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  1. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Yeah, probably. I had put this in my cart, but was waiting to make sure the wife didn’t buy me a copy for my Birthday present before pulling the trigger last week. Looked it up, and refreshed the product page after I saw the post here, hence edited my post. Anyway thanks Hans.
  2. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Has Mosaic made a formal statement in regards to the recent Hank Mobley materials snafu. I ordered a set via their website; however, there was no indication the set is back ordered, which they normally mention in the product details when the case is such. On the other hand, they haven’t sent me an email indicating a ship date or postponed shipping date either. Conversely, if this is just a recent developed, I wouldn’t think they would have been able to put a band-aid on this so quickly. Anyway, I suppose someone will reach out through an e-mail if this is on some back order. I held off purchasing this until the Woody and Mobley pre-orders were all cleaned up. Besides the last Herman box, I had another set held for a few months due to some material issue. If they keep having problems with their venders, I wonder how long they’ll keep trying to move forward with new projects. (Sigh) Man I always appreciate the work they put in on their sets, and that they still care about what they do and their customers. Hope this doesn’t hurt them... Edit: I refreshed the product page, and I do see it does now says backordered until March (which is only a few weeks). When I placed the product in the cart a few days ago that may have not been the case yet.
  3. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Ok., from what I’m seeing they are still fulfilling pre-orders. I checked my CC and I haven’t been charged yet. I pre-ordered mine over the phone last Spring, but I can’t find my order number... I also scanned back a few months and found two orders from February and March, but these would have been fulfilled and don’t match what the Woody set would cost after shipping, so they definitely didn’t bill at the time of me placing a preorder for the Woody box. They have always been pretty good with this, and since I haven’t been charged I’m not worried about a lost package as none should have been sent out. However, to be on the safe side that I still have a a box reserved I’ll call on Friday. At least it isn’t floating around, lost, some place.
  4. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Hey folks, Check out your e-mail. Mosaic sent out a Gazette this morning and it included a partial update: Preorder Shipping Update Woody Herman is at the warehouse and will begin shipping next week. Hank Mobley will begin shipping the following week about November 18th. So we should be snuggling these in a few weeks. I pre-ordered the Woody set myself, but due to having all the Mobley material already, I didn’t pull the trigger on that one yet. However, I’m thinking about placing an order for that one too, and asking them to hold onto the Woody set, and see if they can ship both together, rather than sending a second box out in a few weeks. Sounds like they’ve had a few snags along the way... Hope it didn’t set them back on these.
  5. Last round for Savoy

    Thanks for the heads up. I just checked my email and saw two messages from Mosaic also; one stating this will ship. Question though; I placed an order for this on the phone a few months ago (had to use up a few gift cards), so will Mosaic send out a separate shipping email for phone orders? I don’t recall ever ordering anything that was on backorder before. -G (Edited for grammar)
  6. Ok. Gotcha. We may be. I was thinking the above release was from one evening only. I knew Benny did a series of radio shows for one of the radio networks though. With so many overlapping releases of much of the same material, partial or complete, from various labels over the years, the water gets muddied a little. Lol
  7. I’ll have to grab this at some point. I’ve seen a few releases from this evening, but I’m always somewhat skeptical of the the sound from this era. Some are pretty clean, considering the technology, yet never sure which releases are the most listenable. I’ve seen bits of this evening, probably on Ken Burns Jazz- so this isn’t a head to head thing, more of a collective collaborative concert I guess.
  8. Did Chick Webb perform at that event? Did Goodman go head to head with Webb’s group at some point? Basie’s group did though didn’t they?
  9. Everything Sonny.

    Sonny, with Philadelphian Henry Grimes.
  10. Mosaics you’re still on the hunt for

    Oh that’s really cool of you! Don’t sweat it; enjoy it, and dig into it. Sometimes I forget about something, only to revisit it later- and bam- I sort of get stuck on it for a long time, to the extent where I don’t listen to much else. Lol I’m new on here, but I think we’ve traded before, maybe like twenty years ago, on the old Blue Note site! I did a lot of trading, buying selling on there. Still chasing these crazy sessions! -Gary
  11. Mosaics you’re still on the hunt for

    The one set I’ve been kicking myself for waiting too long to order is the Anthony Braxton Complete Arista. I just kept putting it off, which is something I didn’t usually do. Although, and I can’t really remember now, but there may have been a few other sets I was budgeting for at the time, only to not have had a reliable strategy when trying to decide what would go OOP first. I think this was during a time when I was probably budgeting for three of four sets in a year, and I was still picking and choosing. Others were OOP long before I got started or even knew about Mosaic, but I’ve managed to fill in many of those holes. So, yep, the Braxton is the one that got away.
  12. Roscoe Mitchell award

    It’s nice to see Roscoe receive the recognition he so deserves. It’s no surprise to the initiates, anyone in the know, that he is a keeper of the flame- the real deal. Between the AEC, his collaborations, and his own solo career, Roscoe has cultivated a substantial (and I’d add an important) body of work- and his creative legacy continues. Roscoe is still one of the most exciting active players to this listener. So glad that good things are happening for this man.
  13. Right Scott. I do have Chaos and Creation; I totally forgot about that one, and I do have it! The others I don’t own; moreover, I don’t know why I dropped off with Beatles solo releases at some point. Afterall, they were pretty integral influences when I was in my teens. I’ll check out some of the ones you listed.
  14. Ram had some interesting writing on it, and I actually also like much of McCartney. Band on the Run is the only full Wings release I own, but over the span of their career, they released some good music. They certainly are catchy- he still could write hooks that are memorable, and I certainly wouldn’t mind receiving the royalties for those records (are you listening Paul?). I don’t own anything from Paul post 1980ish, save one Fireman disc and one live, so am not knowledgeable about what he is currently doing. What a career though.