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  1. Happy Birthday GA Russell!

    happy birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday GregK

    Love it! "He won the Lifetime Achievement award, twice.." Thanks everyone. I haven't been around here much lately. I'm trying to avoid sending all my money to Chuck. Those reissues are too tempting!
  3. Leo Records Sale

    So do I want that braxton solo piano box?
  4. Donald Fagen - Sunken Condos

    and Mid 2000s? One was released in Y2K and the other in 2003. Hardly "mid' decade!
  5. Ending Wireless Dead Spots - need help

    Sometimes it helps if you stand your router up so it can broadcast the signal laterally, or to lay it down so it can broadcast vertically. Or switch to 5GHz if you are running into a lot of interference on 2.4GHz (although I don't think you mentioned interference as your problem).
  6. how much music do you have stored on hard drives

    I have about 5000-6000 individual songs saved on Google's servers for use via Google music. I usually upload then delete it from my computer once complete because it only has a 80GB hard drive.
  7. designed by apple--made by samsung

    You could add, "innovation by Google/ Android, stolen by Apple a year later"...
  8. ***King Crimson Corner***

    This is the exact reason why I DIDN'T bother with the 40th anniversary set. I have no way to play DVD-A, have little to no use for any video after the first viewing, and have even less use for remixes. The extras would have been nice to include on the 30th ann. sets, though.
  9. Joseph Jarman

    Happy birthday Joseph! Thank you!
  10. ***King Crimson Corner***

    I have bought everything, albums, downloads, reissues, but I stopped at the 40th anniversary sets. I mean, I remember just buying the 30th anniversary reissues, which sound great and are packaged nicely. I'm passing on this box too. A few downloads from this era are a better value.
  11. Huge wave of Zappa reissues

    Problem with that being what, exactly?
  12. Bob Dylan corner

    Last two songs are stunning. One a narrative on the sinking of the Titanic (he mentions Leo??), and the last is a song for John Lennon.
  13. How's the weather?

    why is it so cold all of a sudden? What happened to the massive heat wave? Now it's barely 60!
  14. 2012 Olympics

    Nothing interesting here. Wake me up when the Winter Olympics start.
  15. Bob Dylan corner

    what was that about Zappa's artwork?
  16. AMG All Music Guide

    Seems better to me. I preferred the look and color scheme of the old site, but that's about it.
  17. Stupidest Comedy Movie Ever...

    I didn't know anyone actually thought sandler was funny. He's gotta be the worst.
  18. Anthony Braxton

    I've never tried converting them to CD. I just upload the FLAC to Google music and stream to my phone or tablet.
  19. *** Frank Zappa ***

    What were Lester's and Roscoe's reactions?
  20. Forthcoming ECM releases

    Great! I'm glad its this quartet. I'd take either one. Why is it taking so long for the complainers to show up and whine about the whining
  21. Maybe they're Dutch! Do bear in mind that a lot of "mispronunciations" are actually regional variations that wouldn't raise an eyebrow in their natural habitat. And there are many variants between standard Canadian and standard American pronunciation of the same words. Two people I know from Oregon pronounce "lawyer" in a way that sounds to me like "liar" (though more specifically it's something like lah-yer). Same goes with the word: Orange. A lot of it depends on the prevailing accent in the place one lives. Hunnert for hundred is another. Another irritant for me is adding "r" to words that do not have them. Warsh when they mean wash. Man, that bugs me. The difference between Canadian and American is astonishing, even in a border state! I still get mocked frequently for how i pronounce "dollar", or any word ending in "-out". But at least i pronounce "sorry" and "borrow" correctly, unlike those weirdos in Ontario!
  22. Pete Cosey RIP

    RIP pete. What did he do after Miles? I don't think I've seen his name anywhere else.
  23. Detroit Jazz Festival

    People planning on coming here for the fest, don't forget Windsor, just across the river (of course you'll need transportation to downtown Detroit)
  24. ECM - the label

    I agree with all of this.
  25. Detroit Jazz Festival

    Point of clarification: The George Benson performing is not the famous guitarist but a veteran Detroit saxophonist (in his 80s, a bebopper, day gig career as a mailman but always an important local player). I'm on a zillion deadlines so can't pull up my own stories about this year's Detroit line up but if I get a chance later, I'll post them. Sounds like the perfect guy for George Benson the guitar player to sit in with Should have formed a quartet with Bill Evans and Bill Evans.