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  1. Opinions sought: Acrobat Records

    While I've never had any of the CD-Rs that I burned myself go bad, I have had 3 commercially purchased CD-Rs stop playing on me. I was unable to extract the audio via Exact Audio Copy on the first one. The other two (live and learn) were backed up to my hard drive the minute I saw that they were CD-Rs. I stopped buying new VSOP releases because they're using CD-Rs now and I make sure that any used OJC I buy today isn't one of their later CD-R issues. I've even seen several Venus Jazz CD-Rs in the used bins. At first I thought that someone ripped off the record store but it was clearly produced by Venus or the seller had a very good printer capable of printing onto a CD surface.
  2. Oooo... I bought that one last year. I'll have to pull it off the shelf tonight.
  3. Opinions sought: Acrobat Records

    I understand this. But for dates like the Cal Tjader referenced above, which was never issued, it is an unauthorized release unless they negotiate with the estate and label of the artist. If they are doing this, like other legitimate labels do, then they are fine. This is what I am questioning here, not the EU PD rules.
  4. Opinions sought: Acrobat Records

    I always figured they were just another bootleg label with better liner notes. Now I'm a bit curious. Do they get clearances and pay the artists' estates when they issue these live dates? I don't think unauthorized live recordings default to the public domain, do they? Also, if the artists was under contract with a label during the time of the recording, don't they need to get permission from them as well?
  5. Bargain Audio Equipment

    I only use headphones at work so open back is out of the question. Do you have any experience with the closed-back version? It's the same price.
  6. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    This cover looks as if it was left in the sun for a long time. The red ink is almost completely bleached away. Paper masking tape is nasty stuff. $399? Really? If you want the best sounding version of this on vinyl, buy the Cisco Music LP. It sounds great. I've owned an RVG stereo pressing and the Cisco pressing beats it handily. FWIW, I still play the TOCJ CD more than anything else.
  7. Last night, I played a recent favorite of mine, Paolo Fresu's "Jazzy Christmas".
  8. Upcoming Uptown Records releases

    What do you have on Uptown Records LPs? There are quite a few titles I'd like to pick up on LP.
  9. Perry Robinson (1938-2018)

    Although Robinson's genre is outside my usual comfort zone, I once saw him play at the old Boston Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) location on Boylston Street as part of William Parker's Bob's Pink Cadillac band and he was the highlight of the night. I actually went specifically to see William Parker, as I had been really digging "O'Neil's Porch". Instead, I left really appreciating Bob's Pink Cadillac, with Robinson being my main source of enjoyment. He was on fire. Sadly, I never got to see him perform again. I don't think the ICA kept that venue going for very long. Actually, googling this, I seem to remember Bob's Pink Cadillac opening for one of Parker's bands. It may have been the band with Kidd Jordan: I also saw Parker a year later at the ICA with his Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, so Bob's Pink Cadillac may have opened for either of these shows.
  10. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Some of the links in this thread have "?tag=camelhometopdrops", which would indicate that GA got the link from a camel affiliated website or e-mail. The "drop" refers to a price drop alert from a special weblink or e-mail. Before we go all "Oh, this sucks, GA," I think we should take it easy. Even if these were done purposefully, no one is making us click these links, so you, the actual clicker, is the only one at fault here. Click at your own peril. Lesson to be learned - always "hover" over the link and see what the link says. FWIW, I have inserted many links over the years that *may* have been referral links. Oops. It happens. I don't often make sure that the link is clean. FWIW II - for those who may not be computer savvy, it is not always easy to remove these referral references and still have a working link. Sometimes, you have to do a fresh search on Amazon so get a clean link. Not always something you want to do when you're just trying to let your forum buddies know of a good deal. So the next time you get a deal alert E-mail or follow an E-mail link to a deal website, know that when you copy that link, it'll likely have a referral ID in it.
  11. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Camel drop ( ) is a website that keeps you up to date on the latest Amazon deals and no, they don't do this for free. FWIW, I get an "Ereader News Today" E-mail on a daily basis. It shows me the latest discounted E-books for my Kindle. I buy quite a few books using this E-mail so I have no problem with the person or company who creates this E-mail from getting a little something for their work. Likewise, if GA is getting a little kickback from us clicking on these links, I have no problem with it. If Camel drop is, I'd be a little less happy with it.
  12. Bargain Audio Equipment

    sonnymax is referring to the Amazon links with referrals in them. GA might not be making any money here but someone may be... many of the Amazon links have ?tag= in them. This is a referral link that gets the referrer something from Amazon. It may not be GA - I actually doubt it is, because not all of the links have ?tag=, but someone is.
  13. Is streaming technology saving the music industry?

    I used to be a firm believer that higher resolution discs, SACD and DVD-Audio, produced superior quality audio. And then Fantasy came out with a batch of SACDs that sounded "Meh" and then UMG came out with those Peter Gabriel and Police SACDS that sounded worse than "Meh". The final straw was when the entire Genesis catalog was reissued on remastered SACDS that sounded like audio doo-doo. It's all in the mastering. Digitized audio doo-doo sounds like analog audio doo-doo no matter the resolution.
  14. Is streaming technology saving the music industry?

    A couple of problems with this article: 1) Tidal streaming at "CD quality" is not "Hi res". Tidal is regular res. CD is regular res. 2) Of course people won't be able to tell the difference between 320 kBps compressed audio and "CD quality". At that high of a bit rate, it's been scientifically proven that it *is* indistinguishable from the source i.e. the CD. If they had compared real Hi Res streams with audio mastered at Hi Res, like Acoustic Sounds' Super HiRez or some of the real Hi Res at HD Tracks, to Spotify and Apple Music, then I'd be curious to see if people heard a difference. EDIT: I'm guessing that they will still have some difficulty telling the difference, but I'd really like to find out.
  15. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I just got the E-mail that I didn't get it after all. They must've only got in a couple of copies. So I guess I'm waiting like everyone else now.