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  1. Left Bank releases upcoming

    It looks like this would be 3/24/68: 1968.03.24 LBJS, Famous Ballroom, Baltimore, MD Holmes, Groove Groove Holmes trio, guest Mickey Fields If it is, you now know the personnel.
  2. Fascinating stuff. I notice this: 4/3/66 Pepper Adams, Carlos Ward, Morris Goldberg, Abdullah Ibrahim, Donald Moore, Mel Lewis I had no idea Carlos Ward was around in 1966. I guess this is where he and Ibrahim started working together.
  3. Miles Davis - “Whatever” (Sorta Blue)

    I've never been able to follow "Blue in Green;" it's always sounded pretty formless to me. I guess there's a tune lurking in there somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/Calendar-Vintage-Photos-Posters-Magazine/dp/B07ZSDJ41L/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=JOHN+ZORN+calendar&qid=1602627868&sr=8-1
  5. How High The Moon from 11/12/56 appears on disc 12 of this:
  6. BFT Tracking - Originals vs Standards

    It's a tune that everyone knows. That's why, in the context of this thread, it's not an "original."
  7. BFT Tracking - Originals vs Standards

    My goal in doing a BFT is to share some music that I like. Surprising and hopefully interesting, but it always starts with something that I like. Since I tend to like standards and melodicism, that's largely what you'll encounter in my BFT. It's a different experience for the BFT listener, since they're going into it cold. It's very possible they'll have a different reaction than if they knew the album and/or artist, because they lack a preconception or frame of reference. Heck, I sometimes have a different reaction from one listening to the next. I do find too many originals to be tiring and somewhat boring. In my current BFT, track 7 is someone doing Herbie Mann's "Comin' Home Baby." I imagine that if I were listening to the BFT cold, my ears would perk up, as in "Hey! I know that song!"
  8. Sonny Clark Trio Session on Blue Note

    My Cuscuna/Ruppli is the 2001 edition. It lists the recording date as October 13, 1957, and states: "Note: CD incorrectly states the recording date as November 13, 1957."
  9. BFT 198 Reveal

    I like the way you've arranged the album covers in your reveal.
  10. BFT 199 - Link & Discussion

    It's pretty enjoyable. Give it a shot!
  11. Good morning, everyone! It's a new month and a new BFT! Wish I had Ernie "Bubbles" Whitman to introduce, but I guess I'll have to do. Due to Thom Keith's magic, you may now peruse it at: http://thomkeith.net/index.php/blindfold-tests/ 16 tracks, about 75 minutes. I hope you enjoy.
  12. I just compared the box version to the original CD of Dippin'. On the original, it sounds like there's one bass note before the piano; on the box, it sounds like two of the same bass note before the piano, but it doesn't sound unnatural - it sounds like the bassist played two notes (as if the original cut off the first one). Will be curious to hear what others think.
  13. African Music

    Where is The Magnificent Goldberg now that we need him?