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  1. Ben Riley has died.

    RIP. Always enjoyed his playing.
  2. Questions to ask Randy Weston

    1) How does he think Brooklyn, where he grew up, influenced him? 2) Ask him to speak a little about his cousin, Wynton Kelly.
  3. It's just an investment, a place to park some money (OK, a lot of money). Sure to appreciate in value. Similarly, Manhattan is getting overrun with global money. Tons of new housing skyscrapers; even if fully bought, I'll bet most of the living spaces are not occupied most of the year.
  4. Arthur Blythe

    I'm glad you revived this topic, because now I have a question. I recently listened to Ben Sidran's "Talking Jazz" interview with Blythe, and he brought up the cooperative group The Leaders (Blythe, Lester Bowie, Chico Freeman, Kirk Lightsey, Cecil McBee, Don Moye). They evidently had one album on Blackhawk and two on Soul Note. Any thoughts on these?
  5. I'm not a musician and never studied music, so I can't explain it technically, but to me it's self-evident. His was a concept that simply didn't exist before: the way he plays with rhythm, with dissonances, with the way things are "supposed" to resolve vs. the surprising ways they can resolve, the way his comping "opened up" behind the soloist almost as a commentary, allowing more rhythmic space for both the soloist and the rest of the band, the way his playing could make a familiar tune sound strange and unfamiliar, all within the confines of that tune. As for who he influenced, pretty much everyone at Minton's revered him, and the ones that followed? Horace Silver, Sonny Clark, Herbie Nichols, even down to "straighter" pianists like Hank Jones and Tommy Flanagan...he allowed them to not play so "straight."
  6. October Revolution in Jazz 1964... Any recordings?

    Down Beat’s Don Heckman?
  7. Death of the iPod (Everyone's buying vinyl)

    There's an amusing article in today's WSJ about cassette tapes. It's protected behind a paywall, but try searching for the following bad pun: "A Global Shortage of Magnetic Tape Leaves Cassette Fans Reeling."
  8. Thanks for posting that.
  9. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Agreed that the Shakedown Street 10/25/79 boogies like hell. New Haven has hosted some great Dead shows. Besides RT 1-1, I have the following:
  10. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    You must mean some other show, Chewy - they didn't play Shakedown in Binghamton in '79. See: https://archive.org/details/gd1979-05-09.nak700.glassberg.motb.85421.sbeok.flac16
  11. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Dave's Picks 2018 subscription now available on dead.net. Dave's Picks 25 will be Binghamton, NY 11/6/77.
  12. And it's perfect for a Christmas gift.
  13. Still listed on Amazon UK, but it says "temporarily out of stock": https://www.amazon.co.uk/Complete-Columbia-Studio-Live-Recordings/dp/B075G46S8K/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1509680313&sr=8-8&keywords=weather+report+box+set
  14. Billy Cobham picks 10 essential drum recordings.

    Just found an unopened LP copy of Matterhorn via Dusty Groove. No mention of Cobham anywhere. A typical excerpt from the liner notes: "In the first set of fours, the other drummer is followed by Bellson." Even though, under Personnel, the only drummer listed is Bellson. Maybe it was a contractual thing. Another weird thing: Bellson wrote the liner notes, yet he refers to himself in the third person. According to the LP, it was recorded at Heider Filmways, Hollywood. Live in the studio?
  15. Happy 90th Birthday Jimmy Heath

    Happy, happy birthday to the great saxophonist, composer and arranger!