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  1. June Christy

    That's great new GofM, and I'm going to be looking forward to the interview. Hope Anita is still "with it" mentally, as was mentioned before, she did put a lot of interesting substances in her body over the years. Even with that though, O'Day is a survivor and it should be a great interview (keeping my fingers crossed!).
  2. Just to answer my own question... I did get the Mosaic "Plugged Nickel" and it sounds better than I ever imagined, way better than the cd version. Miles' trumpet sounds so much cleaner and alive, on the cd, it sounded "pinched" to my ears. Guy did come down to $180, and it's one of my best buys ever. If you ever get a chance to get the Mosaic version of "Plugged Nickel" -- do it!
  3. Good turntable for $1000.00

    I have a very basic setup: NAD 320 CEE intergrated amp, with a NAD PP1 Phono amp, and Dynaudio Audience 52 speaker. Basic, but I'm happy with the sound I'm getting. I will upgrade the phono-amp also. Any recommendations?
  4. Some more vinyl questions!

    Speaking of OJC, I noticed that Acoustic Sounds is releasing 180 gm. lp's of the OJC catalog. Has anyone bought one of these? and how do they sound? I'm in the process of converting my Miles Davis to lp's and this sounds like a good route for the OJC stuff.
  5. Revenant is planning big Albert Ayler box

    I'm in a major Albert Ayler binge right now, anyone have an update on this boxset, like a release date, etc.?? PS: Is the Albert Ayler tree an easy group to do a B&P with? I've never tried one before.
  6. Good turntable for $1000.00

    Yep! No muss no fuss. A great little turntable for the money. That is what I'm really looking for, a no fuss turntable. I'm not the most audiophile kind of guy, can't ever figure out the workings of electronic dodads, so a tt that I can just set right and leave alone is for me. Shrugs: Dumb question: What's a phone stage?
  7. member: Chicken Shack

    Hmmm.... Isn't b3-er from "back East"? It's all adding up now. Start a big flack, more people looking at the site.... I guess living in East Lansing qualifies as being somewhere "back East." Hey, for me, anything past Barstow is "back East"!
  8. member: Chicken Shack

    Hmmm.... Isn't b3-er from "back East"? It's all adding up now. Start a big flack, more people looking at the site....
  9. Art Ensemble 1967/68 Box

    I thought Tod was the parrot guy Anyway, hope you get better!
  10. Larry Young Mosaic

    Click on the name, and it will give you the posters local time....
  11. Larry Young Mosaic

    Well, that just made it obvious who it was.
  12. And I thought I was special and unique.... *sigh* just one of many.
  13. Jazz you find very spiritual

    The one musician that I find spiritual in an interesting manner is Albert Ayler. From his song titles, to the manner of his playing, which has a "witnessing" type of quality, he seems to make many explicit connections with spirituality. I'm listening to him a lot right now, and I find Live at Slug's Saloon vol. 1 & 2 to be deeply spiritual, having a very "Gospel Choir" approach in the playing. P.S: For a download of Ayler's most famous spiritual moment, THIS LINK will let you download part of his playing at Coltrane's funeral (it's the first one on the top). Be warned -- the sound quality is not very good, if fact, it's crap!
  14. July listening

    Very strange listening so far... Psychedelic Rock: --- Nuggets Vol. 1 --- 13th Floor Elevators: The Psychedelic Sound of the 13th Floor Elevators --- Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow --- The Blue Magoos: Psychedelic Lollipop --- West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: Volume 1 New Thing Jazz Albert Ayler --- Spiritual Unity --- New York Eye and Ear --- Nuits de la Foundation Maeght 1970 vol. 1 & 2 --- Live in Greenwich Village: The Complete Recordings Archie Shepp: Four for Trane The West Coast Pop is a great record! And Ayler is just someone whose playing is so special and unique -- words cannot describe the beauty of his art.
  15. I'm trying to get the guy to go down on the price, to $180 at least. It still unopened, in the shipping box from Mosaic. Don't ask me why...
  16. June Christy

    I went on a major June Christy lp buying spree about six months ago, and I love everything she did. Great voice, clear as a bell, and wonderful taste in her song selection. Especially great to play in hot weather. In my book, one of the greats.
  17. June Christy

    Even more.... And, finally, J Lo, eat your heart out.....
  18. June Christy

    more photos
  19. I have a chance to get the Mosaic lp set of The Complete Plugged Nickel; is it worth getting over the cd version? Feedback greatly appreciated before I spend the $250 , to buy it.
  20. Ebay craziness

    It was, if fact, the "buy it now" price was about $20.00, which I picked up right away.
  21. Oh, Lord! It looks like another job for "Internet Cop". is a great site to buy from, so enjoy it.
  22. ***WARNE MARSH ZONE***

    Well, this board has just "Jumped the Shark!"
  23. Nominations for future "albums of the week"

    My suggestion would be this: Instead of an "Album of the Week", have The Album of the Month. This would allow for more detailed listening and comments, as well as giving people a chance to buy the cd if it's not already in their collection (only about half the AOTW's have been in mine). There is also the fact that sometimes people are not able to listen a cd until the weekend.
  24. Parker Lewis Can't Loose It appeared on Fox for about three seasons, and, don't ask me why, but I really enjoyed the show. Sometimes stupid is fun. B)
  25. Rock On...

    Like a couple of others on this thread, I'm just starting to listen to rock again afters years of ignoring it. It all began when I started listening to Led Zeppelin again, and realizing just how good they were. Just put any of their records on, and you get 45 minutes on good, primo, rock 'n roll. I'm starting to even buy the Classic Record lp's of the Zepp that are out. Love is always good for a trippy flashback, along with the Byrds. I still can't get into the Beatles, they just don't click for me, much rather listen to the Ramones anyday of the week. The Grateful Dead have been in my car cd player a lot, it's great music when you get stuck on the L.A. freeways. I just on a streak where jazz seems kinda "blah" right now, so I'm taking a little break from it, playing only about two jazz cd's a week for the past month or so.