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  1. I wish i could "only" pay 20% on VAT. Down here in Brazil VAT+Importation tax is 100% and the exchange rate is actually 1USD = 5,22 BRL so it's somehow prohibitive to import CDs through the internet. Some kind members have helped me tremendously throughout the years and i can't thank enough to each one of them. Peace!
  2. Thanks Marcoliv for your offer.


    I am looking for the 4 CD set - Joyce Anos 1980. Is it available on Brazil ?




  3. LF - I CDs from Brazil

    Hi! You can always ask for my help since i live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and i’ll be more than happy to assist you. Kind regards Marcus
  4. Hi! PM sent regarding Larry Young Mosaic set. Many thanks in advance! Marcus
  5. Dear friends, 2 weeks ago i picked this boxset to have a joyful weekend and discovered that 5-6 discs of my set are partially unplayable so i almost had a heart attack. If anyone is willing to sell this set in good shape i will deeply appreciate. Item to be delivered to an US address to make it easy on shipping charges. Many thanks in advance! Marcus
  6. Hi! I guess i'm late for the Rahsaan Mercury boxset but if something happens please let me know. Thanks Marcus
  7. Hello my dear friends, I cannot locate where i kept note of Hiroshi's private email. If any of you can forward me this information i would be very grateful Please email me at Many many thanks in advance! MCO PS: Long time i haven't been here but you're still my family.
  8. Dear friends, There are some funky compilations only sold in France by FNAC or by FNAC seller "Music Passion" that i'm really looking forward to. Music Passion requires me a delivery address in France so i would like to ask for help from our members currently living in Paris or another part of France. Last time i went to Paris in October i spotted a lot of them at FNAC stores but i wasn't familiar with and now i can only regret If you feel you can help me please send a message to Many many thanks in advance or merci d'avance!! Marcus Oliveira
  9. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    What a brilliant game from one of the best teams ever in football history. I'm a Madrid fan but this Barcelona is pure art
  10. Art Pepper

    The Trip is my favorite Pepper release
  11. What music did you buy today?

    Kiyoshi Kitagawa Trio with Kenny Barron & Brian Blade - Live In Japan Harold Mabern Trio - Falling In Love With Love Dave Frishberg - Oklahoma Toad (2cd version)
  12. Wanda Sa

    Wanda Maria Ferreira de Sá is her full name. She was married once with Edu Lobo. MCO
  13. Grant Green, The Latin Bit

    Where is Daniel A, our key Pearson fan, to celebrate our newest member? I should state that is a real pleasure to have you on board readyrudy. Your uncle is one of my heroes in jazz. Marcus