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  1. BIG John Patton Is Da Shit

    I was wondering that myself. Do they record the sound live from the speaker, or do they hook up the organ directly to the recording board, or what? Also, has RVG used the same organ since he went to Hackensac? or is there a different one from the early days? Inquiring minds want to know!
  2. One of my favorties off the cd has become Pre Dawn Rain, just dig the whole feel and the small but important touches. The way it starts with just Joe Glass and Randy Marsh, and it's a great touch that Randy stays with the brushes until Jim Alfredson comes in. Then Joe & Jim have some very nice unision parts behind Ron Blake's solo. It's a great tune that keeps growing on me. I can't think of too many other acoustic / organ numbers -- in fact, I really can't think of one now.
  3. October Listening

    Finally was able to land the Mosaic lp set: Complete February 1957 Jimmy Smith Blue Note Sessions Had the cd version but hated the sound, the lps here sound fantastic.
  4. The best guitarist with organ.

    Thanks for the heads-up on Melvin Rhyne, I didn't realize he was still going strong. Learn something new everyday.
  5. Sunday Morning Music

    Chuck Cecil's radio program The Swinging Years. It's a great way to ease into a Sunday.
  6. Red Holloway: Coast to Coast

    I've never heard a bad rendition of "Go Red Go", it just kicks ass each and every time. Thanks Arnett Cobb! B)
  7. Grant Green's "Easy."

    Man, you guys a full-of-it! Dusty Groove Records has this to say about Easy: Grant Green's last session as a leader -- and although the tracks are a bit slicker than earlier work, the album's still pretty darn nice! The tunes are long in a CTI-type funky jazz mode, with arrangements by Mario Sprouse, and a nice little Latin feel to some of the best numbers! You see, the Dusty Groove reviewer call it "Darn Nice", what more do you want.
  8. Tiger Tiger

    "Freaking out". "Like, Oh my God" Since when does everyone talk like thirteen year old girls in Vegas?
  9. Red Holloway: Coast to Coast

    That MONSTER of a cd was called: Keep That Groove Going, and, boy, did they ever! "Go Red Go" is something that you have to hear to believe -- it will blast you out of your chair completely! Yeah, I kind of like it.
  10. Benny Goodman´s 1938 Carnegie Hall concert

    Same question here. I know he royally botched the SUCH SWEET THUNDER reissue, but what about Newport? If I remember from the discussion on Blue Note Board, several members of the boad challenged Schapps' version of history. In fact, he was accussed of making the facts fit in such a way that he comes out to be the hero, which some found unethical. Which facts? you might ask. I remember two main questions. 1. His version of how he found this magical tape of the complete performance. 2. His statement that there was friction between band members that night. Hope I got these right.
  11. Upcoming RVG's for 2004

    ************************************** Sorry DrJ. I decided to deleate my smartass response since it doesn't add anything good to the topic. Wasn't in a good mood, just spent $31.00 ordering a JRVG of "Midnight Special" because it's not on the list.
  12. Upcoming RVG's for 2004

    Can't say that I'm too excited about the two Jimmy Smith RVGs. Both of them are very average dates to my mind. Better choices would have been The Incredible Jimmy Smith at Club Baby Grand and make that a two-fer, though the TOCJs sounds mighty fine. Even something like Lonesome Road could have been an interesting RVG. Those, along with the usual suspects, Midnight Special, Back at the Chicken Shack, & Crazy! Baby. I just get tired of spending so much on JRVGs to get decent sounding Smith cds.
  13. Its down by Los Angeles, out by the San Bernardino Hwy (i10), going East out of LA County. Looking at the pictures I am not suprised that this kind of place exists over there. I think I've been there. First the recall, and this.... I refuse to believe that a place like this exists in Los Angeles County. It has to be Covina, TX. Maybe it is time to leave California after all.
  14. October Listening

    Heavy into the organ jazz stuff right now: Lonnie Smith: Live at the Club Mozambique Willis Jackson: Bar Wars Red Holloway with the Brother Jack McDuff Quartet: Cookin' Together. Don Patterson with Booker Ervin: Hip Cake Walk Freddie Roach: The Soul Book John Patton: Oh Baby! (JRVG on sale for $11.00)
  15. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    Who? What? Where? Cut no. 2, off of Big John Patton's Let 'Em Roll. I must play that cut ten times whenever I hear it. It's just so cool and bad and hip and inventive and fun.
  16. I bought my copy a couple of months ago, and I just want to let you guys know that I still play this thing all the time. In fact, here it is, 6:08a.m, and it's playing as I type. Just a great cd that I've enjoyed hours on end. Thanks again guys for a great job. PS: Looking back at this thread, I joined March 8, and I ordered the cd on March 9! You guys had me hooked from day 2
  17. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    Been stuck in my office, typing on my computer all day. The good side of that is I'm catching up on my dose of greazy stuff, and I will now make this solemn statement: "LATONA" IS THE COOLEST & HIPPEST THING EVER WRITTEN! Thank you. B)
  18. BIG John Patton Is Da Shit

    I'm starting to think it might be better to start hitting the used record stores, searching for the TOJC's people dumped to get this set. And, for what it's worth, Mosaic should have done a fullblown treatment of Patton. Heck, if the Four Freshmen get one, why not Big John, for heaven's sake.
  19. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    I really like this idea, would anyone be interested in this? Or is the current AOTW enough?
  20. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    Having a great afternoon so far. I've read this whole thread from start to finish -- at the same time, I'm downloading all my Jimmy Smith to my hard drive so I don't have to lug cds to my office all the time, AND, and the while, listening to Cool Blues & Back at the Chicken Shack. Life is good sometimes. B)
  21. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    I just saw a new copy today, that's what inspired me to give it a spin.
  22. Rolling Stones remastered lps?

    Thanks Sundog, but I can't seem to get detailed information about if it's a digital or analog remaster, which, to me, makes all the difference in the world.
  23. The best guitarist with organ.

    I'm surprised that Martino isn't getting any love. I started this poll because I've been listening to my Jimmy Smith cd's a lot the past week. The truth of the matter is that I'm not sure if Burrell is the best right now. Listening to his playing, he doesn't produce the kind of fire that the others do. So, I'm in a quandry on how highly to rate him. Guess I have to keep listening some more.
  24. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    Revisited an old favorite of mine that never gets talked about too much -- Jimmy Smith's Six Views of the Blues. Just love the way that Cecil Payne plays that big heavy sounding bari sax. Nice funky, bluesy, and not to mention greazy playing by everyone. If you don't have this one, pick it up! It's a vastly underrated Jimmy Smith cd.
  25. Joe Jackson underwent an interesting transformation. He started out at the tailend of the "New Wave" movement with Look Sharp! and I'm the Man, then in 1984 came out with Body and Soul. The record, I remember, turned everyone's head around. You had the Blue Note style cover, tight arrangements with horns, and interesting songs to boot. So Joe went from: To: