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  1. Frank Zappa

    At least there's movement. When Gail was alive, the rap was that archival material was being released at a glacier's pace. They're now trying to make up for lost time, while there's still a market. It appears that Dweezil's badmouthing of Ahmet was unfounded.
  2. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Now all we need is another thread about Keith Jarrett's vocalizations, and it'll be like old times!
  3. There is a very positive review of this album by Will Friedwald in the WSJ.
  4. I think that was originally a 10”.
  5. Obviously symptomatic of a deep ambivalence: resentment towards having to keep them, vs. worry about ramifications of discarding them. This can be treated, however! Just make an appointment.
  6. You a badass! Do you also throw out OBI strips?
  7. Does anyone know why "The Congregation," when originally released, was so short time-wise? It totaled less than 30 minutes, which was unusual for BN. There was plenty of room for "I Remember You," the remaining track from the session that was included in the CD reissue. So why was it left off the LP?
  8. Ray Drummond Corner

    This is another really good one. Although Drummond is the leader, it sounds like a Hank Jones Trio record (also a good thing). I would love to see a Mosaic "The Complete Nilva Sessions" box.
  9. Ray Drummond Corner

    Back in the late '70's - early '80's, it seemed like Ray Drummond was everywhere. I was reminded of this because I recently acquired the Japanese reissue of Ted Curson's "The Trio" (originally released in the USA on Interplay). Curson, Drummond, and Roy Haynes, playing magnificently. I don't know that Drummond's recorded much recently. What are some of your favorites? So I was curious, and looked at Drummond's Wikipedia page. I found this: "He is the elder brother of David Drummond, senior vice president, corporate development and chief legal officer of Google Inc."
  10. Monk + Giants of Jazz tour

    4 tracks from Herbie Mann's set are on this: Two tracks from the Jimmy Smith jam session and 4 other tracks are on this:
  11. It arrived today. I like the retro look of the packaging; the fonts used on the back look old-school.
  12. Cleaning Records

    Also, I found that after pulling the LP out of the cover 4 or 5 times, the inner sleeve became a crumpled plastic bag.
  13. Does anyone know what shipping to the US from uDiscover would be for the CD box set?
  14. Cleaning Records

    The paper sleeves actually create dust, as the paper particles flake off.
  15. Cleaning Records

    I use what used to be called rice paper sleeves. I guess they're not rice paper, just a type of plastic with a paper sheet sandwiched in there, but they seem to work well. Mobile Fidelity is the most famous brand, but there are lots of others like it out there.