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  1. For those of you who get Tommy's Jazz Offer emails, are there any on the list of "Best Voices Time Forgot" that you'd recommend? FSRV_101 Wanda Stafford & Patricia Scot In Love for the Very First Time + Once Around the Clock FSRV_102 Marcy Lutes & Patty McGovern Debut + Wednesday's Child FSRV_103 Dori Howard & Janet Brace Dori Howard Sings + Special Delivery FSRV_104 Thelma Gracen & Milli vernon Thelma Gracen + Introducing Milli Vernon FSRV_105 Peggy King & Pam Garner Lazy Afternoon + Sings Ballads For Broken Hearts FSRV_106 Beverly Kelly & Dolores Hawkins Beverly Kelly Sings + Dolores FSRV_107 Jane Harvey & Anne Richards Leave it to Jane! + Born to be Blue FSRV_108 India Adams & Easy Williams Comfort Me With Apples + Easy Does It! FSRV_109 Norene Tate & Mae Barnes Tenderly + Mae Barnes FSRV_110 Jennie Smith & Diana Trask Love Among the Young + Diana Trask FSRV_111 Martha Hayes & Ilene Woods A Hayes Named Martha + It’s Late FSRV_112 Gloria Smyth & Helyne Stewart Like Soul! + Love Moods FSRV_113 Honi Gordon & Sue Childs Honi Gordon Sings + Introducing Sue Childs FSRV_114 Pat Thomas & Barbara Long Jazz Patters + Soul FSRV_115 Juanita Cruse & Jeri Jorden Juanita! + Easy Living FSRV_116 Marlene & Pat O'Day With Every Breath I Take + When Your Lover Has Gone FSRV_117 Corky Shayne & Georgia Carr In the Mood for a Song? + Songs by a Moody Miss FSRV_118 Janet Blair & Claudia Thompson Flame Out! + Goodbye to Love FSRV_119 Crystal Joy & Althea Gibson The Fabulous Crystal Joy + Althea Gibson Sings FSRV_120 Rose Hardaway & Ada Lee It’s Time for Rose Hardaway + Ada Lee Comes On! FSRV_121 Cathi Hayes & Lu Ann Simms It's All Right with Me + At Separate Tables FSRV_122 Renée Raff & Pat Dahl Among the Stars + We Dig Pat Dahl FSRV_123 Carole Simpson & Connie Haines Singin' and Swingin' + A Tribute to Helen Morgan FSRV_124 Shelley Moore & Ann Williams For the First Time... + First Time Out FSRV_125 Lynn Taylor & Marjorie Lee I See Your Face Before Me + Remembering FSRV_201 Frank D'Rone Frank D'Rone Sings + After the Ball FSRV_202 Rocky Cole & Deno Kannes Smooth & Rocky + The Kid from Salt Lake City FSRV_203 Marty Bell & Don Heller The Voice of Marty Bell + Blame It on My Youth FSRV_204 Dick Williams & Larry Hovis Love is Nothin' But Blues + My Heart Belongs to Only You
  2. Happy Birthday, Kenny Burrell

    I recently picked this up; recorded in 1989. Was pleasantly surprised to see him do a version of Midnight Blue!
  3. John Jenkins Jazz Eyes (Savoy)

    The 1978 reissue Star Eyes goes for reasonable prices; I picked one up from DG not too long ago. It has 5 tracks (the 5th, not on the original Jazz Eyes, is Darn That Dream).
  4. Received today, in good condition. Thanks, Allen; can't wait to hear it.
  5. Happy Birthday, Kenny Burrell

    Happy birthday, Mr. Burrell!
  6. But there have been other live recordings from Monk's Columbia time released on different labels. For example, this on Thelonious/Hyena (Joel Dorn): Or this, on Concord: Or this, on Blue Note:
  7. I don't know that Sony is the problem. If Monk owed them a record, how was Black Lion able to release the London session? I just checked my two Giants of Jazz albums; neither say "Monk appears with kind permission of Columbia Records."
  8. Issues with my stereo

    Back when I was in high school (late '60's - early '70's), I would regularly read Stereo Review. I got a good grounding, for the time, on the basics of putting together a stereo system. I so miss that sort of source today. I recently subscribed to Stereophile, but find that their reviews of insanely-priced equipment verges on audio porn. I so wish there was a middle-class, middle-of-the-road source for audio information. Larry's Schiit Magni 3, for example, would never be covered in Stereophile. We need a source (publication, web site, whatever) that would cover: What options are currently out there? When would you use one versus another? What are the various ways you can use equipment? What are the different ways of putting together a great-sounding stereo? What are the innovations in stereo equipment? What verities have been supplanted by newer equipment? When is older equipment still good enough? That's what I'm looking for.
  9. Issues with my stereo

    I don't know; that's why I'd like to know more, and in what other situations are they useful. I see some headphone amps have tubes or tube/transistor hybrids, so maybe one purpose is to get that warm tube sound.
  10. Issues with my stereo

    No, he plugs the Schiit into his amp's "rec out" jacks (presumably to get a clean flat signal).