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  1. Just noticed that this album is getting a re-release in Japan on May 22: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/CDSOL-46302
  2. On Japanese reissues, there seems to be a different serial # on the spine and on the disc itself. Which is "correct" in referring to the copy I own? Example: Tubby Hayes - Down In The Village. On the spine of the CD jewel case of the copy I recently received from CDJapan, it says UCCU-9777. At the bottom of the disc itself, it says UCCU-90383. Which is the # that most people use to refer to their copy?
  3. Billy Harper

    Any thoughts on the two Malachi Thompson albums on Delmark?
  4. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    I ordered the Ed Blackwell, Art Farmer, Chico Hamilton, Mal Waldron and Kenny Wheeler. Looking forward to some great music. Fantastic pricing.
  5. Release date May 17:
  6. Sexiest album covers

  7. Hank Mobley Live.

    Where did you find it? What's the track listing?
  8. Just got an email from Da Camera (Houston), announcing their 2019/2020 season. John Scofield Quartet on Friday, October 9! Also, "Blue Note Records 80th Birthday Celebration" (whatever that is) on Saturday, November 2, and Vijay Iyer Sextet on Saturday, February 29.
  9. So sad. I've been going through the earliest Mosaic boxes I bought. Curtis Fuller, Sam Rivers, Thad Jones...all 3 disc boxes, sold at a reasonable price point. There was no way I was going to jump into Mosaic buying/collecting with 7 or 8 disc boxes, as I could not afford it back then. I think they're missing the boat with concentrating on large boxes, as they're ignoring the large universe of potential buyers who could become long-time customers.
  10. Sexiest album covers

    Bentsy! Welcome back.
  11. Forum Secure?

    Speaking of... What’s the status of migrating to updated forum software?
  12. Forum Secure?

    It's an Apple thing. There was a change with the latest operating system update. See: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208672 I have no idea whether this is something the forum's web administrator needs to address.
  13. A lot of great titles there. I'm interested in the following, and would appreciate opinions: Cliff Jordan, Sonny Red - Out Of The Blue, The 3 Sounds - Vibrations, Donald Byrd - Blackjack, McCoy Tyner - Tender Moments, Sheila Jordan - Portrait of Sheila.
  14. "Gone" from Miles Davis and Gil Evans Porgy and Bess

    There was an interesting discussion about this in the liner notes (by William Ruhlmann) to "The Complete Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong On Verve": "By 1957, interest in Porgy and Bess was increasing, in part because the nascent civil rights movement made an opera about African-Americans more attractive, and in part because movie producer Samuel Goldwyn, in May of that year, had obtained the film rights to it from Ira Gershwin, beating out dozens of others. "Granz denies that he intended any tie-in with the upcoming film, and it is true that Goldwyn was just embarking on what turned out to be a two-year effort to make his film when Fitzgerald and Armstrong went in the studio. It is also true, however, that their finished album was held back from release until April 1959, two months prior to the opening of the film, at which time it found itself competing against at least ten other newly released versions, several of them jazz renditions."