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  1. How is Sony putting this out when Getz was under contract to Verve at the time? Verve issued recordings on both sides of this date, including a live date from Paris 9 days after this one, so it's unlikely he was free agent here. I wonder if that "Distribution Sony Music Entertainment" is just there to cover up the bootleg nature of this release? I have to give them credit though - it is a nice looking boot (if that's what it is).
  2. Charlie Watts RIP

    The Sirius/XM Jazz channel has been playing several of Watts' Jazz recordings. The stuff with the Danish big band was just OK. The quintet stuff was a little better.
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Maybe I missed a discussion on it, but why did Monk's estate get the rights to this recording? It was issued by 3 different labels in 1987 (Dragon, DIW & Secret) and then went out of print until Thelonious Records put it out in 2002.
  4. LF Andrew Hill Compulsion- RVG

    I've had good luck at Euclid and not so good luck. Their inventory isn't live, so there is a chance you could order a CD from the website and find out that someone already bought it off the shelf.
  5. My copy just came in today. Great shape and it plays very clean. Bass is a bit on the weaker side, typical of the era. Great music though. Thanks for recommending this. It took a while, but I finally got the chance to hear it tonight.
  6. What's weird about this trio recording is that the next day, the quartet recorded "The Last Time We Saw Paris", so it's not like Desmond was somewhere else... unless Desmond headed to Paris a day early.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Whenever I see this cover or play this music, I can't help but think of what Kenny was going through when he made this.
  8. Sorry - I'm not digging Joe's playing here. That synth sound just sounds like he should have a monkey dancing nearby.
  9. Universal Japan Fall 2021 Reissue Series

    Of course, the two Japanese reissues I've been looking for, Lou Donaldson's "Here 'Tis" (UCCQ-5088 with "Blues #4") and John Patton's "Blue John" (UCCQ-5008 with the 5 extra tracks) and not in these batches of releases.
  10. Universal Japan Fall 2021 Reissue Series

    I'll check it out when they hit CD Japan. Maybe I'll pick up Tyrone Washington's "Natural Essence" for the 4th time.
  11. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    My oldest daughter just dodged a Covid bullet. Her school had a mandatory in-person "personal development day" and the person sitting directly behind her, sans mask, was later diagnosed Covid-positive. My daughter's test result came back negative. She is very relieved.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Looks like a 1977 Honda CB-400F Super Sport. I had one of those for several years. It was a fun bike. My wife might've looked something like that back then too. You can tell it's a 1977 because of the higher handlebars. The older models had "cafe racer" style handlebars.
  13. Kenny Drew Jr. in West Palm Beach

    I saw Kenny Drew Jr. many times over the years and never thought to get his autograph. I figured he'd be coming around for quite a long while. 56 is far too young.
  14. I assume you mean because it has the song "Barracudas" on it? I haven't seen all of the comments in this thread, but I assume, as usual, one person is vociferously defending those cheap LT covers? When I first got back into vinyl and started buying Jazz, I saw a few of these LT LPs and started to skim past them. I figured that there was no way that they were legitimate releases. Bootlegs maybe? Licensed cheapies maybe? Then I saw Mobley's "A Slice Of The Top" and I had to have it, bootleg or not and then I discovered Cuscuna was behind it. I always wondered what was going on with these covers. Has anyone ever asked him?
  15. A longtime contributor to the old Jazz Central Station & Jazz Corner forums, Gary Sisco, died on September 17th. Even though I haven't seen or heard from Gary in many years, this still bums me out. He was quite the character, both on-line and in person. He used to live in this beautiful house on a hill in Jeffersonville, Vermont that he designed himself to make it so that Bronwyn could get around in her wheelchair. Being fellow Jazz fans, I used to plan my regular business trips to IBM in Burlington so that I could go to a show or two and visit with him & his wife Bronwyn at their manse. Bronwyn and Gary were great hosts and we stayed up into the wee hours of the night debating world events, usually over a few beers or in Sisco's case, a few joints. I was shocked when he told me they were selling that beautiful place and moving to Kentucky to be in horse country. I still remember that beautiful view out the windows. RIP Crispo. The world is less one cantankerous old devil and we are the worse for it.
  16. We talked about it in this thread:
  17. Paul Weeden (g), Don Patterson (org), Billy James (d)
  18. That's "Lady Be Good" from the Dexter Gordon "The Complete Blue Note Sixties Sessions" box set. That's supposedly the only releasable track from that session. According to Cuscuna, as the session went on, the level of inebriation went up to the point where it was finally stopped. I got this from another website... '...Everyone was a little juiced and getting more so as the date went on. A nervous Alfred Lion was getting more and more stressed by the loose approach of Stitt and his working band. Dexter was there to play on three tunes, but after the first one, everything went down hill fast. Dex remembered, "Alfred was a wreck. When Sonny started playing "Bye Bye Blackbird," I knew that was it. Alfred jumped up, yelling 'who needs another version of this? What is he doing?' I was laughing too hard to say anything." Session over...'
  19. Gary Sisco - RIP

    Sadly, I recently leaned on Facebook that Gary's wife Bronwyn passed away last week (8/6). The only place I was able to confirm it was a Go Fund Me page started by a friend of hers to bring her to home to Vermont for hospice: The latest update for that Go Fund Me: Dear Friends, Bronwyn died peacefully early this afternoon. She was very grateful for her time in Vermont, a feat made possible by this gofundme. Bronwyn was gripped by paralysis and pain for 30 years but never stopped looking forward. As a hospice patient she had been able to up her meds and have a more comfortable last few months. Thank you all for donating, it made a huge difference. ❤ Margie
  20. Fill me in on Sonny Stitt

    I'll have to try and find a copy of "My Main Man". I've never seen that one in the wild and Bennie Green's LPs are usually very enjoyable. Surprisingly, I've also never heard that Jazz Messengers date with Stitt, "In Walked Sonny". I don't remember seeing it mentioned here, but I tripped over Stitt's "I Remember Bird" (Catalyst) in a used bin many years ago and I really liked it.
  21. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    Last Thursday, 8/5, we had an unvaccinated employee test positive for Covid. Because that employee was unvaccinated, he was supposed to mask up while in the building but there has been little to no enforcement here. That employee had "close contact" with 7 other employees, 4 of whom were also unvaccinated. So now we're extremely shorthanded as all 8 employees are in quarantine. My sister-in-law's daughter got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine several months ago. Her son took a summer job at a local amusement park. He came down with a mild case of Covid and transmitted it to his mother. She is very sick - going on two weeks now. This Delta variant can bust through your vaccine's protections. My work just announced a full mask mandate - all employees must mask up in the building. We're back to temperature checks to enter the building, answering 3 health questions, no vendor visits, no groups in the cafeteria - seating limited to one person per table, no meetings in conference rooms and "non-essential" employees who can work from home can do so until September 30th. Basically everything that was in place during the peak days is back in effect. This sucks.
  22. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    You sound almost apologetic... Clark's "My Conception" went unissued in the US until the 2000 CD came out. It was passed over by every LP reissue program they had until this Tone Poet LP. The only other LP version was a very rare Japanese King issue from 1979/80. There's a reason for that. Because I am such a huge Mobley fan, I used to badger Cuscuna about this title back in the Connoisseur days and he used to laugh and say, "Wait 'Til You Hear it". You're likely unimpressed because it's not one of Clark's best. You don't have to apologize for anything. I shouldn't have to upgrade my $1K turntable and $800 cartridge to play any record. In fact, "Passing Ships" is the only record I've ever played on this rig that distorted like this. It is clearly cut too hot. Having said this, I just happened to have a new Denon 110th Anniversay headshell/cartridge that I bought to have as a back up. When I put that onto my turntable, I had to almost double the tracking force - Ortofon 3M Black is 1.5 Grams & the Denon DL-103R is 2.5 Grams. That played the track back without distortion. FWIW, it also didn't sound nearly as good as when I played it with the Ortofon 2M Black... well, up until "Plantation Bag". The thing is, I've owned many cartridges in my life and the Ortofon 2M Black is probably the best one I've ever used. It sounds great. It plays beat up records without a pop. I shouldn't have to switch to my backup cartridge to spin any record. You are correct in regards to "Passing Ships". It is mastered too hot. "Poor" is the wrong word. People that can play it cleanly love the dynamics. But cutting it so hot was not necessary. That's what the volume pot is for. I have to bite my tongue over on the Hoffman forums about the people complaining that Tyner's new Tone Poet LP, "Expansions", is cut lower in volume. I think I know why and I am glad that at least Kevin Gray is reading these audio forums are has adjusted his approach... at least for "Expansions". I wonder if the released cut was his first try at it?
  23. Our beloved dog Scout

    So sorry to hear this Larry. It's tough to lose your dog. It's like you lost a best buddy. Our golden retriever Auggie just turned 10 and he is slowing down pretty dramatically. We're really not looking forward to having to put this guy down. He's such a great dog.
  24. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    Oh, for sure, I have some incredible records due to this series. But please don't assume that just because you haven't had any problems, that everything is perfect. You must be one of the lucky ones who can play Hill's "Passing Ships" without any distortion. Congrats. Just don't fall into their trap. The more people that talk like this makes those of us who have had problematic pressings just seem like we're making stuff up. I have been buying vinyl for years. Vinyl has it's usual problems. I deal with them. I have had: Andrew Hill "Black Fire" - Distorted piano. Blue Note denies there's a problem. Lee Morgan "Cornbread" - Double label that tore off as I removed it from sleeve and some warble. The double label is "normal" vinyl production issue that should have been handled with any outgoing QC at the pressing plant. Blue Note denies that there is any warble. Herbie Hancock "My Point Of View" - Non-fill near one side's edge. As long as I'm careful dropping the needle, it's not a problem. "Normal" vinyl production problem that is clearly visible with one look at the record. Again, no one QCs these things. Andrew Hill "Passing Ships" - First record in decades that distorts very badly during playback. Clearly cut too hot. Blue Note denies problem. Yes. There are known problems with vinyl production and some people are seeing them. But many of these problems should not be found in a "premium" LP product if they had a modicum of QC. The mastering problems are another thing entirely. I get that they don't want to re-cut anything as it is costly. But they should have someone doing QC on a few test pressings. They should not be waiting for hundreds of record buyers to find their cutting problems. And they should definitely not be denying them with so many people having the same complaint. I am planning to buy Sonny Clark's "My Conception" but I am going to wait until I read enough positive reviews of the pressing's quality. I've been burned too many times by this point. Besides, it not like I don't already have the music on CD - sometimes on multiple CDs & an earlier Blue Note LP pressing, which luckily the case for Hill's "Black Fire", Morgan's "Cornbread" and Hancock's "My Point Of View".
  25. Ron Carter - Golden Striker Live At Theaterstubchen, Kassel (In+Out). I ordered this from Ron's website due to one of the few well-targeted Facebook ads. Ron was selling the signed version but it's since sold out. I don't think this one is as good as his last In+Out release, "Foursight - Stockholm".