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  1. 2017 NFL Season

    I agree with that assessment. I actually told my daughter that the NFL should check Willaims' accounts to see if he got paid for not only missing that tackle, but taking out his teammate. That was the worst defensive play I think I've ever seen.
  2. LF: Abdullah Ibrahim: Ekaya on CD

    Can someone do a needle-drop for Hot Ptah? It wouldn't be "stealing" since he owns the LP. If someone near me has a copy, I can needle-drop it.
  3. 2017 NFL Season

    I was a Patriots fan back when they really sucked. Don't worry, your Browns will eventually turn it around. A couple of lucky breaks is all it takes.
  4. Obscure Albums You've Heard and Think Everyone Else Should

    The site says the CD "ships out within 3 days". I would elevate this if I were you.
  5. Those that left us in the world of jazz in 2017

    Seeing Steve Schwartz's name listed there still hurts. Such a sweet man. I really miss him. The Boston Jazz scene won't be the same.
  6. New list of beers in decline

    I was at a hot summer party and someone had a cooler filled with Bud Light Lime, Never having tried it, I stupidly decided to pop one. Even stupider, I sucked out a large mouthful, remember, it was hot that day. Urgh. I had to spit it out. Do. not. like. FWIW, the people at the party had a great laugh at my expense. Thankfully, no pictures exist.
  7. Jason Moran on Yes Records

    I don't care how good it is, in this day and age, selling domestic CDs, particularly self-produced domestic CDs, for $25, is excessive and seems pretty dumb unless the goal is to not sell too many of them. Many new CDs in stores are selling for under $14 (oldies for ~$5) and the used market - forget about it. I've bought a lot of CDs from artists at shows over the years and the only time I paid over $15 was when Harold Mabern had a few copies of his Japanese Venus CDs. Lately, most artists are selling at shows for $10/CD. $25? Nope.
  8. Longevity of the Hank Mobley Mosaic.

    If all of this music hadn't been issued on Japanese CDs shortly before this box set was released, I would think that it would have sold out much sooner. I know that I already had all of the material found in this box on CD before it was issued.
  9. CDRs Not Recognized as Burned

    Unfortunately, solid state hard drives as well as thumb drives, are not necessarily permanent digital storage solutions. The data is "written" electronically and there's no guarantee that the 1 written into a memory location will still be a 1 in a decade. Yes, the memory circuit latches into a fixed state but if aging results in an electronic change that allows that state to flip back, you can lose data. I've read a couple of papers that recommend that you should power up solid state memory every now & then if you want to make sure that your data stays put.
  10. CDRs Not Recognized as Burned

    I doubt it. From the stories I've been reading, DAT tapes have not held up well at all. I've only had 2 CD-Rs fail so I've been happy with them at this point.
  11. CDRs Not Recognized as Burned

    DAC as in Digital-to-Analog Converter? CDs play back through a DAC, so I don't understand the inference here...
  12. Jason Moran on Yes Records

    $25 each.
  13. CDRs Not Recognized as Burned

    I seem to remember that if you burn a music CD-R with the option to write more data later, known as "leaving it open", you could get errors like this. When you burn music CD-Rs, do you select the option to close the disc?
  14. Jimi Hendrix

    Based on this info, I won't be buying this. I haven't liked the sound this team gets on the reissues they've been involved with so far. The resulting music is too loud and shrill for my ears.
  15. Obscure Albums You've Heard and Think Everyone Else Should

    After several weeks of postal delays (ordered Nov. 4th, received December 22nd), I finally got a chance to spin this and I am very glad to have it in my CD rack. I like it as much if not more than "Blue Bogey". Thanks again for bringing this CD to my attention.