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  1. Yet one more of life's pleasures denied by authorities.
  2. About the above, my cab driver from Lagos would say, "That is the REEL SHEET!"
  3. As currently listed for 2023: "Joey DeFrancesco is Ready to Sail on the Jazz Cruise '23." I believe that ship has sailed.
  4. Also dig this Eddie 'Hendo' Harris' bossa album on VeeJay w/ Lalo on keys and arranging, plus Jimmy Raney!
  5. After Hurricane Ian, nearly EVERYONE below Tampa was having a yard sale.
  6. Dig on Cuba Gooding Jr. gettin' down with the Main Ingredient on this Willie Hutch tune: Err, uhh, let me identify the above singer as Cuba Gooding, SENIOR.
  7. Already learnt -- having got the two J's with Jamie on ABC Paramount and the two more on Columbia. To me, Jamie's voice doesn't have the honey-dripping, buttery quality of Anita or Bonnie. YMMV.
  8. In 1965, the newly divorced Anita Kerr moved from Nashville to L.A. and recorded an LP with Marty Paich arranging. Here, Kerr's lead vocal suggests Bonnie Herman and the Singers Unlimited, who followed in 1972.
  9. In '86, I was given front row tix for a comic "you just gotta see". When I realized Tenuta's act included frequent 'razzing' nearby audience members, I bailed out before showtime.
  10. Similar reaction here. Found a $3 copy at an antique market booth and expected so much more given the supporting cast. The music is standard organ fare you'd expect on early 70's Prestige. (Flipped it for $35 at the next record show.)
  11. Albhy Galuten majored in composition and arranging, Berklee '68 https://www.berklee.edu/berklee-today/summer-2002/On-the-Watchtower
  12. Berklee arranging grad Albhy Galuten made up the groove for three (above) Bee Gees tracks. "In 1977, RSO needed four Bee Gees songs for the 'Saturday Night Fever' soundtrack, so I took a drum loop from 'Night Fever' (a single bar that felt really good) and ended up using it on 'Staying Alive' and 'More Than a Woman'." from http://www.berklee.edu/bt/141/coverstory.htm/
  13. Elvin Jones - 'Puttin' it Together', bought in the fall of '68 while a sophomore in high school with money from lawn mowing. My biology teacher, Bill MacEneaney, had started a jazz club' in South Kingstown, RI and played it at one of the meetings.
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