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  1. Henry Threadgill

    Personally, I think Threadgill's RCA/Novus cds are some of the best music he made. Think of Rag, Bush And All! Rag, Bush, and All is killer! But yeah, there's definitely something wrong with the sound on that one...it sounds like it's underwater. I always have to crank the treble on that one. My current favorite is You Know The Number. "Theme from Thomas Cole" blows my mind. Frank Lacy's trombone punches me right in the face. And the sound on this one is phenomenal, in my opinion.
  2. Harold Land

    I'm a big fan of this one, but yes, if you are comparing it to Hutcherson's Medina, Spiral, or Total Eclipse, this one is a lot less abstract and closer to "mainstream" I guess, whatever that is. In my opinion though, a great recording. Donald Bailey's harmonica on the second cut is pretty funny, but I like it... :-)
  3. Harold Land

    Absolutely. "Choma," "A New Shade of Blue" and "Damisi" are fantastic. And there must be some alternate takes out there...
  4. Harold Land

    Me, though it sounds like you've got a lot of stuff I don't have yet. I trust you have the Carmell Jones Select and the Curtis Counce Group albums...Land is in top form on these. Yes, excellent stuff! He sounds incredible on Carmell's recordings. And "Jazz Impressions of Folk Music" is on there too. I actually avoided that recording for a while because I thought the concept was a bit too goofy. I mean, I couldn't imagine that an album containing "Hava Na Gila" and "On Top of Old Smokey" could be any good. Boy, was I wrong... Tim
  5. Harold Land

    I felt the same about that album, but it's one I return to a few times every year. I also have Harold playing with Jimmy Liggins and his Drops of Joy in the late 40s. I do like to remember where these guys did their training. MG I like Xocia's Dance, but I agree it's a bit uneven. A few of the tunes on there really blow me away though..."Dark Mood" is one of my favorite Land compositions. What is the Jimmy Liggins recording? I'd love to hear more Land from that period. I have some early tracks he did on a compilation called "Black California" and they're outstanding.
  6. Harold Land

    Upon further reflection, I believe that the commercial was for the Las Vegas Jazz Society. I wish I could find recordings of Harold with Tony...I know he did several tours with him. Surely one of them was recorded for a radio broadcast? Tim
  7. Elmo Hope -- Trio and Quintet

    This is a GREAT disc! And frankly, I need to listen to it more, so thank you for posting this, I'll pull it out now! I was very happy that Blue Note decided to reissue this one, I had been looking for it for a while but only found people selling it on ebay for $35 or more. Tim
  8. Harold Land

    I do have a copy of Inner Glow on tape...it's an interesting record. Some good stuff, but Harold I think only gets one solo on the whole album. I do hope Mosaic releases it though! A Lazy Afternoon is fantastic. Wow, you saw him live. Sadly I started getting into his music just shortly before he passed away, so I never had the pleasure of seeing him. Tim
  9. Harold Land

    Hi Dan, Thanks, yes, I'm on dimeadozen and have grabbed the recordings you mentioned...both the '58 and the '65 show are amazing! Those shows popped up because I made a similar request fro Land material on the Dime Yahoo group. And I was actually the one who uploaded the '78 show with Land & Mitchell too. Still holding out for some video...I know Harold made a bunch of TV appearances including one with the Harold Land/RED Mitchell group on Jazz Scene USA in 1960 or so. But I would kill for any audio or video from 1966-1975! Tim
  10. Aug/Sept 2006 US RVG Reissues

    I'm a little late to this thread, but I have to say... FINALLY! I've been waiting for this one to come back in print. A phenomenal record. And I guess I must be dull too, 'cause I also like Mobley's "Another Workout." Tim
  11. Jackie McLean RIP

    I had no idea he was so sick. This is terrible news.
  12. Great Finds

    I LOVE this record! One of my favorite Jim Hall recordings. There is some beautiful really beautiful playing on this one. And Tom...is that you? I think we may know each other from Dime. Tim
  13. AOTW March 26-April 1: Jackie McLean's DESTINATION OUT

    Hello, just found this thread and not only am I jumping on it late, I am very sorry to be the bearer of some terrible news...it seems that Jackie McLean passed away yesterday. What a terrible loss. Jazz Alto Saxophonist Jackie McLean Dies at 73 http://www.boston.com/news/local/connectic...ist_dies_at_73/
  14. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Art Ensemble of Chicago - Nice Guys Love this one...I'm on a big AACM kick right now...
  15. Hi all, Just posting here to announce a new website for jazz fans and musicians in Massachusetts, Southern Maine, and Southern New Hampshire: NORTHEAST JAZZ SCENE. On the site you will find performance listings, sound samples, photos, a guide to jazz radio in the area, a discussion group, and many more resources for jazz lovers in the area. Please visit the site at www.nejazzscene.com. Our goal is to raise awareness of the local jazz scene-- even if we have to do it one person at a time. Check out the site and please pass it on to anyone you know who might be interested. Thank you, Tim Webb www.nejazzscene.com
  16. Apart from Kevin's previous response, there are couple more answers to this: 1. Yes there is, in my living room (I live in Kittery) 2. That's part of the problem, why do you think I started the site? Part of the goal of the site is of course to get people out to see shows that are already happening. The other part is to eventually create NEW opportunites, put on concerts and so forth. It's going to be a long road. Tim www.nejazzscene.com www.tim-webb.com
  17. Thanks for that, I know there are some others I've missed too, so please feel free to make other suggestions. I'll add Sahara in at the next update and try to get some of the gig dates up there too. Tim www.nejazzscene.com www.tim-webb.com