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  1. Cootie Williams in Hi-Fi

    Amazon has a few used copies @ $5.00 or less: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00001U060/ref=tmm_acd_used_olp_sr?ie=UTF8&condition=used&qid=&sr=
  2. He had two different compositions named "#3"? How unimaginative.
  3. Milcho Leviev (1937 - 2019)

    Great work on Art Pepper's Blues for the Fisherman date. RIP. https://www.jazzwax.com/2011/06/art-pepper-blues-for-the-fisherman.html
  4. Happy Birthday, Junior Mance!

    Happy happy birthday!
  5. Frank Zappa

    Release date December 20: https://www.zappa.com/news/frank-zappas-legendary-1969-album-hot-rats-celebrated-massive-50th-anniversary-six-disc?fbclid=IwAR2FJgKQGbQ0LX8j9b9TDNxd6fkrWdCEQIdKTmOICD30XL9a8WZjGCthqr4
  6. Thanks for the responses. I'm gratified that you're enjoying it.
  7. Well, Delta is LaserLight, so you may be right.
  8. This is showing on Amazon with a release date of October 11; seems to cover the same time period as Treasure Chest (but different tracks): https://www.amazon.com/Benny-Goodman-Orchestra-Trio-Quartet/dp/B07TQYRW3Y/ref=sr_1_141?fst=as%3Aoff&qid=1570557299&refinements=p_n_date%3A1249114011&rnid=1249111011&s=music&sr=1-141
  9. Henry Kaiser - More Requia

    Release date October 18: Inspired by John Fahey s 1967 Requia and Other Compositions for Guitar Solo album on Vanguard, Henry Kaiser recorded Requia and Other Improvisations for Guitar Solo back in 2013 for the Tzadik Label. Having lost several friends and heroes in the past few years, Henry s mind turned again to Guitar Requia. This Time he invited some friends and Heroes (Nine living, one dead) to join him for the recordings. Composed/improvised by the performers except the lyrics from Robert Hunter s What's Become of the Baby . Performers joining Henry are Derek Bailey, Andrea Centazzo, Greg Goodman, Michael Manring, Rakalam Bob Moses, Giino Robair, Alann Senauke, Damon Smith, Wadada Leo Smith and Andy West.
  10. Release date November 15: Six years in the making, Is that So? is one of John McLaughlin's deepest and most profound musical collaborations with prolific Indian composer and vocalist Shankar Mahadevan. Joining the duo is their life-long friend and musical brother Ustad Zakir Hussain on the tabla, who has been collaborating with John since they founded Shakti in the early '70s, acknowledged by most to be the first groundbreaking crossover East-West musical group. 'The idea for this album appeared in my mind early 2013. Shankar and I had been touring with Shakti and I was constantly inspired by his superb voice and gigantic talent. Even though I had studied the theory and practice of Indian music for years, I remain a 'Western' musician and one aspect of Western music is the magic of harmony', says John. 'From the outset in the early 1970's, I constantly researched the possibilities of integrating harmony into the traditions of North and South India while at the same time keeping as close as possible to the melodic rules of the Raga system. However, the idea I mention above, was to abandon the rules of the Raga system completely and apply my own western harmonic liberty to the amazing voice of Shankar Mahadevan. ''Before concerts, John and I used to dabble with free improvisations using Indian scales (Ragas) and different harmonies backing them', says Shankar Mahadevan. 'The whole texture, color, feeling and the canvas of the music excited us as harmonic content does not exist in Indian classical music. In the beginning it was just a fun experiment, but it soon became larger than life and we knew we had to record it. When Zakir Hussain, the great tabla Maestro himself agreed to play in the improvisational sections we knew this would take our recording to a new level. We could not have asked for more. Is that So? is a a new concept in the meeting of musicians, singers, percussionists and the musical cultures of the East and West and takes us into unexplored musical horizons.
  11. Sam Lazar - Organ Grooves

    Release date October 18: It seems that Sam Lazar only made three LPs during his musical career and all of them were for Chicago's Chess family of labels and released on their now largely forgotten but hugely important jazz imprint Argo Records. On this new CD from Jasmine opens with Sam Lazar's recording debut "Space Flight Parts 1 and 2" and includes the first two LPs Space Flight and Playback. The Space Flight single that opens this set is a totally different version to the one that appears on track 8 and features the great jazz guitarist Grant Green who is possibly making his recording debut on this track. It is also worth noting that Track 11 "Big Willie" is a rerecording of Space Flight Part 2 and renamed in honour of Willie Dixon who recorded bass for the session. Lazar is certainly an early pioneer of the soul/blues drenched genre of organ players and his albums are highly collectable amongst Hammond B3 collectors. https://www.amazon.com/Organ-Grooves-Complete-Albums-Tracks/dp/B07XW8DX5W/ref=sr_1_12?fst=as%3Aoff&qid=1570408560&refinements=p_n_date%3A1249114011&rnid=1249111011&s=music&sr=1-12
  12. Does anyone have a discography of the Omnivore release that I can compare to "The Complete Galaxy Recordings" box? I'm pretty sure it's all on the Galaxy box, but want to make sure.