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  1. Viva Prog Rock

    Reading this thread has caused me to go out and start to listen to some Prog music. I've been listening to Genesis and Peter Gaberiel right now, and it's been a great experience. When these records first came out, I, in my smug Rock mind dismissed them out of hand. Now, I see how wrong I was. Genesis (when PG was with them) turns out to be an incredibly interesting group. My favorites are Selling England by the Pound and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. I must admit, when I first listened to LLDOB, I found it unlistenable! but after a few trys, I've become hooked on this music. Very inventive and Gaberiel has a unique voice. An earlier poster said that Gabriel doesn't really sing, but has a great voice, and I would agree with that assesment. Gabriel's solo work has also been a great discovery, it has an interesting, dark, musical feeling to it. On top of the music, he writes great songs. My next venture will be these new Yes cd's that have just come out. It should be interesting because outside of the standard Yes songs that I've heard on the radio growing up, I have no idea what to expect. PS: I want to thank all who wrote in this thread for their interesting comments
  2. Artie Shaw

    High up on my list of all-time favorites. When I finally got a turntable, my first buys were The Complete Artie Shaw Bluebirds lp's, and I've been playing them ever since. Just an exciting and soulfull musician. My he live many more years!
  3. I just got these two JRVG's today, and I must say that RVG did a fantastic job on the two sessions. Great mono mix, everything meshes well together, and outstanding detail. It does not sound "hot" to my ears at all. The music is, of course, remarkable. So, if you're wondering if it's worth spending $50 bucks on A Date With Jimmy Smith: Vol. 1 & 2, have no fear -- it's worth it. BTW: If I'm not mistaken, I now have the Mosaic Jimmy Smith box on cd's I've bought over the years. A Date with Jimmy Smith, Vol. 1 A Date with Jimmy Smith, Vol. 2 The Sounds of Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith at the Organ, Vol. 1 Jimmy Smith at the Organ, Vol. 2 Am I missing anything?
  4. Mosaic Miles Davis at Blackhawk

    From the Mosaic website: Miles Davis: Complete At The Blackhawk (#220) "Please click the title for more information. The sets have been pressed and are loading on a truck from the pressing plant. We expect to ship the sets from our warehouse September 3rd and 4th. " I can hardly wait.
  5. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    Finally got my hands on a nice and greeezy Lou Donaldson Argo record --Rusty Musty that is funky as all get out. Grant Green is amazing, as always. It has enough grease to fry some chicken on!
  6. Mosaic Miles Davis at Blackhawk

    I have mine on preorder and it hasn't come yet. If the sound quality is anything like the "Plugged Nickel" set, it is going to be great.
  7. Secret Listening Pleasures

    I listen to, and love, Duran Duran -- I just hope my membership to Organissimo Forums is not revoked.
  8. Is This A Good Deal?

    The "Owner Manual" is totally and completely useless! I had both my tables set up at the store I bought them at (I'm not a nuts & bolts guy by any means!). But from watching, I would say the tt would be easy to set up for someone who knows turntables half-way decently. On your second point: Nothing rolled out when they opened the box, but for the MMF 7, the anti-skate thingy wasn't in the box. Luckily, the store had an extra one on hand. Still, all-in-all, I'm incredibly happy about the price and quality of both my Music Hall turntables.
  9. Good turntable for $1000.00

    I want to take a bigtime leap in tt quality, and my budget is about $1,000. I have a MMF 2.1 right now that works great, and I'm thinking of going for the MMF 7.1. Does anyone have that one? and if so, how do you like it? I keep hearing great things about the 7.1. Are there other brands that I should be looking at? Help greatly appreciated.
  10. Good turntable for $1000.00

    I lovingly laid record one of the Mosaic The Complete Miles Davis Quintet at the Plugged Nickel on the table, closed my eyes, and the music sounded like I was there.
  11. Is This A Good Deal?

    I've had great experiences with Music Hall. I've bought first the MMF 2.1 and loved that so much that I saved my money and got the MMF 7.1. In other words, the MMF 5 should be a very good tt that fits your needs. I would recommend a Music Hall turntable to anyone.
  12. Recent pick ups

    I finally pulled the triger and bought the Amos Milburn Mosaic, just to have some different music in my collection. I must admit, I'm enjoying every minute of it. It's fun just to put a lp from the set on and listen at what Milburn is layin' down.
  13. Good turntable for $1000.00

    Well, after much back and forth, I finally went with the MMF 7.1, which I was able to get at a nice price. I'm really enjoying it, much more detail, and a fuller sound. Final item will now be to save money for a tuner. PS: Nice to be back, my dsl line was down for 12 days!
  14. The sadness is not in the music, but it is an entirely personel response to what I'm hearing. JSngry is right, it's great that the music did go on and develop into new forms, and thankfully, Davis did help to take music to new places. Still, music hits each person differently, and that's how PN hits me, and that's what goes through my mind sometimes when I listen.
  15. August listening

    Miles Davis: Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel. For some reason, hearing it now is really hitting me where I live. Don Pullen/George Adams: Song Everlasting. James Newton: African Flower There are some 80's Blue Notes that are stonecold classic, these are two of them.
  16. I've often wanted to call this set "Live at the Plugged Nickel: The Death of Jazz", because, often after I listen to PN, I ask: "Where could jazz go after this?" It just seems as if there is a sumation of the evolution of the small jazz group -- from Louis Armstrong to Parker/Diz to the "First Great Quintet" to what is being laid down at the Plugged Nickel. The form has been reduced to it's bare bones; there is really no unison passages, just the solo order: Davis, Shorter, and then Hancock. It's strange, but one the emotions I often feel after listening to PN is sadness. It's like I'm listening to the end of an era in music, and after this Quintet, nothing could go back to the way is was. It's not too often you get such a clear musical demarcation in a recording, but you have one here.
  17. The 3rd set from 12/23 is my favorite, but then, it all depends what mood I'm in when I answer. I have spent many years listening to these recordings, and everytime I listen, I have a different reaction. It's just hard to put into words this set, how to listen to it, and what it means to me, but when I listen to it -- I hear music differently afterwards.
  18. Went with Plugged Nickel, which continues to be a magical, mysterious, boring, exciting, mystical, infuriating, wonderful, and confounding a set of music as I've ever heard.
  19. Seriously, if you could only have one CD/LP

    Miles Davis: 12/23/65 set 3
  20. I've always wanted Mosaic to take a shot at the Francis Paudra's recordings of Bud Powell, those released and unreleased. I once emailed Cuscuna about this, and his response was both Cecila Powell, and the quality of the music, was holding him back from doing it. He mentioned the Ms. Powell has a lot of unreleased Powell in her possesion. It all might be of iffy quality, but, of course, I find anything by Powell interesting.
  21. Familiar places and faces...

    I live in an area where the streets are constantly being closed for filming the standard "White Middle-class Home Scenes" in movies. "Father of the Bride I & II", "Twleve Days in October", and many more. Kevin Costner was a big hit with the locals, signing autographs, etc. But, it all gets old fast. Kleig lights at 2:00 a.m. is not an enjoyable experience.
  22. The Best Breakfast is

    Then throw back a six-pack and try to get across the Rosecrans' intersection. Can't tell you how many times I've almost be hit by touristas driving through that mess when I went to USD.
  23. American Classical Music

    I feel this urge to begin to listen to American Classical Composers. I've heard of Charles Ives & Arron Copeland, but outside of those two, not anyone else. Where should I begin so I can begin to build up a good music library of American composers?
  24. American Classical Music

    This "American Classics" series by Naxos has been a good place for me to start, plus the price is right. I picked up Howard Hanson, Arron Copeland, and George Whitefield Chadwick. It's interesting to pick up music that I have no idea what it's going to sound like, but the first three have been enjoyable. Looking forward to new adventures in music.
  25. You can get a headache this way also...