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  1. Well maybe I'm the one who should buy an ad here then.... Thanks for posting this Lazaro, I'm taking a break from writing the arrangements as we speak. Tunes done so far The All Seeing Eye, Genesis, Pandora Awakened, Diana, Mr. Jin. Up next Prometheus Unbound and Angola and perhaps Elegant People or Lusitanos, then who knows. I'd love to make this a regular Wednesday night engagement, I think it could be a good thing. Of course, all of your support would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Grachan Moncur April 8 & 9 at the Iridium

    This is the first of what I hope is many weekends with similar themes I have put together for the club. The whole weekend is April 6 & 7 JOE CHAMBERS QUINTET Joe Chambers- Drums, Javon Jackson- Tenor Sax, Vincent Herring- Alto Sax, Joanne Brackeen- Piano Dwayne Burno- Bass April 8-9 GRACHAN MONCUR SEXTET Grachan Moncur III – Trombone, Billy Harper - Tenor Sax, Michael Blake- Alto Sax, John Hicks - Piano Calvin Hill – Bass, Richard Pearson - Drums Please support these, show that there is still an audience for these great musicians and perhaps I'll get to put together a few more. Thanks.
  3. Some dates (recording dates - sorry ladies) wanted

    Eastern Rebellion 5/4 Thing is December 10, 1975 New Jazz Composers Octet A Little Twist is October 18, 2000, I'm pretty sure of this, I don't have a copy of my own CD but I think we recorded this tune separate from the rest of the record while recording part of the album we did wih Freddie Hubbard. We had a little extra studio time and Joe Chambers in the studio who played the tune with us on the road so we went for it. The Freddie CD says the recording date is October 18, 2000 and I think this isn't even mentioned on the octet CD but I don't know for sure because like I said, I don't have a copy at the moment.
  4. Reunions that are still possible.

    I'd have to agree with Rollins, Grimes and LaRoca but the one I've always wanted to see was "It's Time" Jackie McLean, Charles Tolliver, Herbie Hancock, Cecil McBee and Roy Haynes. Roy Haynes came to hear the Tolliver big band (with McBee on Bass) a while back and I remember thinking OK, three out of five but that's probably as close as it would get. "The All Seeing Eye" is still possible I guess except for the track with Alan Shorter.
  5. what's the 411 on this live Tolliver LP on enja from 1972??

    It's both. The extra tune is Repetition (6:18) and there's an alternate take of it as well (6:22).
  6. No, I'm actually from New York, born and raised in Queens. I've had a lot of associates though who went to Berkeley High, they've really produced a great number of fine musicians there, like Craig Handy and Benny Green.
  7. what's the 411 on this live Tolliver LP on enja from 1972??

    Does "soon" mean 2006 ? Well, yes, ideally, we are trying but you never know for sure......I do understand your skepticism but all I can do is insure you a real effort is being made to get this stuff out, hopefully sooner than later.
  8. This isn't true at all. He's talked to a few but has never sat down with anyone Yes, well put. I absolutely agree that most of the problem is long-term physical deterioration though of course there were other factors as well. I've said this many times. There wasn't a trumpeter who played longer, harder, faster and higher than Freddie so there really is no other example of how that much playing over such a long period of time can have on a trumpet player. I doubt anyone would have lasted as long. Freddie still has some very good nights though. Even at his best these days, it's a long way from what it was but I'd still rather listen to that than most trumpet players out here now. The phrasing and the complexity of the lines can still be astounding at times. My only hope as we continue to work together is that he gets more consistent with what he has left. That should be more than enough for most of us. Freddie did some tours with Dizzy toward the end of his life and Freddie said there were nights when he could hardly play but every once in a while he could still bring it and it was a joy to hear. Yes, this kind of thing probably didn't help much. Part of the problem was the his schedule would be so tight sometimes that he would literally step off a plane onto a stage at times and didn't have time to warm up. He definitely was over-worked and it caught up with him. As for Gleam, it's a mix of the best and worst of his Columbia years but it's well worth seeking out. The tunes are Put it in the Pocket, Ebony Moonbeams, Betcha By Golly Wow, Spirits of Trane, Kuntu, Midnight at the Oasis and Too High. I love most of it but as with Night of the Cookers, perhaps the percussion solos are a bit long at times.
  9. what's the 411 on this live Tolliver LP on enja from 1972??

    Impact on Enja is a live date recorded at the Jazzclub Domicile in Munich on March 23. 1972. I haven't listened to it in a while but I remember it being a great date. It had lead sheets to Impact and Prayer for Peace on the back cover which I found very useful at the time. As for which Impact Towers carries, I guess it can go either way. Chances are Enja would have this out on CD and at this point the Strata-East Impact is out of print though I guess there might still be copies of the Charly issue of this still floating around (the licence expired a few years ago). We hope to have both big band CDs and the quintet date with Hancock et all (with bonus tracks) in print soon (and yes, I know you've heard that before but we are really working on it).
  10. Great Jazz in NYC, 1-27/28

    Pretty heavy week for music here even by New York standards. Here's the details for the Tolliver gig for those who are interested. Hope you can make it. The Charles Tolliver Big Band Charles Tolliver - Trumpet Billy Harper and Bill Saxton - Tenor sax Craig Handy and Todd Bashore - Alto sax Howard Johnson - Baritone sax David Guy, David Weiss, Chris Albert, Jimmy Owens- Trumpet Clark Gayton, Stafford Hunter, Aaron Johnson- Trombone John Hicks - Piano Cecil McBee - Bass Victor Lewis - Drums Wednesday, January 25 through Saturday January 28 at Birdland 315 West 44th Street (between 8th and 9th Aves) 212-581-3080 http://www.birdlandjazz.com/ Sets Nightly at 9:00 and 11:00 pm
  11. I remember about three years ago or so driving to Boston with Freddie for a gig and listening to Super Blue and High Energy to proof the new masters for Sony. Super Blue had three bonus tracks (Super Blue, Theme for Kareem and Take it to the Ozone) that were killing. Super Blue is probably his best all around date for Columbia and kind of an all around great record. High Energy has it moments too. Freddie always loved a Love Connection which I can't seem to muster the same affection for. Gleam I haven't listened to in a while but remember it being a very solid live date. All the Columbia dates have something of merit on them though some certainly more than others. Sony slated Super Blue and High Energy for release but it never happenend. They have been remastered and are ready to go but I don't know if they will ever see the light of day.
  12. Gerald Wilson

    Jim, I'm not sure I was told this about this CD or the one before it (is this the only one with NY musicians or was the one before this one with NY musicians as well) because I was told this a while ago but there wasn't alot of rehearsal time and they only had one day in the studio to record everything. A few guys walked away wishing they had more time with the material. I've liked what I heard regardless but I know the feeling of being rushed through some stuff because time is limited in the studio, always a frustrating experience.
  13. Kirk Lightsey

    He moved to Paris perhaps as long as 10 years ago and rarely seems to come to the States anymore. I saw him in Cork this past weekend as we used him for our The Night of the Cookers gig there (Billy Harper, Charles Tolliver, Craig Handy, myself, Kirk, Doug Weiss, also on loan, from Al Foster's band and Eric Harland). He was in great form and great spirits and is also a very energetic and uplifting presence on stage. He's been touring the UK the last couple of weeks with the band he was with at Cork. They really don't come much nicer than him and what a player. He did a CD under his own name with Freddie Hubbard guesting on it in the early 90's I believe, seek that one out, it's killing.
  14. Charles Tolliver Big Band

    Just a little heads up for you guys... The Charles Tolliver Big Band will be at the Jazz Standard in New York this week October 19-23 Charles Tolliver - trumpet Todd Bashore- alto sax Billy Harper - tenor sax Craig Handy - alto & tenor sax Bill Saxton - tenor sax Howard Johnson - baritone sax Chris Albert - trumpet David Guy - trumpet David Weiss - trumpet Keyon Harrold - trumpet Clark Gayton- trombone Joe Fiedler - trombone Aaron Johnson - trombone John Hicks - piano Cecil McBee - bass Greg Hutchinson - drums Hope you can make it, it really is an incredible experience and as I've probably said a million times by now, one of the heaviest, most intense projects I've ever been involved in.
  15. Time Label

    It is what I remembered....no alternate takes at all. I guess I kept it for the Clifford Brown solos, any ideas as to where they are taken from? Edit: They're on the Clifford Brown Emarcy Box Set, I had the record (for the Clifford solos) long before the box set came out. I guess I don't need the record anymore.
  16. Time Label

    I have this record, I don't think they are all alternate takes. When I have a moment I'll A/B them all.
  17. Baseball 2005

    Got to give it up to you for predicting the Whitesox would go to the series. The problem these days seems to be everyone makes predictions based on the last game that was played, not looking at an overall picture. The Whitesoxs really didn't cool down that much, the Indians got ridiculously hot and stayed hotter longer than anyone thought but you knew they were going to cool down eventually. Pitching wins in the postseason and the Whitesoxs had the best pitching. Even with that though, the best two teams still going are the Astros and the Cardinals. It's been a great series and again the team with the best pitching will prevail. How are the Cardinals going to come back looking at Pettite, Oswalt and Clemons three games in a row. The best game I've seen this playoffs was the game Oswalt pitched against the Cards, he had electric stuff. Did anyone else notice what a great commentator Lou Pinella was, he made the game a lot more interesting to watch.
  18. Strata-East, the rest?

    PLEASE tell what you know and from which sources. ← It should be obvious who my sources are and I've told what I know....as things progress and I'll keep you guys posted.
  19. Abbey Lincoln - Straight Ahead (Candid)

    I think the strozier with the bonus tracks is also a single CD at least one version (the Koch) the Japanese version is a 2 CD set I believe
  20. Strata-East, the rest?

    As far as I know, all the masters have reverted back to the artists but for perhaps one or two exceptions. I thought the Dolphy series was one of those exceptions. As for the Tolliver date with Bartz, Hancock, Carter and Chambers, that was only licensed to Black Lion and is now owned by Tolliver. It has been prepared for re-issue, with two bonus tracks (two versions of "Repetition") and will probably come out within the next year......negotiations are in progress....
  21. Abbey Lincoln - Straight Ahead (Candid)

    Thought I should have mentioned the Henderson before as I suspected that was one of the one's you would have questions about. I don't know if the CD have bonus tracks as most Vee Jays do but on the LP Booker solos on only one track, a single chorus of G blues on "This Little Girl of Mine". I have the Japanese version of Out Front with the "Strength and Sanity" alternate. Got lucky and found it in a used CD shop in Osaka. I have the Teddy Charles date on a Fresh Sound LP. I thought even the LP had an extra track on it. I have no idea why Jordi left Stardust off the CD, I have no idea about anything Jordi does anymore. It doesn't seem like it was for space considerations. You're not missing much though, Booker plays part of the head but doesn't solo. Get the Strozier stuff, I thought I had it on a single CD before the box came out so you can probably find it somewhere.
  22. Abbey Lincoln - Straight Ahead (Candid)

    Well not the same tune though there are 2 motifs in "Cliff Walk" used in "Looking Ahead". I'm assuming "Looking Ahead" is later but it would even be a stretch to call "Looking Ahead" a more finely tuned version of "Cliff Walk". There's a lot of writing in "Cliff Walk" that's not on "Looking Ahead". Bertand, If you're trying to be a completist (which I am with Booker) your greatest difficulty might be getting everything from "Out Front", you need to get "Candid Dolphy" for two alternate takes and an older Japanese version of "Out Front" for another alternate.
  23. Freddie Hubbard discography

    Yes..caught me while editing...
  24. Freddie Hubbard discography

    Hot Horn on Everest Intrepid Fox 20:00 Yesterday 9:42 Pensativa 18:27 Extended on Phoenix Red Clay 16:53 Freddie's Tune 18:42 Freddie's tune is a Cedar Walton tune whose name escapes me at the moment but it's on the Lee Morgan album "Sixth Sense". Both records list the same personel Cedar Walton on piano Billy Hayes on Drums. Edit: The tune is called Afreaka and it's probably Louis Hayes on Drums. "Yesterday" is the Beatles tune played trio by Cedar.
  25. Night of the Cookers

    Well Bertrand, I haven't read the book but I certainly heard some stories and was read some passages along the way. My impression is that the family stuff perhaps kept Wayne from taking a bigger role in the running of the band type of things (something he probably didn't want to do anyway) and that all that fell to Zawinul. The bandstand is the bandstand, where you forget about everything else and play music and I think that Wayne took the role he thought was best suited for the overall sound of the group, especially after Jaco came along. If the bass player is taking on the role that is perhaps more suited for a front line guy someone has to take a more supportive role. Just speculation on my part perhaps but I think it is in part valid at least. Is there a story in the book about the band being on the road and they have to fire someone and Zawinul, sick of this role, asks Wayne to do it and Wayne sends the person a telegram instead of confronting him in person.