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  • Interests I'm a retired postal administrator. Loved jazz since my teenage years. I'm particularly interested in 50s/60s hard bop, Miles Davis, Gerry Mulligan, in fact I like most thing from that period. I'm partial to a bit of free jazz too as long as it's not too noisy. Also I've been a big David Murray fan ever since his first album in 1976. Outside of jazz I enjoy a bit of fishing when the weather's nice and can spend a lot of time watching movies (mostly dvds these days rather than the cinema.<br /><br />

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  1. Very sad to lose a board member..
  2. Vinyl today Pulled out both volumes of this (Toshiba issues).. Cherry picked about twelve tracks. Prompted by the essay in the Mosaic Gazette and the thread elsewhere on the board. Love this Kamuca disc.. Everything's just right. And to finish off
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Definitely. I remember I bought my first vinyl copy from Ronnie Scott's short lived record shop.
  4. Donde Esta, Bev Stapleton?

    Twentyfive years here. Redundant at 50. Took my pension and haven't looked back.
  5. Discs 5 and 7. Disc 6 up next.
  6. Disc one this morning. Disc two up next.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Unfortunately one I don't have. I think I have everything else.