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  1. And then there was one... Thanks for the heads up
  2. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Seems like the sweet spot for Mosaic sets these days is 7 or more discs, though the Savory is 6. Are there enough Muse and Savoy sideman dates to make a Complete Muse and Savoy recordings of Bill Barron? It didn't seem like it when I glanced at the discography. But I have to admit that I don't know enough about the relationships of labels or which labels Mosaic has a working relationship with to know which ones would fit into a congruent set.
  3. Mosaic Wish List

    Thank you kind sir... I did not make the connection.
  4. Mosaic Wish List

    Very helpful. Clears it right up. Thanks a ton!
  5. Mosaic Wish List

    What does Binglerosey and shit mean?
  6. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    Thank you! Not real interested in the novel but the music.......thanks for the preliminary review. I'm in.
  7. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    I've read through the thread twice and have yet to see anyone post about the actual music. A few guys have acknowledged receiving it - I wonder if anyone would like to post a review of the music?
  8. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I've been a big fan of Mosaic records for long time. I understand that they are in dire straits and that the market for giant reissue sets appealing to a pretty narrow audience may have dried up. I also know that while their intentions have been good over the years, their business model has not kept pace with what's going on in recorded music which has contributed to their problem. So I got the email like everyone else who has responded on this thread and I immediately understood what they were doing and why. Yes, the effort is somewhat clumsy, but in no way do I feel like I've got a gun to my head, like this is a scam or ransom note. If you don't want the music - don't preorder. Simple as that. Maybe I'm just too easy to please and/or grateful for all of the great music Mosaic has exposed me to over the years to get my shorts in a knot over their effort to determine if the set is worth releasing. I just don't think they deserve the over-reaction I want it - so I preordered it. Hope it gets released
  9. What's next for Mosaic

    As Brad said, better inventory management is part of a strategy. I didn't think my remark would have been taken as "this is the single strategy that will save our company". I'm not a businessman, so perhaps you know better, but inventory management seems like a sound way to control costs. Having hundreds or thousands of sets sitting on shelves in a warehouse doesn't seem to be very liquid, or smart, to me - especially when no one is buying the product because you may have pressed too many sets.
  10. The Wilson and Savory sets are released. Sets listed on the site are dwindling - seemingly in a strategy to reduce the costs associated with carrying that inventory. Or, I suppose - to eventually shut down. Anything in the pipeline as far as new sets go?
  11. Welcome to the new Mosaic. Welcome to the new Mosaic. Looks like they are (finally) paying attention to demand and assessing the need for re-pressing sets and how many to re-press.
  12. Hope everyone who wanted the Beehive set has ordered it as today is the last day. I have it and think it's excellent.
  13. Looks like the Getz Norgran set is gone again
  14. Getting back to the topic of this thread, I just noticed that another set has dropped off the Last Chance list and in now OOP. It was an LP set but not sure which one - The Getz perhaps? At any rate, Mosaic now lists 20 active sets - all of them in print. There are 4 sets running low and 2 in last chance. I checked Wayback Machine from last year. On January 6, 2017 - they had 35 active sets. 2 sets were in last chance and 3 sets were running low. Looks to me that if they are planning on staying in business - which from all appearances they are - with 2 new sets shipping very soon - they appear to be trying to reduce on hand inventory to reduce costs. My guess is that they will consider: Continue to allow the number of active sets decrease by slowing the pace of new sets. For new sets, carefully control the on hand inventory by having less sets printed initially For re-pressings, they will take a long look at sales and sales projections before doing any re-pressings. This will dramatically reduce the storage space required for on hand inventory which will lower costs associated with leasing space. Hell - does anyone know how big Michael Cuscuna's basement is? He seems to be selling stuff on Ebay all the time Look at in-sourcing the shipping to further reduce overhead Consider subscription service to guarantee access to sets Look at more LP sets, though they once again appear to be phasing them out. At least those are some of the things I'd be looking at if I wanted to stay in business.
  15. These are indeed the last days of Mosaic, at least as we currently know them. The addition of Mobley and Jordan to the Last Chance process make 9 of their currently available 22 sets in the last chance phase. That total of 22 sets of course includes the long back ordered Turrentine set - which really seems unlikely to reappear. The Mobley set hitting the running low category seems as significant as the Parker, IMO. It seemed for so long that the Mobley was going to go on forever. Clifford Jordan is also significant in that I believe it was recently on back order and then re-printed. Seems like they printed just enough to fulfill their back-orders plus a few more and that now they are running the set through a formal last chance process I know there is a Teddy Wilson set yet to be released and perhaps a few more projects if a recent post in another thread is accurate. Seems to me the new business model is to eliminate the huge back catalog along with its associated costs, do new releases in very limited quantities and very likely ship the music themselves, as opposed to utilizing an external shipping service.