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  1. 50 Years Ago

    Don't know if I watched it every day, but I liked it a lot. And I have a Marcos Valle album (Brazilian) which was done (at the beginning of the 70s) I don't know if inspired by it or as an original soundtrack to some episodes. It's very good, and it has that crazy Far-Near things plus very Sesame Street music.
  2. Pharaoh Sanders live in Paris (1975) ORTF source

    And me too.
  3. Very good combination of both hands from Nichols. And with Art Blakey and Max Roach.
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I mean the compilation with this album and other early ones. A Conn I think. Prime Kenny Burrell here. And Tommy Flanagan too.
  5. Cassette tape production revival?

    I remember I put together a whole series of comps on cassette in the 80s. Some of which I still have (only a handful), like one called Welcome to the 70s, made in the 80s, long before the 70s revival that came in the 90s. What now would be called mixtapes, to hear on the beach or on any other excursions with my friends or by myself. I also multitracked songs on my father's Revox A77 machine when I was just 14 years old in the 70s. He would have killed us kids had he found out. It was forbidden to us kids to fiddle around with his equipment. Because he had bought it expensively in Germany and smuggled it in past customs. You have to consider that that was a different time from the present free circulation UE. With maybe 100% customs fees. And cars and all baggage were searched exhaustively.
  6. Yeah, I listened to it again last night: Mexican Green, Grits and Tubbs. I even like the Orchestra album that precedes Grits, with its two respective Lennon-McCartney and Bacharach songs, which is basically a pop song versions album.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Perfect pairing of Rollins with Jim Hall, who is both astonishing at single notes and chords, or best, a mixture of both.
  8. I'm also deep into the Fontana set and decided to look for that book. I have ordered it now. And I also have We called it music, which I will read soon.
  9. Tommy's Jazz Mailing List

    I have ordered twice from you and was both times highly satisfied. Once I discovered a live performance from the Jack Wilson quartet, with Roy Ayers, which I'm still enjoying a lot. Could you please add me to your mailing list? Thanks.
  10. Yes, though nearly all of this is new to me, I must admit that what I really like more is Mexican Green, the only album I had before, plus Grits, which is in a similar vein. Plus the Simon Spillett booklet is also great, and it's a very good idea to present it all in Mini LP format. The Mini LPs are not as sophisticated as the Japanese, but it's true they also display the spine. Something (I think) the Japanese don't. And for the sound: it's very good (I'll have to get rid of my Impressed-Repressed copy of Mexican Green. Though I have to say Gilles Peterson made a very good choice there). And I agree that Tubbs in N.Y. is a great album.
  11. But I paid 60€ on friday for it at a physical store. So how can uDiscover charge 90$ for it? Is that including shipping? Then I understand it a little more. Though it still is quite expensive shipping. But that's what shipping is going to at this moment. If it's going on like that I'll end ordering on the net. I doubted for a minute if switching to uDiscover for having it before, but I seem to have done the right thing. Plus I have a good relationship to the sales manager in that store and I have email exchange with her.