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  1. Dexter Gordon

    This is the version I have: It's probably the most legit version, since it was released on Duke's record label. I like it; Dex does go off mike and is not miked great to begin with, but it's a good, solid date. It contains 7 tracks; not listed in Lord above is "There Will Never Be Another You."
  2. Jackie McLean as a teacher

    Jackie talks about it a little here: http://bensidran.com/conversation/talking-jazz-jackie-mclean
  3. SOLID JAZZ GIANTS reissues from Japan on Dec 9

    Looks like Volume 2 will be released in Japan on February 17: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/CDSOL-46923
  4. Looks like this is getting a reissue in Japan. Release date March 24: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/YZMS-1057 This is from Google Translate: Live at the Left Bank Jazz Society, Baltimore 1968 / Wynton Kelly In commemoration of his 90th birthday and 40th anniversary of his death, the precious live of his last years is revived. Wynton Kelly was a regular artist at the Left Bank Jazz Society, a jazz fan group in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1967, he left a co-star with Joe Henderson and Hank Mobley, but in this work of 1968, George Coleman was invited as a saxophonist, and the world full of hard bop's charm is further developed. I will. Perhaps it's a live performance, and the fact that each song is played with plenty of time is a feature not found in the studio recordings of Riverside and Verve. This release commemorates the 90th anniversary of Kelly's birth and the 40th anniversary of his death. It looks like it's a reissue of this session: George Coleman, tenor sax; Wynton Kelly, piano; Ron McClure, bass; Jimmy Cobb, drums. "The Left Bank Jazz Society", "Famous Ballroom", Baltimore, MD, September 22, 1968 Piano Interlude Vee-Jay VJS 3071 On A Clear Day - Piano Interlude and On The Trail - Theme - same session. Introduction Vee-Jay VJS 3072-2 Unit 7 - Piano Interlude - Surrey With The Fringe On Top - same session. On The Trail - Mr. P.C. - * Vee-Jay VJS 3071, (J) 22YB-2029, (J) 32YD-1029 Wynton Kelly - In Concert = Affinity (E) AFF 54 Wynton Kelly, George Coleman - In Concert * Vee-Jay VJS 3072-2, (J) 20YB-2030/31, (J) 25YD-1030/31 Wynton Kelly - Final Notes = Affinity (E) AFFD 108 Wynton Kelly - Live In Baltimore
  5. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    I hope your Dad gets better.
  6. ebay madness re: vinyl

    Looks like it's a test pressing from one of these two relatively recent box sets:
  7. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    I own All Things on vinyl, and two sides are pressed off-center. Now there's an aural experience.
  8. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    I've owned the original CD box for a couple of decades now, and was always dissatisfied with the sound quality. It just sounds like layers of mush, very little clarity. I know Sony has had a reissue program of individual artists; does anyone know if the sound quality has improved?
  9. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Good to hear good news; keep it up.
  10. Junior Mance RIP

    Another chance to recommend this excellent, unusual album. Mance plays Dizzy's compositions with a group consisting of flute, guitar, bass and drums - no trumpet in sight. It really works. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Here_'Tis_(Junior_Mance_album)
  11. Your audio equipment?

    I got a similar one recently: Do you like yours? I can't really say it makes my records sound better, but I love how it adds to the ritual of playing a record. In fact, I recently got a bag of those yellow 45 inserts, to allow me to use the clamp while I play 45's.
  12. Junior Mance RIP

    RIP. Another great one gone. I hope he was able to put out that last album for which he was raising money.
  13. Now he has time to join the Organissimo board!
  14. Howard Johnson - RIP

  15. Howard Johnson - RIP

    RIP. Loved him on Taj Mahal's The Real Thing - he did the brass arrangements. He seemed to be everywhere in NYC in the mid-70's.