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  1. Mozart Symphonies Box Set

    I got this a few years ago on sale; I think it was $1.00 to download the whole thing. Now it's $8.99: Of course, the download had no liner notes. I found this Wikipedia page to be helpful; it also lists which symphonies are "spurious": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_symphonies_by_Wolfgang_Amadeus_Mozart
  2. Osie Johnson was a very intelligent drummer. If he's on a date, I know it's going to be a cut above.
  3. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    If your router is a few years old, ask your internet provider to replace it. Comcast swapped mine out at no charge. Made a world of difference regarding dropouts.
  4. There's a great story about Roger Moore that's now circulating on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrKenShabby/status/867036448037511169/photo/1
  5. Cuscuna & T-Rex

    I remember Cuscuna from WABC-FM, when it was really free-form. One day, I came home from school to hear him playing Coltrane's My Favorite Things (the version from Newport). I liked it; in its energy, it reminded me of Cream. Cuscuna's had an interesting, varied career. I picked this up recently (the Collectibles version) to find it was produced by him.
  6. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    Probably not, and it would be harder to achieve. But a lot of the fun is in the doing.
  7. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    Not sure what else you're looking for ("enhancements").
  8. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    None are dumb questions; I learned a lot just by reading up on it, spurred by the initial mention here. The Raspberry Pi was designed specifically to be affordable and a learning tool for students. I think the initial assumption was that you probably have a spare monitor, mouse and keyboard lying around, so all you need is the Pi itself. If you don't, you can go to Amazon and buy a combined keyboard/trackpad ($12) and a monitor ($60). I think a lot of different monitors would work, though, including a flat-screen TV. A good place to begin your learning curve is the Raspberry Pi site: https://www.raspberrypi.org Thank u. He's almost 14 now, so I think we're now past the "throwing things when I'm ticked off" phase. Also, I don't know how many more things we can do like this together, before he gets interested in gurls.
  9. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    The Raspberry Pi IS a computer, but is a lot cheaper than a PC or Mac. It doesn't come with a DAC, so Stefan added one. Note that it may be of better quality than the DACs that come with PCs. Also, Stefan may have wanted to use a dedicated device for his music, rather than tethering his PC to his stereo every time he wants to listen to music, especially if his amp is in an awkward place. I'm getting around those issues by creating an AirPort network for my house. Note, though, that each set of speakers needs an AirPort receiver; that's why I was enquiring above whether a Pi can be adapted to work as an AirPort receiver. It looks like it can, with a little work. I've just ordered an Pi for my son and I to assemble over his summer break. I think it will be good for him to follow the directions, see what doesn't work, get frustrated, consult the documentation and web sites, and get it right. After that, he may want to tailor it to fit any particular projects he may envision.
  10. Drummer Mickey Roker 9/3/32-5/22/2017 - RIP

    Very, very sad to hear this. He was Milt Jackson's choice to replace Connie Kay in the MJQ. Very soulful musician, and powered so many Pablo dates. RIP.
  11. Shirley Scott questions

    Listen for yourself:
  12. Happy Birthday Chuck Nessa!

    Happy birthday!
  13. It was mentioned in the liner notes to some Bird release (I can't locate it now) that Bird had some superstitious reason why he didn't want his solos to go on too long - 3 choruses were tops.