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  1. BYG Actuel Series

    That was the sticker on my copy of the Sharrock. I saw no evidence that this was a boot. Vinyl was quiet, sound was what I expected (the original wasn't great). The cover looked like original artwork, not a reproduction; same for the label. My advice is: if you want the music, go for this edition.
  2. BYG Actuel Series

    I have the recent reissue of Sonny Sharrock's "Monkey-Pockie-Boo." The cover is a gatefold, identical to the original release (except it's not a digi-pak, but a straight gatefold). No additional verbiage as to provenance. The labels are identical to the original release (comparison with photo on Discogs); again, no additional info. Nothing revealing written in the lead-out grooves. Nice heavy vinyl. I recall there being a sticker on the shrink-wrap, but I didn't save it.
  3. Anyone here ever heard Elliot Galvin? His album listed above got a rave review in BBC Music Magazine last month.
  4. Max Gordon's memoir "Live at the Village Vanguard" mentioned that, in the '60's at least, he was recording shows. Surprised none of these tapes have surfaced; maybe they no longer exist.
  5. Your music cataloging "system"

    Mosaic discographies have always been a great source of info. There have been sites that had discographies of OOP Mosaic sets; there have been threads detailing those sites here - perhaps do a search. However, who knows how many of those links are still active. But certainly, download the discographies of current Mosaic sets for future reference.
  6. Your music cataloging "system"

    I keep everything in iTunes (MacOS version). I've ripped all of my CDs, have all my downloads there, and have ripped my LPs to there. I've accommodated iTunes's idiosyncrasies, such as alphabetizing artists by first name. I also understand its limitations: when I dealt with physical LPs and CDs I used to file a particular artist's albums chronologically, now it's alphabetically by album title. I can live with that. When I really want to sort chronologically, I put the recording date first in the album title field. Example: I wanted to sort all of Coltrane's live dates chronologically, so the Pablo box "Live Trane - The European Tours" is now 11 different albums, with titles such as "1961/11/23: Stockholm, Set #1 (Live Trane)," "1961/11/23: Stockholm, Set #2 (Live Trane)," "1962/02/09: Birdland, NYC (Live Trane)," etc. Discographical data mostly goes in the "comments" field: musicians, instruments, recording date, and anything else that might be relevant, such as provenance ("Ripped from LP," "D/L from eMusic," etc.). This approach becomes problematic if there are too many musicians, such as in a big band. In those cases, I enter the data in the "Lyrics" tab, which must be entered per song, not per album. I download album art from Discogs, Amazon, or other sites...I just do a web search. I long ago admitted to myself that I rarely read liner notes more than once, and almost never read box set booklets, so I forego those. If necessary, most albums have a Wikipedia page, which will tell me what I need to know. With a Mosaic box or similar, I generally separate the tracks by their original albums, and replace the Mosaic album name with the original album names. I rip using Apple Lossless, just to prepare against future obsolescence. I have a wireless music system throughout my house, using Airport Expresses and Apple TVs with various powered speakers or mini systems. It's all controlled through my iMac, with an external hard drive holding my music files. I can use the Remote app on my iPhone to direct music throughout the house: turn nodes on or off, control volume, etc. I also have an Airport Express connected to a DAC on my main stereo, and listening to Apple Lossless files is identical to listening to a CD. I automatically back up every night to a second EHD using Super Duper software. Once a month, I back up to a portable EHD, which I keep in a separate room. Twice a year, I back up to a different portable EHD, which I keep in a remote location. About a month ago, my main EHD began to fail. I moved all the music files to a new EHD. This is actually not an easy thing to do: it must be done in a particular way, in a particular order, or you can lose a lot of the data you've entered into iTunes. If you have a sizable collection, it can also take you the better part of a day to complete. So it is hair-raising, and not something I enjoy doing, but at the end of the day the tracks were moved successfully.
  7. COVID 19 Poll

    SARS happened 18 years ago; we got through it. I barely remember it.
  8. COVID 19 Poll

    We're getting through this relatively easily. Wife is telecommuting from home, son starts remote schooling next week. We had enough toilet paper - I tend to keep the pantry well-stocked, and we buy from Costco, so even before this hit we had plenty of TP. Feel very fortunate to live in Houston; it's not hitting here very hard, probably due to the warmer climate, our non-reliance on public transportation, and our generally not having the frenzied international business class living and working here. I know, I know, you never know, but still, the statistics show we're relatively OK. I have relatives and friends in the NYC area who are terrified. I feel for them. In terms of the general situation and what the future might hold, I found this a fascinating read: https://www.haaretz.com/amp/israel-news/.premium.MAGAZINE-israeli-expert-trump-is-right-about-covid-19-who-is-wrong-1.8691031?
  9. Cellar Live New Releases

    Release date June 12:
  10. Positone New Releases

    Release date April 3: Release date April 17:
  11. SteepleChase new releases

    Release date April 15: Release date April 17: Release date May 15: Release date June 15:
  12. New DONATE button

    Just donated. I love this place!
  13. Jackie Lomax - Three and Bobby Charles were both recorded at Bearsville Studio, produced or co-produced by Simon, and have that dry sound. https://www.discogs.com/Jackie-Lomax-Three/release/2552038 https://www.discogs.com/Bobby-Charles-Bobby-Charles/release/2563226
  14. I was also thinking of the albums Jackie Lomax - Three and Bobby Charles. On these albums (and on "The Band"), Simon recorded a very dry, flat sound; it's his sound signature. Not at all rock & roll, btw, which needs to be punchier (imho). It might have been due to Bearsville Studios (hear the album Hungry Chuck), but I also think it was Simon.