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  1. BNBB refugees

    I think he's trying to get France to change their vote to SACD's.
  2. Here's One For Y'all....

    Jailhouse Sugar Bailey. Not too bad, I must be Derek Bailey's brother he never mentions in interviews.
  3. I get what people are saying though about "the power of prayer". I'm always reminded of Primo Levi's experience in WW II, and his reaction to someone praying to God that they won't get "exterminated", the hatred and anger is over powering.
  4. I have volume I of the Complete Nocturne Recordings, and there was a rumor that a vol. II was going to see the light of day. Anyone have any info on a volume II?
  5. I still think the best organ/bigband record is the Gerald Wilson and Richard Holmes record You Better Believe It on Pacific Jazz -- it's also on disk #1 in the Wilson Mosaic. Wilson was able to incorporate Holmes very nicely into that great big band of his, and what cuts! "Blues For Yna Yna", "The Wailer", "Straight Up and Down", just some classy, funky, fun going on. I just think Wilson was able to do a much better job then Oliver Nelson with Jimmy Smith, (and I love Nelson too) getting the organ in the big band mix. So, what are your fav Big Band/Organ records.
  6. Threads you will miss...

    Dude, now you got me -- all this time I thuoght it was Woody Shaw. But WY?
  7. "Big Brother" at AAJ?

    That ain't cool at all for a mod. I can make an ass out of myself on my own.
  8. Just received word that my copy is being shipped today. Can't wait to hear this cd.
  9. Threads you will miss...

    I had bookmarked a great "Pacific Jazz" thread that really helped the past couple of month because I'm focusing on buying PJ lps, and drat! I never saved it in "MSWord" form. Lost for good.
  10. BNBB Closed until May 1

    I'm just down after this whole BNBB experience. There were only two Boards I ever posted on, one was Jim Rome's "The Jungle", mostly in the Baseball Forum, I even used "Bluenote" as my name -- that shut down. Then there was the BNBB -- and now that shut down. Granted, I was not a major league poster, in 3+ years, I posted 788 times, but BNBB really helped me to learn about jazz in my daily visits from people who loved the music. Plus, I'm in an enviornment where there is no other jazz fans I know, so it kept me connected to jazz things. Hopefully this place will grow in the coming months and became a great place to hang out.
  11. BNBB Closed until May 1

    P.S. -- I'll have to retire JuJu for good now.
  12. BNBB Closed until May 1

    I never understood the extreme reaction that Blue Note had last week. I refuse to believe that it had anything to do with Norah Jones, or Politics, or even cdr's. I'm at a loss, maybe I just don't understand the mindset that went into the reaction, I mean, the flamewars on sportsboards are far worse than anything on the BNBB. So, who knows.
  13. Well, Blue Note did the right thing on this, they had so screwed things up they needed just to shut down and start over again. Well, it was truly fun for three years of daily visits, I learned tons about jazz. Too bad Blue Note never realized what they had in the board. Never to be JuJu again.
  14. Damn! You guys are NUTS! Here in L.A., we NEVER get out of our cars to confront someone, 'cause you don't know what's in their glove compartment. Live to drive another day, that's the only way.
  15. Smaller Speakers

    All depends on your price range. I have Dynaudio 52's on my rig, which cost $800.00, and they have a great sound to them. Very good detail. So, in terms of speakers, buy the best you can, and build around them.
  16. All that money might be going into A&R for the "NBFS" (Next Big Female Singer). It will really be a bad sign if we see a lot of vocals coming out on Blue Note later in the year -- not that there's anything wrong with that .
  17. I'm a dummy, how to use avatar

    What would help in your seach (hopefully) is something I finally did (I'm no computer genius either) : 1. Do a Google image search, click the "advanced image search" to the right of the empty box, and when that comes up: 2. In the line that says: Return images that are -- say "small", and that will return you images that are smaller that 100x100. 3. Isolate the image you want, than cut and paste the URL of the isolated image to the avatar box on this board, and viola! Hope this all makes sense.
  18. Now reading...

    Outside of "The Maltese Falcon" I'm not a fan of Hemmett's writing, for some reason it just leaves me flat. Love Cain though, has a great sense of humor. I was deep into detective novels a couple of years ago, and I'm just starting to get the bug again. I think I'll buy the LOA anthology sometime soon.
  19. Now reading...

    Pulp Stories of Raymond Chandler. Vol. 1 Library of America Edition. Great bedtime reading
  20. Add me to the list, I just placed my order today. It'll be interesting to give this a spin. I like the samples from the site.
  21. POLL: New Home for BNBBers...

    I must admit, I really like how this site is laid out, and the vibe seems to be great. Kudos to B-3er for the great job! I'll have to order that cd this week.
  22. Okay, here we go, gang...

    Just saw the new look at AAJ. My comment: I'll be spending my time here.
  23. March Listening

    This weekend: "Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Night at the Vanguard" by Art Pepper. Very good playing by Pepper, and Elvin Jones is great as always.
  24. Stanley T box

    Turrentine just sounds "breathy" to me. You know how some tenors have a deep, solid bottom sound? I do not hear that with Stanley T, it sounds thin. These are just descriptions of something I cannot really put my finger on. I have about 10 recording that Turrentine shows up on, and it's an intriguing sound, and one that makes me listen hard to what he plays, I mean, he's great on the Parlan Mosaic.
  25. How Big is Your Backlog, redux...

    I have about 5 Sun Ra lp's unopened, and about 10 cds from "Sinatra: The Complete Columbia Recordings".