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  1. Your favorite "Hippie" lyrics...

    Drop your silver in my tambourine Help a poor man fill his pretty dream Give me pennies I'll take anything Now listen while I play My green tambourine Watch the jingle jangle start to chime Reflections of the music that is mine When you drop a coin you'll hear it sing Now listen while I play My green tambourine Drop a dime before I walk away Any song you want I'll gladly play Money feeds my music machine Now listen while I play My green tambourine
  3. Anchor Sue Simmons drops the F-bomb

    Michigan board members will certainly remember the bad boy king of broadcast news in Detroit - Bill Bonds. He was well known for unscripted on-air outbursts, though usually alcohol fuelled. I am pretty sure he challenged then mayor Coleman Young to a fist-fight while on live TV. He was always making some editorial to the local news, which was a certainly refreshing approach. I also saw him several times crying during his newscast. But what a character! Youtube has a clip, though never aired on TV, of what it was like to try and work with him just doing a 30 second news promo. It is a bit grainy at first, but stay with it - it's a classic
  4. Affordable Source for Sheet Music

    Don't know if this is too easy, but... I've used this one with some of my adult piano students before. Some simplifications of course, but some good explanations too. There are other Alfred's as well that are good.
  5. My dad passed away today...

    Jim, my sincere condolences. you were close to your dad and that's what is important to remember. I know so many people who wished they could go back and make a connection. You had that - the best gift.
  6. (RIP) Clark Terry's health

    Lois posted a message on his site
  7. Sinkhole

    Rolf, I wrote about that over a year and a half ago,1002...D133274,00.html
  8. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

    My Bloody Valentine North American Tour Dates: 09/19-21 Monticello, NY - Kutshers Country Club (ATP New York) 09/22 New York, NY - Roseland 09/23 New York, NY - Roseland 09/25 Toronto, Ontario - Ricoh (odd venue and pricey - hockey arena, $45, but I'll be there with earplugs ) 09/27 Chicago, IL - Aragon Ballroom 09/30 San Francisco, CA - The Concourse 10/01 Los Angeles, CA - Santa Monica Civic 10/02 Los Angeles, CA - Santa Monica Civic
  9. If anyone's interested...

    I liked the "in your ear" comment Chuck!
  10. It would bring the Canadian board member quota up if he joined.
  11. Donald Walden has passed

    Mark has a story on it (thanks Mark - if not you, no one).
  12. Donald Walden has passed

    That is sad news. Saw him several times with different bands. I mostly recall the 1991 Detroit Jazz Orchestra concert with Dizzy, strings and choir @ the DJF.
  13. If anyone's interested...

    Alex - it seems to be pointing to your local URL - ie, your home computer. Try and ftp it to the same directory as your other images on the site
  14. Anybody got a chart for This Here?

    Bingo - found one (not mine) lead rhythm
  15. Laurie Anderson

    Come to think of it - maybe it was all Adrien Belew's fault . Just look at all the avant-pop recordings he was on in the 80s. Laurie Anderson: Mister Heartbreak Laurie Anderson: Home of the Brave David Byrne: The Catherine Wheel Jerry Harrison: The Red and The Black Jerry Harrison/Casual Gods: Walk on Water Jean-Michel Jarre: Zoolook Paul Simon: Graceland Talking Heads: Remain In Light The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads Tom Tom Club
  16. Laurie Anderson

    I also saw the HOTB tour. I was in the second row at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbour and I recall getting splashed by her sweat during some passionate violin bowing. At the time I was in first year university, hanging out with artists, thinking myself to be an experimental type. Laurie seemed to fit the bill as an 'inspiration'. I was into "multimedia" productions, composing music on my dx7, etc. It was 1984-1986. Looking back now, I see it as just - as Jim says - a middlebrow response to other people using their dx7's. Not that much different from early music videos seeking an audience. Not sure I'd now call her avant garde. I just listened to Sharkey's Day on youtube and it is very dated and cheesy as a multimedia production. Oh the 80s. (but I did see Belew a few months later at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor with the Bears and he rocked way better than on HOTB )
  17. hey

  18. funny - I was just in Buffalo the previous weekend with my family for the tail end of march break. I also picked up 2 cases of beer for what I spend on a single case here. Had Blue Moon on tap as well! You guys have it good - you can go out, have 3 good pints, and spend $10. But still, I'd rather be in Montreal. I have some great memories of my many visits. If it were not for the job situation when I graduated in 1991 I would have moved there. But life happens and so Toronto, and then the suburbs.
  19. Golem was crowded that night and too smoky for my wife. You were right - it seats about 20 people. Interesting place though. Did get into the Kettle across the lane, but I got too excited with the selection there. This is just one of the walls. I asked the guy to focus me on (of course) wheat beers. He was a young dude, not that stoned Irish guy you mentioned. Gave me a few good ones from the fridge, reasonably priced.
  20. I'd have Frida with the brow any day!
  21. Rolf: I would certainly pick Montreal. Especially since you’ve already had a taste of Quebec culture. Even though I write this in Toronto, I have never truly loved this city. True, it has its pretty moments and its multiculturalism and the other tourist stuff, etc. But people in Montreal just seem to get more out of life; people here (IMHO) are uptight and stressed way too often. Or maybe I am jaded, as I see too many boring conservative people in the downtown Toronto core. It may remind you of DC. On the beer front, Montreal gets more European beers than alcohol-conservative Ontario does. You can buy at the corner store and you don’t have to look at your watch. In Ontario, you can only go to the LCBO or the “Beer Store” – stupid monopolies who don’t trust the average citizen and which are open at very limited hours. There are some good beer bars in Toronto though – but don’t come just for that! Unibroue rules! GA Russell - that site used to link to many more venues. Sad that there's now just one.
  22. Director Anthony Minghella passes away

    I got to meet him at the English Patient world premiere in Toronto. Very nice and humble man. Worked well with author Michael Ondaatje to film the "unfilmable" book. Still not seen Ripley yet, though I never understood why Cold Mountain got snubbed as it did - pretty faithful to Frazier I felt. And good use of Nicole Kidman whom I don't usually like.
  23. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    My late grandfather, Jerry - 100% Irish - also bolted his door. He called it "farmer's night out". When all the non-Irish go out to celebrate their Irishness.
  24. Best video game system?

    We got a Wii for Christmas, a family purchase for my 2 kids and us. I’ve really enjoyed the sports pack, especially the bowling. My kids laugh because I really wind up and get into it – they fear I will smash the screen with the controller. My son just got Super Smash Mario Party or Brawl or whatever – that’s all he plays. I haven’t really done much on the Wii and was worried it may end up being for the kids only. But this past weekend on a short trip to Buffalo I picked up the Williams Pinball Collection at FYE for $20. It is so awesome! It brings back huge memories for me as I played just about all of these machines at one point. I was a pinball addict and I got quite good at it in the day (After playing for 2 hours on 50 cents, I used to sell my credits to make a profit and get a pop and chips). My son does not see the point of pinball of course, but I was his age (13) when several of these games were the rage in 1980. I guess the video options were Colecovision and Space Invaders. Williams worked with Nintendo on the design of this game. The flippers and overall feel is very accurate. Even the little quirks of the games are all there, including sounds, ramps and flipper actions. The moves I used 28 years ago still work! Not to sound like an endorsement, but some of my faves are here: Black Knight, Firepower, Funhouse, Gorgar, Space Shuttle and Whirlwind. The sounds are so realistic that it perfectly transports me back to the arcades and bowling alleys of my youth - I can almost smell the cigarette burns on the tables. Anyhow, the point is, I may end up spending idle time in the arcades once again. Though this time at home and with a beer.