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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Save your money and hook a PC to your stereo :
  2. what are you drinking right now?

    While I do thoroughly enjoy many of Nickel & Nickel's offerings, I think their prices are too high for what they deliver. It's their business and they're free to run it as they see fit, but in my opinion, they're overpriced. You want a less expensive "Nickel & Nickel" Cab, try their sister label, Bella Union. At $65/bottle, it's still expensive, but it's much cheaper than their single estate wines.
  3. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    When I saw him, he played keyboards most of the night. I would guess he picked up his trumpet a couple of times. Typical song:
  4. Billy Harper

    I had a copy of "The Believer". It was a CD-R from his fan club website. It stopped playing years ago and I could never get them to replace it.
  5. Dave Samuels, RIP

    Sarah Samuels, Dave Samuels' daughter, has reported, via Facebook, that Dave has died. Although I was never a huge Spyro Gyra fan, I heard it quite a bit during my college years as one of my friends was into them.
  6. PM's(?) that seem to be publicly(!) visible??

    I am pretty sure that I am seeing PMs in search results. I assume that they are PMs and not status updates because when I look at the two posters involved with the message, I see no status updates for either one. I also see people's PM exchanges regarding sales, including E-mail addresses.
  7. Record Store Day 2019

    I've been surprised by the lack of sales at many of the gigs I've been to lately. I have always tried to buy directly from the artists but I can't if they don't bring any. Perfect example, Bruce Gertz recently played at local club in Portsmouth, NH. I know he recently had a pile of old sealed vinyl going back to the early 80's when he had his own label that he will sell you if you E-mail him. Given the recent resurgence in vinyl sales, you'd think he'd have a box of these with him? Nope.
  8. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    Although I'll be duplicating a few discs in my collection, these prices are too hard to skip.
  9. Record Store Day 2019

    Record Store Day was last Saturday, April 13th.
  10. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I don't know why you think a 1981 Liberty pressing would sound better than an original Pacific Jazz pressing. I've heard original PJ LPs and the sound isn't bad but I have heard some pretty horrible Liberty pressings from the late 70's-early 80's.
  11. Branford slams Miles

    Branford making more friends in the Jazz universe : Why is jazz unpopular? The musicians 'suck', says Branford Marsalis
  12. Branford slams Miles

    To the section of Branford's interview posted here, in his first mention of Miles, he says, "It's really interesting when you listen to the [1967] Miles Davis record Sorcerer. On the first song, "Prince of Darkness," Miles gets lost in the middle of the solo and he's a half beat off about the entire second half of the solo". He continues on with, "You can hear the band bring him back to where the beat is; you can hear Tony Williams banging out the tempo. And in the end, they just go where Miles goes. Because he is Miles". I've listened to "Prince of Darkness" several times and I kinda hear Miles twisting the tempo here & there but I don't get why Branford Marsalis thinks that this isn't just something Miles wanted to do.
  13. Fund Raiser For Onaje Allan Gumbs

    That you for fixing my typo!! Horrible typo on my part.
  14. Fund Raiser For Onaje Allan Gumbs

    Laurie Pepper just sent out an E-mail asking for people on her mailing list to consider contributing to a fund to help Onaje Allan Gumbs, who is very ill and needs financial assistance. The creator of the fundraiser goes on to say that in addition to this Facebook fundraiser, there will be a benefit concert/jam session held on April 23rd at the Williamsburg Music Center in Brooklyn, NY from 7Pm until 11pm. The link she gave: I haven't seen Onaje play in a few years but when I last saw him, he was still one of the best pianists I ever witnessed.
  15. Branford slams Miles

    You are dramatically mixing up your Kenny G's.