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  1. Richard (Richie) Kamuca

    I have this LP and as I said in another thread, the sound quality varies for each recording date. I didn't think the sound was terrible and it's certainly worth hearing. That CD is a straight-up bootleg of a bootleg LP. It's probably a needle-drop of the LP. I would not pay $20 for a CD-R of a needle-drop of an LP.
  2. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    It took 95 days before the US saw 1,000,000 cases of COVID-19. 43 days later, the US hit 2,000,000 cases. Only 28 days later, it shot up to 3,000,000 cases.
  3. Unknown Jackie McLean Tina Brooks record.

    If you have the US Blue Note CD or the Analogue Productions hybrid SACD of McLean's "Jackie's Bag", you have all of this music.
  4. Source for OOP Mosaic sets

    I don't see any Mosaic boxes listed. Is there some trick to see them?
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    God, that Hot Stamper guy is a insane, isn't he? I still can't believe people fall for his shtick. Sometimes, I swear he sells on the Steve Hoffman forums as Cassius.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I still have my original LP of this title. It was one of the few LPs I kept when I dumped all of my vinyl in the 90's. It shouldn't have been too hard to find. They sold almost 10 Million copies in the first two years of release.
  7. Organissimo group on facebook?

    See what I mean about misinformation? There is no algorithm dictating whose posts are shown and whose posts are not shown. You set the priority of stuff you see. If you don't set it yourself, Facebook will then run some algorithm to show you your friends posts in the order they think you want to see them. And if someone posts shit you don't want to see, you can unfollow anyone and once you do, they no longer show up in your feed. You do have control. You just have to exercise that control. This "Facebook won't show me posts from Xxxxx Yyyyy" meme is totally false and every time I see someone post something like, "Please read and comment here so that you will continue to show up in my timeline" screed, I usually tell them that it's total BS. Just like the posts that state, "With this post, I deny Facebook legal rights to my photographs" blah, blah, blah. No. You post a picture on their platform, they "own" it too. You agreed to that when you signed up. You don't want them to have access, don't sign up. Also, you can't display it on your screen if they don't have it on their server, so they have to have access to it. Some people are just clueless about how computers & servers work.
  8. Shipping delays

    Probably November 3rd.
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Grant, my man... you are only 49. This look... I would guess 65.
  10. Organissimo group on facebook?

    I get some of the "Facebook is evil stuff" but for what I use it for, I don't really care. I use it to keep in touch with old classmates, on-line friends and distant friends in a way that was never possible in the past. I post a picture or two of me having fun somewhere. A nice sunset. A good bottle I drank. Nothing embarrassing so no biggie. If someone repeatedly posts stupid shit, I "unfollow" them and their stupid shit doesn't show up any more. If FB wants to know what bottles I drink, more power to them. They aren't going to tell me what I can and can't do, so no skin off me. Sure, they know your every want and desire and track where you go, but they are not alone in this. If you are on the web, someone is watching your every move. Whether it's Google or Apple or Yahoo! or CNN or Amazon, they all track every click when you are there and they store and use this info to line their pockets. If privacy is your thing, you're better off staying off the net completely. If you read the privacy policy of every website you visit, you'd know that this is true. My biggest pet peeve about Facebook is that they allow complete loons to have a voice. Back before the internet, if you walked down the street and some lunatic was raving about how the Newtown shooting didn't really happen, you could just walk around the guy and leave him to his rants. Now, you have these loons ranting away and one of your friends gets wooed by his siren song and the next thing you know, they're posting some stupid meme about pizza joints and child prostitution. "I read about it on the Internet," should not be given the same weight as an encyclopedia entry. Facebook is a font of misinformation and is used by many unscrupulous people to negatively influence normally good people. If Facebook went away, I would not shed a tear but while it's here, I will continue to peek in and see how my old friends are doing. And stay away from those basements of those Connecticut pizza joints!
  11. Organissimo group on facebook?

    Nah, he didn't want politics here. It got too ugly when he did. I think he was right to do it too. I got pretty disgusted with this place when it had the political forum and that was before Trump.
  12. Organissimo group on facebook?

    Jim is actually much more active on Facebook than he is here. In fact, he rarely comes here at all these days. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he can post his political views there and can't here.
  13. Internet Outage(s)?

    My internet mysteriously just came back on. No idea what was going on but it was clearly Spectrum and not my modem, as they were trying to tell me.
  14. You need to be a Facebook member to join a group but the group can be "open" or "closed", which would allow the admin to only let in those he or she wants in the group. The admin can also turn on approval for all posts to the group, so if we really wanted to make this a group just for notification of when things here are broken, the admin could limit all posts except for posts about this and this alone.
  15. First off, I think the topic needs to be changed to "open an organissimo group", not a "forum". Facebook does not support forums. And for those unaware of how groups work, they can be as active or inactive as one wishes and you'll only hear about it if someone posts there. and as mentioned, posts are not easily grouped together or searched. Facebook is the opposite of a forum. For instance, I'm a member of the "JC" group, which is a private group made up of former members of the Jazz Corner forum. Every now & then, someone will post something there and all of us members get notified. When Ron Thorne died, I posted this there and it allowed me to let a lot of people who used to interact with him on the Jazz Corner to hear about it. Secondly, no one needs permission to start a group. Mike, or anyone can start up a Facebook group and no one can force anyone to join it. BTW - if someone was a member at the Jazz Corner and wants to see if someone you knew is on this Facebook group, check it out: