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  1. The ITC Logo - Edwin Astley

    I remember that, even though I only saw it on our black & white TV. But yeah, stern voice, blaring brass...it sounds more like a warning than an invitation.
  2. Doug Hammond

    Congrats on the book...I'm looking forward to reading it! Will there be an accompanying CD?
  3. The ITC Logo - Edwin Astley

    This always scared me. It felt very foreign (and the cheap, ominous animation, and the white flakes and film wear that were often on the visuals didn't help). I'm still not a fan of kettle drums and blaring brass in music, in general.
  4. John Coltrane Prestige Box Set

    Craft is a Concord imprint. See: https://craftrecordings.com/about-us/
  5. Happy birthday Michael Weiss

    Happy birthday!
  6. Ornette Coleman, New Vocabulary

  7. TTK's Parents in 1960 Rambler Jingle

    Very hip!
  8. Jacqueline Steiner, RIP

    Interesting...the same year BN went full-on into modern jazz. And didn't they go into hibernation in 1946? The "official" explanation is that Lion wanted to fully understand the changes going on in the jazz world, but there may have also been a change in the business side. Maybe something like: Lion wanted to go fully modern, Margulis was a moldy fig, they didn't agree, Margulis wanted to get out, it took some time for Lion to get the funding to buy out Margulis.
  9. Ornette Coleman, New Vocabulary

    So, with time, has it held up - is it good music?
  10. Tomi Ungerer (1931 - 2019)

    RIP. Great, great illustrator.
  11. Fats Waller JSP Vol. 6

    Larry, I wonder if you've heard volume 5. I've started listening to disc 2, and it continues to confirm my earlier impressions: sound levels are low and transfers sound dull. Listening now to "Love, I'd Give My Life For You," and it sounds sad compared to the two versions currently on YouTube. Would love to hear some of these transfers done by Off The Record, or even straight from 78 to CD.
  12. Polish Radio Jazz Archives - Reissue Series

    Just noticed this series on eMusic. While CDs are expensive on Amazon, d/l's are pretty cheap on eMusic. Here's a list: https://www.emusic.com/search/polish radio jazz archives/albums Some titles are intriguing (I haven't heard any). Johnny Griffin/Kenny Drew Quartet doing a 20-minute version of Now's The Time?