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  1. Sexiest album covers

    Well, to rival the Babe thread, here we go!
  2. Julie London

    This thread is the unofficial Julie London shrine! IMHO there was never anyone who could sing those breathy vocals like Julie! So what is your favorite Julie London album? Anybody have any anecdotes to share?
  3. Chiropractors

    well, what do you think?
  4. hope it was a good one!!!
  5. inspired by a post of lons!
  6. Monoceros

    My New Year's Resolution was to give Evan Parker another try. So i pulled out Monoceros and gave it a spin. "Please" i whispered a prayer to Ayler and Brotzmann - "let me like it - or at least let me understand what is going on here." My ears started to bleed. O.K. not really - but i still don't get it. The circular breathing is impressive. The energy and effort is intense. The music? well still not my thing. Oh well, I tried. Why don't I get it?
  7. Gabor Szabo

    any love? i like those cti's another life cut tragically short.
  8. Now reading...

    The Gentleman from Moscow
  9. Sexiest album covers

    wow! This thread is still going strong!!! Wow! This thread is still going strong!!!
  10. Whatever became of . . . Eric Kloss

    listening today to the excellent "One, Two, Free" i wondered whatever became of Eric Kloss? he seems to have stopped recording in the early eighties! by my calculations he is probably in his mid to late fifties! did he become ill? or like shaw - disenchanted? or like grimes - did he fall of the earth? can anyone solve this jazz mystery?
  11. Happy Birthday BillF!

    Happy birthday!
  12. CONTEST: 2019 GREY CUP

    Hi guys! Hamilton 80
  13. weldon irvine

    who was this dude? where to start?
  14. happy birthday Bright Moments!!!

    Thanks Dan and hello Big "O" friends!!! I am pleased to report that i smoothly transitioned from my 50's to the big "6-0"! Enjoyed some jazz last night at the Olympia Theatre here in Miami. Life is good and of course - BRIGHT MOMENTS to all!!! Evan
  15. A BIG happy birthday for my man, fellow Floridian, Marty!!!!!!! Many happy returns!!!
  16. Louie Bellson

    Wow this one blew me away!!! RECOMMENDED!!! it is hard to imagine that he did one better than this - anybody disagree?
  17. Charlie Parker - Bird's Eyes

    Can anybody shed some light on a series of cd's known as Charlie Parker - Bird's Eyes? Is this material available elsewhere? Is it all compilation material? how many cd's were in the series? Is the entire series available for purchase? much thanks!
  18. happy birthday Bright Moments!!!

  19. happy birthday Bright Moments!!!

    You are too kind Dan! I miss you all at the Big "O" - but i still lurk from time to time! I love my Jazz music and appreciate your thoughts and birthday wishes! Evan
  20. Holly Cole

    just heard holly cole for the first time! "Blame it on my Youth" was the cd. ME LIKE!!! any other holly cole fans out there?
  21. I dig Betty Carter!

    I recently discovered and fell in love with the deep, breathy vocals of Betty Carter. She really belts out the standards and also can scat lightning fast. My favorite (so far) is "Social Call" (see below), but I'm looking for recommendations. Can anybody tell me some interesting tidbits about Betty, her life & loves? B)
  22. Alvin Queen micro-corner

    How about a little corner for drummer Alvin Queen? I am enjoying some fine work by him with John Hicks et al on "Jammin' Uptown" from 1985! Alvin plays with amazing energy!!! Any fans out there?