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  1. the Opeth corner

    The new record is OK. Not great, but OK. I was listening to disc 1 of their live CD at Royal Albert Hall, and I couldn't help but be a bit disappointed when listening to Heritage after that. Disregarding the music for the moment, the recording itself sounds very odd to me, very compressed, very unlike their earlier records. Almost to the point of wondering WTF the producers were thinking -- the sound of this new record is just weird to me. Heritage is slowly growing on me, but, at this point, it just doesn't come close to any of the earlier Opeth recordings. But, more power to them... this isn't a complaint about the lack of growling vocals or any other death metal "requirements"-- I just see this as a necessary step to wherever they are going next. And, wherever Mikael Akerfeldt is going next, I will be there to listen. His track record (and all of the amazing musicians in that band) is too friggin' amazing to ignore.
  2. the Opeth corner

    Thanks, Erik!
  3. the Opeth corner

    Heritage is out today... got a shipping notice from Amazon yesterday...
  4. Bootleg: Miles Davis Quintet Live in Europe 1967

    I usually have pretty good luck with the free shipping option, too... just trying to not get my hopes up too high!
  5. Bootleg: Miles Davis Quintet Live in Europe 1967

    Hmmm. Mine still says "shipping soon". Because we're not Amazon Prime members. I'm not a Prime member either, but I just got the shipping notice. But, with the "super saver" shipping, I'm not expecting it until the end of the week at the earliest.
  6. Web Hosting Recommendations?

    I've been using ICDSoft for many years now, never any problems. Tech support very responsive.
  7. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    Same here.
  8. mp3 bargains

    Thanks, Chuck.
  9. Former blackberry owner, also switched to android over a year ago. Other than privacy concerns and my general distrust of all things google, it is a nice phone. Battery life is not great, but other than that, it is way better than the blackberry.
  10. Leave of absence

    Hang in there, brother. I hope you don't go away, but if you do, remember you'll always have friends here when you come back.
  11. What are you thinking now?

    Well, you're part of this little online community... and I'm sure I'm not the only one that's glad you're here. Thanks for all the great music recommendations. Hang in there, man.
  12. What are you thinking now?

    Coincidentally, I'm drinking a Dewar's right now. "I'm thinking" I should probably cut back a bit... but that hasn't done much good yet, at least not tonight. I'm also thinking I'm in love with Margo Timmins. Her aging (along with the rest of us) has made her even more beautiful. Bread And Wine Isn't It a Pity These two thoughts are not necessarily related!
  13. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    My copy arrived Friday (!), and I've been listening to it more or less non-stop since then. Indeed a wonderful record. I had (almost) forgotten how much I like John Young's playing. Reminds me I need to pull out those Von Freeman titles on Nessa again soon. Paul's assessment is right on -- if you don't have it yet, take a chance. Fantastic music.
  14. Congratulations! organissimo jammin' in a cubicle? I've never worked in an office that cool! Where was that photo taken?
  15. Miles Davis - Columbia Box Sets

    Jazzmatazz Upcoming Releases has the following Miles Davis Columbia/Legacy box sets listed: Miles Davis & John Coltrane - Complete Columbia Recordings - 6 CDs (Columbia/Legacy) May 4 Miles Davis & Gil Evans - Complete Columbia Studio Recordings - 6 CDs (Columbia/Legacy) May 11 Miles Davis - Miles Davis Quintet 1965-68 - 6 CDs (Columbia/Legacy) May 11 Miles Davis - Complete In Silent Way Sessions - 3 CDs (Columbia/Legacy) May 11 Miles Davis - Complete Bitches Brew Sessions - 4 CDs (Columbia/Legacy) May 11 All of these say "new edition with less expensive packaging (no metal spine)". I guess that metal spine was pretty expensive -- the 65-68 Quintet box is normally $95, the new edition is $49!! The new Miles/Coltrane edition is $53, the original one was also around $95. Does anybody know more about these? Is the lack of a metal spine the only difference?
  16. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    How is the early Roscoe Mitchell stuff coming along?
  17. Paul Motian

    I really like this one (Charlie Haden/Paul Motian/Geri Allen - Etudes): Their version of Ornette's "Lonely Woman" is, (to use an over-used but quite appropriate description), "hauntingly beautiful".
  18. Hank Mobley anagrams

    Stick with what you're good at!
  19. Hank Mobley anagrams

    Kenny Gorelick: GIRLY, KEEN CONK
  20. amazingly creative or inventive ART thread

    Extremely cool. Thanks, Rooster.
  21. Some interesting things found on Amazon

    I don't have the Lyons box yet, but it has been on my radar for a few years now. I was debating the best way to buy it here (US) -- go direct to Ayler records, Jazz Loft, wait for Amazon prices to come down... ??? 50 euros is about $70, and the Ayler records site says free shipping worldwide. Sounds like Ubu's advice is right on!
  22. Feb. 9, 1964

    My apologies to GA Russell for temporarily derailing this thread. Yes, maybe that type of iconic moment doesn't happen anymore, or at least on any large scale like it did in 1964. I certainly don't understand it (I was born in 1966), and I'm sure I never will. But, my point is that moments like that still happen, still get inside heads, and are still remembered... maybe a much more splintered experience overall, but that door still opens. At least I hope it does. My 17-old daughter gives me reason to believe that's still true. If it doesn't, we're all screwed. How's that for hyperbole?
  23. Feb. 9, 1964

    I'm sure it was really cool. It still is. Your personal reaction to Monday Michiru notwithstanding. I'm pretty sure that happened after 1964.
  24. Feb. 9, 1964

    JSngry, master of hyperbole. As if 1964 (or any time after that, up to, and including 2011) was the last time anyone had dreams that became something other...