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  1. Hal Blaine, RIP
  2. Sun Ra: "SPACE IS THE PLACE" - 30th Anniversary

    Agreed, it's quite consistent with most Blaxploitation films of the time (and other exploitation films) except perhaps Coffey and Foxy Brown, but those can also be read that way.
  3. Sun Ra: "SPACE IS THE PLACE" - 30th Anniversary

    I saw it last night with the Sun Ra Arkestra performing live, at the Red Bull Music Festival in LA. The audience was full in a makeshift cinema at the Ukrainian Cultural Center, a haven decades ago for punk shows, experimental film exhibition in the 1960s, and more. It was great to see the Arkestra, but as one might expect, the music balance between the Arkestra and the film caused a lot of drowned out dialogue from the film. Not always a bad thing, as much of the dialogue is silly, and the visuals tell the story. The film is also really misogynistic; it's a shame that such a crucial film in Afro-futurism has that flaw, which I didn't fully see in 2004. My partner pointed out how the Arkestra always drowned out any women's dialogue. Every person presenting as female in the film, besides June Tyson, is a hooker, or the woman of the Overseer or a cigarette seller in a night club. I mean, it is also low-budget and very much of its time, but those other factors are pretty fun. The digital version that was projected seemed to be from a print or a not great negative; scratches in various places. Producer Jim Newman was in attendance again (see my post regarding the 2004 screening above, which is the previous time I have seen it) but did not speak.
  4. Joseph Jarman - RIP

    I am also saddened. He was marvelous. Condolences to all his friends and family.
  5. I have #4160, direct from import CDs. All the discs are present.
  6. Where do I look for the number?
  7. Ack - I retract my prior statement. near the start of the booklet they have a section called Artwork which DOES have color reproductions of the original covers. They did make some effort to gather some texts. For example, they have a few pages from Jack DeJohnette's book to use as text on one of his albums. More substantial are four essays at different points by Steve Lake, Craig Taborn, George Lewis, and Vijay Iyer. There are clippings of reviews and other b&w photos scattered throughout the booklet.
  8. Trying to upload images. My images are all below 100 kb but not matter what I do, it just has a message saying that the maximum I can upload is 102.4 kb. Even just for one image of mine, 44 kb, it shows that message and won't upload. What's an alternative solution? here they are on Flickr
  9. I have received it. The box is ok, a heavier plastic. If hard shell is like a DVD case: it is not that hard, just a firmer cardboard. The booklet is fine. The individual discs are uniform cardboard, black text on white. Original album cover art has been reproduced in b&w in the booklet and not on each record. There is no color ink anywhere except some red on the box. The booklet reproduces original notes if there were any, and has new short essays or notes or memories for some albums but not all, plus full production notes. I guess I could take a picture or two later. Overall, I would say the production matches the price point. I have yet to listen to any to comment on mastering.
  10. Paul Simon

    According to Simon, it's not his last concert, just his last tour. So this is the last concert of his last tour, but he still will play occasional & local concerts, theoretically. I saw this tour in Los Angeles and was glad I went. I regret not seeing a variety of people when they played (Ray Charles, James Brown), and I just want to see some of these folks while I can. Simon has a solid band and a lot of songs that I like. Simple as that. But I've seen Los Lobos in person more. Not mentioned as much is that George Clinton has said that this P-Funk tour is their last tour, and that's a show that must be seen! I've seen them twice in the past.
  11. Big Jay McNeely R.I.P.
  12. Big Jay McNeely R.I.P.

    Was this in 1982 or 83? If so, it was for Channel 4, for a special called "Legends of Rhythm & Blues." That includes some material of each of them in their daily lives at the time - Big Jay was working for the post office. I think Charles Brown was in that too.
  13. Big Jay McNeely R.I.P.

    Cecil "Big Jay” McNeely passed away this morning at 6:15 am in Moreno Valley CA due to cancer. He was a legendary R&B sax player, king of the honkers, whose first record was in 1948, and was playing until earlier this year. He’s been in difficult shape for a couple of years, but performed in April & May. I filmed his performance on his 91st birthday on April 29, 2018, and the last time I spoke with him, two weeks ago, he had a plan for his next album, a trio with sax, bass, and harmonica. But he’s out of pain now, after an amazing life well-lived. April 29, 1927-Sept 16, 2018.
  14. Martial Solal

    I need to get those LA sessions. Some of those were recorded on my actual birth day.