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  1. John Zorn's TZADIK Label

    The best Tzadik things I've heard recently are: Derek Bailey - Carpal Tunnel (his last recording) Jamie Saft - Plays the Music of John Zorn Vol. 1: Astharoth Rashanim - Masada Rock Paul Shapiro - It's in the Twilight - this is not your normal Tzadik - it's Jewish-sounding Latin jazz and groove (w/ Steven Bernstein and other Tzadik regulars) And last but not least, Misha Mengelberg - Senne Sing Song (Released for the anniversary of Misha's 80th birthday) Matt P.S. I have played all these a lot on the radio.
  2. Terje Rypdal

    The new album is really beautiful listen for it nights on WRCT. Matt
  3. Deep Blue Organ Trio

    I DJed a party tonight for an hour (rotating DJs - different styles) and I played Willow Weep For Me from this and kids to adults of all ages (18 - 88) REALLY DUG IT. Way to go Chris, Bobby, and Greg! Your music stood the test of being danceable. Matt P.S. Usually it ain't good if you can't dance to it.
  4. AOTW Feb 5 - 11

    I had no idea Jack DeJohnette could play piano so well until about 2 weeks ago when I discovered this record on Landmark. Eddie Gomez on bass and Freddie Waits on drums!!! Don't really have much time to type right now but I'll be back soon to type more! Meanwhile, discuss amongst yourselves. Matt P.S. Go Steelers!
  5. Happy birthday Big Al!

    Happy birthday Big Al R!
  6. ICP Orchestra - Austin Texas 4/3

    And Pittsburgh!
  7. Harddrive manufacturers suck...

    I always have been told to go with LACIE for external hard drives.
  8. AOTW Feb 5 - 11

    Speaking of which, I wonder if Keith has heard his playing on The Cellar Door Sessions 1970 - the best Miles box set I have ever purchased in my short history of buying box sets! I am sure there is another thread with this. It makes me wonder since Jack was in this group if there were any nights he sat down at the keyboard. I doubt Miles was into musical chairs though. Matt
  9. AOTW Feb 5 - 11

    At IAJE it was Chick on piano, Eddie Gomez (who is on this record) on bass, and Jack on drums. That group needs to records fo sho. What if it were the Standards Quintet? Keith Jarrett - soprano and unintelligible vocals Jack DeJohnette - piano Eddie Gomez & Gary Peacock - basses Chick Corea & Steve Gadd - drums they could play musical chairs!
  10. PRINCE

    People need to stop hi-jacking threads to heap praise on Kurt Cobain. Let's talk about Prince, eh? Both these videos should be reminders that pop music can still be good in the hands of individuals with musical knowledge and the ability to solo outside of the box. Did you hear him playing non-consonant tones towards the end with the help of distortion/whammy bar. That is fuckin' dope. You go boy!
  11. AOTW Feb 5 - 11

    Yes. In the wonderful liners written by Peter Keepnews (his pop Orrin was the producer of this session), Jack elucidates this early part of his past. He was a pianist and only took up drums after he was well along his way to being a jazz pianist. His command of the instrument is nothing to be shy about. In fact, knowing this, I would much rather hear him playing in all those Standards trio records and have Keith grunting away on the drums, as drummers are wont to do. Matt
  12. Jack DeJohnette and Bill Frisell, 2001, Earshot Jazz Festival

    Glad to see some folks here are not ONLY into the Blue Note era. peace out well that is a silly thing to say. a lot of people on this board-the classic BN era isn't their main or only thing. look at the 1000 or whatever page funny rat thread. Funny Rat is like 5 dudes. That's nothing.....ples...
  13. what's the 411 on this live Tolliver LP on enja from 1972??

    Speaking of Tolliver, there is a good article by Ted Panken in the March issue of Downbeat with the cover story on B.B. King. I picked it up yesterday. There are some interesting quotes and insights from both Tolliver and Billy Harper about Tolliver's style as an arranger and player. Matt
  14. Jack DeJohnette and Bill Frisell, 2001, Earshot Jazz Festival

    This is really an excellent disc! I am spinning it for sure. You guys should check out - which is DeJohnette's label. The production company releasing his new music is called Golden Beams Productions and you can buy the shit on iTunes and on his website. Ted Poor also plays extremely well on the new Ben Monder disc Oceana (released last year on Sunnyside). He went to Eastman - met Monder there in a clinic setting and that was one of his first gigs when he moved to NYC two years ago. I got to meet him when I presented Monder at my school in Pittsburgh last year. That band also included longtime Frisell cohort bassist Kermit Driscoll and vocalist Theo Bleckmann (a student of Sheila Jordan who has interestive non-word vocalizations that he does - with Monder they are usually written out and through composed - harmonies to his guitar lines). You guys should also check out this new Paul Motian Band (they aren't calling this the Electric Bebop band) CD called "Garden of Eden." Monder, Steve Cardenas, Tony Malaby, Chris Cheek, Jerome Harris, and Motian. Glad to see some folks here are not ONLY into the Blue Note era. peace out
  15. Want Something from Japan?

    So a good friend of mine is in Japan right now and he offered to get me some stuff over there that is not in print in the States or Europe. If anyone wants anything PM me and I will ask him to put it on his list. I already gave him a whole shopping list of DIWs and people on Tzadik who have done other side projects, but I figure I would give others a chance to get in on the action without having to pay a premium for shipping and whatnot. Matt
  16. Bob Weinstock dies

    RIP Bob Weinstock. I will never forget your name. P.S. This discussion has been really informative and enlightening to a young 'un like myself. Especially thanks to Chris, Chuck, Allen, and MG for your stories and historical anecdotes. I truly hope that the present and future of jazz holds some promise for small labels that are labors of love. I have the feeling that MaxJazz (the Macdonalds in St. Louis), Dreyfus (Francis Dreyfus), Sunnyside (Francois Zalacain), Fresh Sound/New Talent (Jordi Pujol), Steeplechase (some Scandanavian fellow whose name I forget), Criss Cross (Gerry Teekens), and Stunt (a Danish fellow) are conducting these sorts of operations that hark back on an era when it was about the love for the music. But obviously the world is a much different place today than it was back in the 50s. Note that almost all these guys are from Europe today. Jazz is not dead. It just smells funny.
  17. My choice for album of the week

    Wow. This guy is retarded.
  18. What's for Dinner?

    Chicken in the Pot (a Jewish thing - easy to make!)
  19. Name Three People...

    Pepe Gonzalez (DC area jazz bassist) Jerry Gonzalez Gonzalo Rubalcaba
  20. International Association for Jazz Education

    Now its 2006 and I am reviving this thread for personal reasons. I am planning on driving from DC to NY on Wednesday morning for the IAJE conference. Since I have to drive back to Pittsburgh on Sunday to start school again I cannot offer a ride back though. Does anyone wanna hitch a ride with me, esp. if you are going to IAJE or just a quick free ride to NY? Matt
  21. jazz fusion

    I think akanalog should change his handle to fusion freak!
  22. AOTW December 18-24

    He also has the advantage of being one of the 10 people left from the 60s. Matt
  23. BFT31 Disk1 - The answer thread

    I have to say that I have never heard of almost any of these groups/musicians but this is one of the BFTs that stayed in the car stereo for over a month just for pure listening pleasure. Even though I can't name the musicians, tracks 3 and 10 especially do it for me and make this CD great. Great BFT Tjobbe. EDIT: AND 17!!!! That sax soli is ridiculous!
  24. Sirius Radio

    my radio show. I play everything from the two new Sunny Murrays to Ben Monder to all the new Emanem (especially anything by Paul Rutherford).
  25. Name Three People...

    Bert Lancaster Lanny Morgan Frank Morgan