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  1. Best video game system?

    We got a Wii for Christmas, a family purchase for my 2 kids and us. I’ve really enjoyed the sports pack, especially the bowling. My kids laugh because I really wind up and get into it – they fear I will smash the screen with the controller. My son just got Super Smash Mario Party or Brawl or whatever – that’s all he plays. I haven’t really done much on the Wii and was worried it may end up being for the kids only. But this past weekend on a short trip to Buffalo I picked up the Williams Pinball Collection at FYE for $20. It is so awesome! It brings back huge memories for me as I played just about all of these machines at one point. I was a pinball addict and I got quite good at it in the day (After playing for 2 hours on 50 cents, I used to sell my credits to make a profit and get a pop and chips). My son does not see the point of pinball of course, but I was his age (13) when several of these games were the rage in 1980. I guess the video options were Colecovision and Space Invaders. Williams worked with Nintendo on the design of this game. The flippers and overall feel is very accurate. Even the little quirks of the games are all there, including sounds, ramps and flipper actions. The moves I used 28 years ago still work! Not to sound like an endorsement, but some of my faves are here: Black Knight, Firepower, Funhouse, Gorgar, Space Shuttle and Whirlwind. The sounds are so realistic that it perfectly transports me back to the arcades and bowling alleys of my youth - I can almost smell the cigarette burns on the tables. Anyhow, the point is, I may end up spending idle time in the arcades once again. Though this time at home and with a beer.
  2. Here's to a good one Paul.
  3. Happy 5th Birthday, Organissimo Forums!

    Click on the members tab at top right and under the second search field, sort by join date
  4. Happy 5th Birthday, Organissimo Forums!

    Happy birthday Organissimo! For all the BNBB complaining, reminiscing, etc - the Big O board has been around much longer for most of us. -------------- btw - The people who make up the ridiculous anniversary gift lists say that 5 years means wood. So according to the experts, we should be giving Jim one of the following: Top 6 Traditional Fifth Year Anniversary Gifts - Wood 1. Bonsai Plant 2. Pine Scented Candle 3. Wood Furniture 4. Wood Carvings 5. Firewood 6. Woody Fragrances
  5. It seems to be a trend..... expulsion and refuge
  6. HaPpY bIrThDaY nOj!!!

    Have a good one!
  7. Henri Chopin

    Funny how lately we're all being cautious not to pull a "bluenote82" by reposting some news item or topic. (I also erred today on that front!)
  8. Giant Steps visually transcribed

    Doh - and I even tried a forum search first
  9. Why have I never heard of. . .Jerry Bergonzi?

    Marcello - you are correct, he's also a great educator. I've been working through Vols 1 & 2 for a bit now.
  10. My loser brother in law is doing this. He's more into hard rock and pop and he absolutely loves the convenience of his Ipod. So much so, that he's ripped all of his cd's (and will sell them) and is now using the Ipod as his main music player for his hi-fi system (that I helped recommend - NAD, Energy speakers, surround sound, good cabling, etc). As a result, he wants to also get rid of his NAD cd/dvd players. He can't seem to notice the difference between cd quality and mp3. He's also trashed using the nad dvd in favour of his PlayStation 3 because it plays Blue Ray. The upside is maybe I'll be "gifted" the cd and dvd player (did I mention he's a tax accountant)
  11. Smoke on the Yangtze
  12. Hal Galper's writing

    I just now discovered Hal's articles on his website. Lots to digest. Would be willing to discuss any of the topics he brings up. "Forward Motion" and "Practice and Performance Goals for the Jazz Improvisor" were especially interesting essays. Check it out!
  13. Pricasso

    Gotta hurt though: "Email me a photo I will paint it with my penis burning..."
  14. Andrew Hill on "Piano Jazz"

    UP. This show is now in the PJ archives. Having a good listen now.
  15. Bill Cosby on Dick Cavett Show 1973

    poor kid. It was the 1980s.
  16. Today's New Age Music is Crap

    I think they have something streaming from their web site. Did you meaning "steaming"? When I was in university I recall WJZZ in Detroit having a Sunday night NA show, c 1986. I admit to listening and maybe I was slightly enamoured (or desperate). I just got my new DX7 and these dudes like Azuma, Patrick O'Hearn, Yanni and Suzanne Ciani were on the Private Music label making noise with their DX7s. I even met the DJ of that show cause I had a demo I made of some new age noodling. (The WJZZ station was to my suprise just a small house.) Luckily this phase, like listening to Black Sabbath in my basement at 14, soon passed.
  17. How's the weather?

    Snowing in Toronto. But it's not cold!
  18. The Official Organissimo Italian Jazz Thread

    pianists Dado Moroni Rossano Sportiello
  19. Oscar Peterson - RIP

    Toronto news outlets are just reporting that Peterson died at home in Mississauga, Ont., of kidney failure on Sunday night. Updates are coming.
  20. Forum Humor

    • 1 forum member to change his avatar to an exploding bloodied lightbulb to intentionally offend many forum members
  21. Happy Birthday, 7/4!

    Happy Birthday David.
  22. gorgeous, seldom heard electronic textures

    Hell yeah!
  23. concerts we are ashamed to admit we attended

    Aldo Nova ("Fantasy") at Pine Knob with Blue Oyster Cult. Circa summer of 82. Oddly BOC also featured Robbie Krieger (the Doors) on guitar (for "Roadhouse Blues") and a live chopper motorcylce driven onstage for "Born to Be Wild".
  24. My Sweet Satan...WTF????

    I had this in the zep reunion post, but worth another promo for you SCTV fans. Stairways To Heaven