. Would like to keep them separate. Thanks for suggestions, I was looking at Onkyo receivers, sounds like the right direction.
  12. Av Receiver Replacement

    Looking for Av Replacement in $500-600 range to replace Sony 1040. I originally bought Sony after reading CNET review. It appears to be issue with HDMI board. Periodically does not recognize connection. currently have HDMI connected from Samsung TV to receiver. Kilpsch mains and center connected to receiver as well. Oppo 105d connected to receiver and cable box. Use primarily for home theater, will be added speakers for 5.1. Also for listening to CDs. any suggestions are appreciated.
  13. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Vinyl Me Please staff posted photo of Miles Bootleg Paris 1960 for March
  14. Yes, I agree. Larry Young exceeded my expectations too. Regarding vinyl , I had around 300 records from 60s and 70s that I recently I started playing and 80 percent of them still sound really good. My taste have definitely changed from more guitar oriented albums to hard bop/jazz, string quartets and world music.
  15. Picked this up on Vinyl at Black Friday in November. Reproduction sounds good. I prefer Full House performance with Johnny Griffin. Reminds of the Latest Monk release on vinyl. I enjoyed the music but wasn’t knocked out. My wife gave me turntable last year and just started listening to vinyl again. I guess my expectations were too great.