FInal Call for Pre-orders: Turn Me Loose White Man:

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This is going to be a  NEW 31 CD survey of American song, 1900-1960  - with a book -






(it will be done by late spring 2020; I have been a little delayed by cancer treatments, but have written 20,000 words so far; song mastering is completed)

The pre-order price includes the book and shipping, at $125 ($140 to Europe). This will hold until November 1.
After that, and at publication, this will go up to $160 plus shipping - ($185 to Europe)
my paypal is



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6 hours ago, Captain Howdy said:

Ugh, that title is unappealing on so many levels.

Well, it's what you hear being spoken if you play the original acetate of Robert Johnson's "Crossroads" backwards.

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John, not Don, and also nor not Vernon.

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9 hours ago, Captain Howdy said:

Ugh, that title is unappealing on so many levels.

sorry if it offends your sensibilities, but I ran it by a famous African American writer who loved it, calling it "audacious as hell."

And, I have had $10,000 in pre-orders. So I will take my own sense of it above yours. And the quote itself, if I need to explain, is from an early minstrel song, and placed with both intended and unintended irony. Kind of a rhetorical double consciousness (feel free to look that up).

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ok. So I take it you don't want to pre-order?

1 hour ago, Captain Howdy said:

Quelle surprise. But when I said the title was unappealing, that included the subtitle. In fact I have no objection to the main title in isolation. It's the SJW ultra-trendy, dead-horse-flogging concept of cultural appropriation and the smug, elitist, didactic, pedantic, offer to teach me how to do something I've been doing for my whole life that offends my sensibilities. Plus, I'm just really. really tired of race being dragged into every goddamned thing in American culture.

Full disclosure: yes, I am white. No, I did not vote for Trump.


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31 discs, huh?  Such a prime number is gonna set off my OCD!  ;)

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No matter what the title, Allen's projects are all interesting as hell - no: heaven - musically that is. You won't get better cross-referential American music history. And at that price ....

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Any way to see what might be on the discs, please?

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4 hours ago, Adam said:

Any way to see what might be on the discs, please?

here we go:


Vol. 1


1.      Mr. Johnson Turn Me Loose Ben Harney 1891

2.      Every Day’ll Be Sunday Bye and Bye Standard Quartette 1894 or 1895

3.      Down Yonder in the Cornfield  The Diamond Four  1897

4.      Poor Mourner Cousins and Demoss 1897

5.      Eli Green’s Cake Walk  J. Cullen and W. Collins  5/98

6.      Old Black Joe  Thomas Craig  1898

7.      Roll on de Ground  Billy Golden  1899

8.      Climb De Golden Fence Len Spencer  late 1890s

9.      Mr. Johnson Turn Me Loose Silas Leachman  1901

10.    Whoa Dar Mule  Silas Leachman  1901

11.    My Little Zulu Babe Williams and Walker 1901

12.    Creole Bells  Metropolitan Orchestra ca. 1902

13.    Mississippi River Song Tapioca  Cantrell & Williams 10/2/02

14.    Turkey in the Straw  Billy Golden  1902

15.    All C’s Look Alike to Me  Arthur Collins  1902

16.    You Been a Good Old Wagon Len Spencer  1902

17.    Whistling Rufus  Olly Oakley  3/12/03

18.    Cakewalk Anonymous 1903 (NYC)

19.    Nobody Bert Williams 1906

20.    When You Ain’t Got No Money You Needn’t Come Around May Irwin 1907

21.    Chicken Chowder Ossman/Duddley 7/06

22.    Banjo Solo Bill Simons 1908

23.    I Ain’t Had No Lovin’ In A Long Time Bob Roberts 1908 (Europe comp) 

24.    Arkansas Traveler 1908 Len Spencer (

25.    Rise and Shine  Polk Miller and his Old South Quartette  12/09

26.    Old Dog Tray Carroll Clark 1910

27.    Camp Meeting Jubilee Male Quartette 1910 (rock and roll?)

28.    De Devilin’ Tune Stella Mayhew 1911

29.    Some of These Days Sophie Tucker 1911

30.    Battle of San Juan Hill Mike Bernard  2/12/12







Volume 2

1.      Florida rag Van Eps Trio  1912

2.      Trinidad Paseo Lovey’s Trinidad String Band 6/20/12

3.      Grizzly Bear Jack Charman 1912 (wr. Irving Berlin)

4.      Land of Cotton The Hedges Brothers & Jacobson 1913

5.      The Memphis Blues/Mr. Crump  Prince’s Band 7/24/14

6.      Carry Me Back to Old Virginny Alma Gluck  11/10/14

7.      Swing Along Afro-American Folk Song Singers 1914

8.      Good News Tuskegee Institute Singers  8/31/14

9.      Castle House Rag James Europe Society Orch. 2/10/14

10.    Breakin’ the Piano Veen Lawnhurst  1915

11.    Exhortation  The Right Quintette 12/24/15

12.    I Ain’t Got Nobody Marion Harris 1916

13.    Down Home Rag Wilbur Sweatman 12/16

14.    Down Home Rag The Versatile Four  1916 

15.    Fuzzy Wuzzy Rag   W.C. Handy’s Memphis Blues Band  9/21/17

16.    Cute Little Wigglin’ Dance Frisco Jass Band  8/2/17

17.    Some Jazz Blues Memphis Pickaninny Band, 1917

18.    Iris Lionel Belasco’s Orchestra  9/27/18

19.    Dallas Blues Wilbur Sweatman 7/10/18

20.    Sensation Rag Original Dixieland Jazz Band 6/25/18

21.    St. Louis Blues Al Bernard 1919

22.    Go Down Moses Harry Burleigh  1919

23.    River of Jordan Fisk University Jubilee Singers 12/21/20

24.    I’m Wild About Moonshine Southern Negro Quartette   7/21

25.    Baltimore Buzz Eubie Blake and His Shuffle Along Orch. 7/15/21


Volume 3

1.      Goodnight Angeline  Harmony Kings 1921

2.      Daddy Won’t You Please Come Home Gertrude Saunders Tim Brym 5/21

3.      Harlem Strut James P Johnson 1921

4.      Ragtime Annie Eck Robertson  7/1/22

5.      Ross’ Juba  Black Face Eddie Ross 6/22

6.      Kitchen Mechanic Blues Excelsior Quartette  3/22/22

7.      Toot Toot Tootsie Al Jolson 9/11/22

8.      The Christian Warfare The Original Sacred Harp Choir  7/22

9.      Teasin’ the Frets Nick Lucas 1922

10.    Stars in a Velvety Sky  Herbert L. Clarke and Orch 11/22

11.    Couldn't Hear Nobody Praying Jubilee Quartette  1923

12.    Elephant’s Wobble Bennie Moten Band 9/23

13.    When You and I Were Young Maggie  Fiddlin’ John Carson    11/8/23

14.    Mother’s Religion Kentucky Trio 11/2/23

15.    Mr. Crump Rag Jessie Crump 1923

16.    My Soul is a Witness Paramount Jubilee Singers    11/23

17.    My Way is Clouded Manhattan Harmony Four  4/23

18.    The Old hen cackled and the Rooster’s Gonna Crow Fiddlin’ John Carson   6/14/23

19.    Guitar Rag Sylvester Weaver 11/2/23

20.   Sly Mongoose Montrose String Orchestra 7/12/23 (Belasco piano)

21.    Asheville Osey Helton 1924

22.    I Can’t Use You Butterbeans and Susie 9/15/24

23.    If You do What You Do Eddie Cantor and the Georgians 1/4/24

24.    It Looks Like Rain Wendell Hall  1924

25.    Old Liza Jane  Uncle Am Stuart   6/24



Volume 4

1.      The Waffleman’s Call Johnny Bayersdorffer 3/17/24

2.      All Night Long Roba Stanley 12/24

3.      The Pickanninnies’ Paradise Emmett  Miller  1924

4.      Any Time Emmett Miller 10/25/24

5.      Brother Noah Built an Ark Alf Taylor’s Old Limber Quartet 1924

6.      Go ‘long Mule Ukulele Bob Williams  1924

7.      big eyed rabbit Samantha Baumgarner Eva Davis 4/24

8.      Blues Just Blues, That’s All Old Southern Jug Band  11/24/24

9.      Chicago Flip Whistler & His Jug Band  9/25/24

10.    Climb Up Them Golden Stairs  Ernest Thompson  4/24

11.    Cool Kind of Daddy Blues Anna Lee Chisholm (Lasky) 4/24

12.    Cripple Creek & Sourwood Mountain  Stovepipe #1   8/20/24

13.    The Girl Slipped Down Dr. D.D. Hollis  6/24

14.    He’s the Hottest Man in Town Cliff Edwards 10/24

15.    Laughing Song The Seven Musical Magpies 1924

16.    West Indies Blues Ukulele Bob Williams  1924

17.    Hen Cackle Bill Chitwood and Bud Landress  11/20/24

18.    Single Life  Roba Stanley  7/5/25

19.    Hand Me Down the Silver Trumpet  Sunset Jubilee Quartet 4/25

20.    Following the Cow Trail Carl T. Sprague 8/5/25

21.    I Ain’t Got Nobody  Bessie Smith 8/19/25

22.    Last Train to Arkansas Al Bernard 1925

23.    Piney Woods Girl Emmett Lundy & Ernest Stoneman  5/27/25

24.    Shake That Thing  Papa Charlie Jackson    5/25

25.    Sweet Georgia Brown Ethel Waters 1925

26.    On Jordan’s Stormy Banks We Stand Seventh Day Adventists’ Choir  1/3/26



Volume 5

1.      Pilgrim’s Journey Homer Quincy Smith  12/26

2.      Pratt City Blues Bertha Chippie Hill Louis Armstrong  11/23/26

3.      Reign Massa Jesus Reign Wesley Female Quartet 6/26

4.      Lovin’s Been Here and Gone To Mecca Flat Jimmy Blythe 5/26

5.      The Sinless Summerland  Ernest Stoneman 9/21/26

6.      Pistol Pete’s Midnight Special Otto Gray’s Oklahoma Cowboys 5/26

7.      Goin’ Back to Jericho  Dock Walsh  8/17/26

8.      Befo’ This Time Another Year Odette and Ethel   9/30/26

9.      Candy Girl  Uncle Bunt Stephens   5/29/26

10.    The Cross-Eyed Butcher and the Cacklin’ Hen Uncle Dave Macon   9/9/26

11.    Crucifixion Arizona Dranes 1926

12.    Bristol Tennessee  Al Hopkins and his Buckle Busters  10/22/26

13.    Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray Evelyn Dove  1926

14.    Buckdancer’s Choice  Sam McGee  4/14/26

15.    Down Hearted Blues Virginia Childs  11/3/26

16.    Franklin Street Blues Sam McGee 4/14/26

17.    I’ve Got A Ride to the Tree of Life Sister Sallie Sanders  11/1/26

18.    In the Pines Doc Walsh 4/17/26

19.    McKeon’s Reel  Frank Quinn 1/26

20.    Shine for Jesus Paramount Ladies Four 11/26

21.    Sleepy Time Gal Josephine Baker 1926 

22.    South Street Stomp  South Street Trio  11/22/26

23.    Rabbit Foot Blues  Blind Lemon Jefferson 1926

24.    Oh Molly Dear Go Ask Your Mother  Kelly Harrell  6/9/26

25.    The Freight Wreck of Altoona Vernon Dalhart



Volume 6

1.      Big Bend Gal  Shelor Family  8/3/27

2.      John Brown’s Dream  DaCosta Woltz 5/27

3.      Home Sweet Home Frank Jenkins 1927

4.      I’m Comin’ Virginia Ethel Waters 9/18/26

5.      There’s  A City Built of Mansions  Nugrape Twins  11/2/26

6.      I Seen My Pretty Papa Standing on a Hill  Eva Parker 12/18/26

7.      The Crowing Rooster  Walter Rhodes 12/10/27

8.      Dixie Cowboy Aulton Ray  ca. 4/26/27

9.      Can’t Put a Bridle on that Mule This Morning Julius Daniels 10/24/27

10.    Cluck Old Hen  Al Hopkins & His Buckle Busters  5/13/27

11.    Come Let Us Eat Together  Rev. ED Campbell and Congregation  2/26/27

12.    Down Home Special Henry Johnson and His Boys 4/20/27

13.    Baptist Shout Frank Jenkins 1926

14.    Stack O’ Lee Blues Ma Rainey 1926

15.    G Rag Georgia Yellow Hammers 8/9/27

16.    Goodbye, I’ve Left the Word Behind Rev. T.T. Rose  8/27

17.    Her Name was Hula Lou  Carolina Tar Heels 2/19/27

18.    Hesitation Blues Crying Sam Collins 9/17/27

19.    Hide Away Oscar Ford 10/14/27

20.    I Don’t Love Nobody Earl Johnson & His Dixies Entertainers 3/23/27

21.    Your Enemy Cannot Harm You  Rev. E.W. Clayborn 12/8/26

22.    I Love My Mountain Home   Carolina Tarheels 8/15/27

23.    It’s a Good Thing Frank Stokes 1927

24.    James Alley Blues Richard Rabbit Brown 3/11/27

25.    Ash Can Stomp Perry and His Stomp Band 1927




Volume 7

1.      Bad Luck Blues Blind Lemon Jefferson 1927

2.      Beyond the River Carolina Gospel Singers 8/25/27

3.      Cluck Old Hen Al  Hopkins and His Buckle Busters 5/13/27

4.      Cold Morning Shout  South Street Trio 10/27/27

5.      Come Down Jailor With the Keys Williams Black Patti Jubilee Singers 7/21/27

6.      Country Blues Doc Boggs   3/10/27

7.      Darling Cora BF Shelton 7/29/27

8.      Deep Elm Willard Robson 10/27

9.      Dixie Cowboy Alton Ray 4/26/27

10.    Hey Lawdy Mama Papa Harvey Hull and Long Cleve Reed 4/3/27

11.    I’m Comin’ Virginia Bix Beiderbecke 1927

12.    Leather Breeches Earl Johnson & His Clodhoppers 10/2/27

13.    Lonesome Road Blues Price Goodson/Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters 1927

14.    Memphis Frolic Rag Williamson’s Beale Street Frolic Orchestra 2/27/27

15.    The Moore Girl  Andrew and Jim Baxter 8/2/27

16.    Mr. Johnson Turn Me Loose The South Georgia Highballers 10/5/27

17.    Muddy Water Bing Crosby w/Paul Whiteman 1927

18.    My Daddy’s Got a Brand New Way to Love Alberta Hunter 2/26/27

19.    On the Banks of the Old Tennessee Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Baker  8/27

20.    Red Onion Drag  Louis Dumaine’s Jazzola 8  3/5/27

21.    Riley the Furniture Man  The Georgia Crackers 3/21/27

22.    Sadie Lee Blues Peg Leg Howell 1927

23.    See That My Grave is Kept Clean Bela Lam & The Greene County Singers  7/28/27

24.    Though Your Sins Be Scarlet  Williams & Williams  3/29/27

25.    Train on the Island J.P. Nestor & Norman Edmonds 9/26/27



Volume 8


1.      Boll Weevil Rabbit’s Foot Williams 1927

2.      Chicago Stomp Down Duke Ellington 11/3/27

3.      Don’t Let Your Head Hang Down Leecan & Cooksey 1927

4.      Hot Dog Blind Lemon Jefferson 1927

5.      Damfino Stomp   Sylvester Weaver 4/12/27

6.      He Rose from the Dead Blind Lemon Jefferson 6/27

7.      Hallelujah Cotton Belt Quartet 1927

8.      I Believe I’ll Go Back Home William and Versey Smith  1927

9.      If I Had My Way T.T. Rose and Gospel Singers 1927

10.    It All Belongs to Me Ruth Etting 8/30/27

11.    Jack Of Diamonds Ben Jarrell 5/27

12.    Madison Rag Gus Cannon 1927

13.    Mistreatin’ Mama Rabbit’s Foot Williams 3/31/27

14.    Rocking Chair Blues  Original Louisville Jug band 3/30/27 yodel at 1:00

15.    Sugar Blackbirds of Paradise 7/9/27

16.    Twill Be All Glory Over There The Deal Family  11/5/27

17.    Traveling Coon Luke Jordan 8/16/27

18.    Vol Stevens’ Blues  Vol Stevens  10/20/27 

19.    We Are Journeying On Price Family Sacred Singers 3/22/27

20.    Woke up With the Blues in My Fingers Lonnie Johnson 5/2/27

21.    Will My Mother Know Me There  L.V. Jones and His Virginia Singing Class 9/27/27

22.    Georgia Stomp Andrew & Jim Baxter 1928

23.    Ham Beats All Meat Dr. Humphrey Bate & His Possum Hunters 3/3/28

24.    Don’t Speak to Me Lottie Kimbrough 1928

25.    Canned Heat Blues Tommy Johnson 8/31/28

26.    Don’t get One Woman on Your Mind Willard Hodgin 1927 or 1928




Volume 9


1.      He’s the lily of The Valley Texas Jubilee singers 12/8/28

2.      Alabama Jubilee Bill Helms and and His Upson County band 2/3/28

3.      Alabama Strut Cow Cow Davenport 7/16/28

4.      Blue Coat Blues T.C. Johnson Tom Nelson 1928

5.      Candy Man Blues Mississippi John Hurt  12/28/28

6.      Come Over Here Elder R. Bryant 2/28/28

7.      Cumberland Gap Frank Hutchison 1928

8.      I’m Gonna Run to the City of Refuge Blind Willie Johnson 12/5/28

9.      Left Alone Blues Ishman Bracey 1928

10.    Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane Uncle John Scruggs     11/8/28

11.    In the Mornin’ Johnson, Nelson, Porkchop 2/17/28

12.    Johnson City Blues Clarence Green 10/15/28

13.    Lindy Proximity Quartet

14.    Take Me Back  Frank Stokes  8/30/28

15.    Tom Cat Blues Otto Gray's Oklahoma Cowboys 9/28

16.    Too Tight Blues  #2  Blind Blake 8/17/28

17.    Touch Me Light Mama George Bullet Williams 1928

18.    Travelin’ Man Albert Hunt’s Texas ramblers  3/8/28

19.    Up in Glory Dr. Smith 9/12/28

20.    Groundhog Jack Reedy & His Walker Mountain String Band  2/28 (bluegrass)

21.    A Little talk with Jesus Ernest Phipps and His Holiness Quartet  10/30/28

22.    See that My Grave is kept Clean   Blind Lemon Jefferson  2/28

23.    Goin’ Up Town  Dr. Humphrey Bate & His Possum Hunters  3/3/28

24.    I Surely Understand that You Love Another Man Shortbuckle Roark and Family 1928

25.    Shake it Down Lillian Glinn 4/28



Volume 10

1.      Shrimp Man Moses Mason 1/28

2.      Cryin’ for You Sammy Hill 1929

3.      Ha Ha Blues Rosie Mae Moore 2/3/28

4.      Ida Red Tweedy Brothers 3/28

5.      In the Mornin’ Johnson, Nelson, Porkchop 2/17/28

6.      These bones Gwine Rise Again Rutherford & Foster 4/10/29

7.      Shine on Me  Ernest Phipps & His Holiness Singers  10/29/28

8.      Sister Maude Mule Alec Johnson  11/2/28

9.      Skip the Gutter Louis Armstrong Earl Hines 6/27/28

10.    Stealin’ Stealin’ Memphis Jug Band 9/15/28

11.    Steamboat Man Roy Harvey 10/18/28

12.    Old Country Stomp Henry Thomas   6/13/28

13.    Papa’s ‘Bout to Get Mad Pink Anderson/Simmie Dooley  4/14/28

14.    Poor Boy Gus Cannon 1928

15.    San Tub Jug Washboard Band 1928

16.    How Much Can I Stand? Gladys Bentley 11/15/28

17.    Sunshine Special Frenchy’s String Band 12/25/28

18.    I Ain’t Got Nobody Sophie Tucker 1928

19.    I’ve Always Been A Rambler Grayson & Whittier 7/31/28

20.    Trinity River Texas Tommy  10/28

21.    Turkey Buzzard Blues  Peg Leg Howell and Eddie Anthony  10/30/28

22.    Wagoner’s Lad Buel Kazee 1/18/28

23.    I Would If I Could Al Miller  12/28

24.    Vacation in Heaven Missionary Josephine Miles& Sister Elizabeth Cooper 5/15/28

25.    If You Want the Rainbow Lee Morse 11/3/28



Volume 11


1.      Lafayette Joseph Falcon  4/27/28

2.      Lay Down Baby, Take Your Rest  carolina tarheels 10/11/28

3.      Little David Play on Your Harp Joe Reed Family 6/28

4.      King of Kings Rev. Johnny Blakey (Bessie Johnson) 12/6/28

5.      Mississippi Jailhouse Groan Rube Lacy  3/28

6.      Mill Man Blues Billy Bird 1928

7.      Nobody Loves me  Hershel Brown & His Washboard Band 2/24/28

8.      How Long is that Train Been Gone? Roy Evans 6-18-28

9.      Palolo Charlie Wilson 1928

10.    Kiss Me Quick Georgia Yellow Hammers 10/18/28

11.    Went Up in the Clouds of Heaven Ernest Phipps& His Holiness Singers  10/29/29

12.    When I Woke Up This Morning She Was Gone  Jim Jackson 8/27/28

13.   When the Gates Bush 4/26/28

14.    Wire Grass Drag  Earl Johnson & His Clodhoppers 8/9/28

15.    Yes I Know Rev. Calbert and Sister Billie Holstein 2/28

16.    You’re Going to Leave the Old Home Jim Eva Parker 11/27/28

17.    Back in the Alley Cow Cow Davenport 5/1/29

18.    Blue Ridge Rambler's Rag H.M. Barnes' Blue Ridge Ramblers 1/28/29

19.    Callahan Rag Roane Country Ramblers 10/21/29

20.    Careless Love Slim Barton and Eddie Mapp 1929

21.   The Cat’s Got The Measles Walter Smith 3/20/29

22.    Cairo Blues  Henry Spaulding  5/9/29

23.    The Girl I Love She’s Got Long Curly Hair 9/24/29

24.    Bathe in the Beautiful Pool Doc Walsh  9/25/29

25.    I Wish That Gal Was Mine Hershel Brown & His Washboard Band 8/06/28




Volume 12

1.      Alabama Breakdown  Hershel Brown & His Happy Five  3/19/29  (DRUMS  like JR EUROPE)

2.      Get Up Off That Jazzophone the Bubbling Over Five   10/13/29

3.      Give the World a Smile The Corley Family  12/4/29

4.      Head Rag Hop  Romeo Nelson  9/5/29

5.      I’m Goin’ Up The Country Papa Eggshell 5/7/29

6.      Jonestown Blues  Gus Cannon (Banjo Joe)  11/27

7.      Elder Green Blues Charlie Patton 10/29

8.      Little Bessie  Darby & Tarlton 10/31/29

9.      Three in One Two Step East Texas Serenaders  10/27/29

10.    Augusta Rag Melvin Dupree 4/2/29

11.    Louisiana Glide Blind Leroy Garnett 10/12/29

12.    Mississippi Bottom Blues Kid Bailey 9/25/29

13.    Mon Chere Bebe Creole Dennis McGee  3/29

14.    Mule Skinner Moan Ben Covington 1929

15.    My Sportin’ Man Mamie Smith 1929

16.    No 29 Wesley Wallace 1929

17.    Roll and Tumble Blues Hambone Willie Newbern 3/14/29

18.    Tom Brown Sits In His Prison Cell  Luke Jordan  11/19/29

19.    The Train’s Done Left Me   (60s FOLK) carolina tarheels 4/3/29 

20.    Turn Away  Lubbock texas Quartet  12/6/29

21.    A Precious Sweetheart from Me Has Gone  Dock Walsh  9/25/29

22.   Rambling Lover Dick Rheinhart 10/27/29

23.    Riffs  James P. Johnson 1/29/29

24.    Roving Cowboy  Frank Jenkins 1929

25.    Aunt Jemimah Stomp Kansas City Tin Roof Stompers 3/15/29


Volume 13


1.      I Ain’t Got Nobody Louis Armstrong 12/10/29

2.      I Got a Gal  James Cole’s String Band   6/25/28

3.      I Never Told a Lie Memphis Minnie Joe McCoy 5/29/30

4.      I Want Someone to Love Me Tommy Johnson   12/29 

5.      Little Sadie Clarence Ashley 1929

6.      My Kinda Love Bing Crosby 3/14/29

7.      My Loved Ones Are Waiting Carolina Ladies Quartette   1929

8.      Naptown Special Herve Duerson 8/28/29

9.      Stone Mountain Rag Roanoke Jug Band  10/18/29

10.    Sugar Blues  Coley Jones and the Dallas String Band  12/6/29

11.    Sur Le Chemin Chez Moi Soileau Couzens    11/7/29

12.    What Wouldn’t I Do For That Man Anette Hanshaw 9/16/29

13.    Don’t Put That Thing On Me Cliff Gibson 1929

14.    Way Down in Arkansas Hambone Willie Newbern  3/14/29

15.    Sweet Milk and Peaches Narmour & Smith 9/25/29

16.    Oh What A Change Megginson Female Quartet ca. 1929

17.    What Kind of Shoes You Gwine to Wear? William Rexroat’s Cedar Singer 1/8/29

18.    Old Joe Clark  Bradley Kincaid 10/8/30

19.    Doggone That Train Jimmie Davis 1930

20.    Dollar Bill Blues  Charley Jordan  6/30

21.    Don’t Think I’m Santa Claus Lil McLintock  12/4/30

22.    Husking Bee  The Yellow Jackets  7/28/30

23.    I’ll Take It Now Pigmeat Pete and Wesley Wilson 1930

24.    I’ll Play My Harp in Beulah Land Brothers Wright and Williams  12/9/30

25.    Heat It Frankie Half Pint Jackson Tampa Read Georgia Tom Dorsey 6/11/29


Volume 14


1.      Aunt Dinah’s Quilting Party 8/29/30

2.      Bake That Chicken Pie Jackson County Barn Owls 5/17/30

3.      Bring It With You When You Come Cannon’s Jug Stompers  11/24/30

4.      Buy a Half Pint and Stay in the Wagon Earl Johnson 12/3/30

5.      Day is Past Primitive Baptist Choir 3/25/30

6.      Dollar Bill Charley Jordan  6/30

7.      Don’t Think I’m Santa Claus Lil McClintock 12/4/30

8.      Eight of January Ted Gossett’s Band  9/16/30

9.      Fare Thee Well Blues Joe Callicott 1930

10.    Georgia Wobble Blues Carroll County Revelers   3/21/30

11.    Give Us Another Jug Piano Kid Edwards 12/30

12.    Grandma’s Farm Big Bill Broonzy  4/9/30

13.    I Know My Time Ain’t Long Delta Big Four (pattons friends)  5/25/30

14.    I’m On My Way Kentucky Holiness Singers 3/28/30

15.    I’ve Grown So Used to You Mcfarland and Gardner 4/3/30

16.    In the Jailhouse Now Jimmie Rodgers 7/12/30

17.    Jackson Stomp  Mississippi Mud Stepper  12/15/30

18.    Kentucky Blues Little Hat Jones 1930

19.    Knox County Stomp Tennessee Chocolate Drops 4/3/30

20.    Last Kind Words Blues Geeshie Wiley 1930

21.    Let Your Light Shine for Jesus Rev. J.L. Hendrix 10/27/30

22.    Lorena Blue Ridge Mountain Singers  4/21/30

23.    Man Trouble Blues Jaybird Coleman 1930

24.    Mississippi Farm County Blues Son House 5/28/30

25.    Sister Mary Wore Three Lengths of Chain Slim Duckett and Pig Norwood 12/16/30


Volume 15


1.      That Too, Do Bennie Moten Orch. Jimmy Rushing 10/28/30

2.      South Carolina Rag William Walker 12/6/30

3.      Speckled Red’s Blues Speckled Red 4/8/30

4.      Sweet Sixteen Charlie Poole  1/23/30

5.      Tallahatchie River Blues Mattie Delaney 2/21/30

6.      This Song of Love Middle Georgia Singing Convention 12/10/30

7.      Vicksburg Stomp  Mississippi Mud Stepper  12/15/30

8.      Walkin’ Cane Stomp  Kentucky Jug Band  ******WESTERN SWING   8/30

9.      Walking With My King Middle Georgia Singing Convention 12/10/30 black SHaped note

10.    The Whole World In His Hands Bessie Johnson 3/21/29

11.    Your Low Down Ways Carolina Tarheels 11/19/30

12.    Abrew’s Portuguese Jazz Abrew’s Portuguese Instrumental Trio  2/16/31

13.    Atlanta Bound gene Autry 10/29/31

14.    Bedside Blues Jim Thompkins 2/21/31

15.    Darn Good Girl Buster Carter  Preston Young 6/26/31

16.    My Good Gal’s Gone Jimmie  Rodgers  1931

17.    Old Hen Cackle  The Two Poor Boys Joe Evans and Arthur McClain 5/20/31

18.    4 O’Clock Blues Skip James 1931

19.    Get Your head in Here  Three ‘Baccer tags  5/29/31

20.    Greenville Strut Stovepipe and Sarah 1931

21.    I’ll Lead a Christian Life  Golden P. Harris 3/19/31

22.    It’s Hard to Love and Can’t Be Loved Buster Carter & Preston Young  6/26/31  pre bluegrass

23.    Molly Put the kettle On  The Skillet Lickers  10/24/31

24.    Pick Poor Robin Clean Geeshie Wiley 1931

25.    Please Don’t Wake it Up  Mississippi Sheiks  10/24/31



Volume 16


1.      Poor Jane Blues Jack Gowdlock    5/29/31

2.      Reaching for the Moon Roy Smeck Trio 1931

3.      Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms Buster Carter Preston Young 1931

4.      Shout You Cats  Hezekiah Jenkins  1/16/31

5.      Swing Low Sweet Chariot  1931 Jules Bledsoe 1931

6.      Take  A Look at That Baby The Two Poor Boys   Joe Evans and Arthur McClain 5/20/31

7.      Try And Treat Her Right Ben Ferguson 6/16/31

8.      Clanka A Lanka (Sleep on Mother) Famous Bluejay Singers of Birmingham  1/32 (LEAD!)

9.      Gone Dead Train King Solomon Hill 1932

10.    Hallelujah Side Tindley Quaker City Gospel Singers 3/8/32

11.    The Laffing Rag Ben Curry 1/32

12.    Long Tall Mama Big Bill Broonzy 3/30/32

13.    Na Pua O Hawaii George Ku Trio 1932

14.    Preacher Blues Henry Brown  1932

15.    Sally Gooden W.M. Smith  10/1/32

16.    Cold Iron Bed Jack Kelly and his South Memphis Jug Band 8/1/33

17.    Miss Handy Hanks Archie Lewis 3/30/33

18.    Ladies Quadrille The Happy Hayseeds 3/4/30

19.    Market Street Stomp Frank Melrose 4/9/30

20.    Deep Elm Blues   The Lone Star Cowboys   8/4/33

21.    Go ‘Long Mule  Louisiana Lou   12/4/33

22.    Hambone Am Sweet  Southern Singers 2/23/33

23.    I’ve Got the Big River Blues  Delmore Brothers 12/6/33

24.    Just Because the Lone Star Cowboys 8/5/33

25.    Tampa Strut  the Georgia Browns  1/19/33



                  Volume 17


1.      Go Down Old Hannah Iron Head Baker and others 1933

2.      Wait for Me Harold and Hazel 1933

3.      Western Cowboy Huddle Ledbetter  16-20 July 1933

4.      Sunset Amede Ardoin and Dennis McGee 1934

5.      Ted’s Stomp Louie Bluie and Ted Bogan 3/25/34 black country

6.      Throw Me In the Alley Peetie Wheatstraw  And His Blue Blowers  8/24/34

7.      After You’ve Gone Art Tatum 8/24/34

8.      Cacklin’ Hen Blind Pete and Partner 9/27/34

9.      I Believe I’ll Make  a Change Leroy Carr Scrapper Blackwell  8/16/34

10.    I Feel Like Dyin’ in this Army Austin Coleman, Joe Washington, & Group  7/34

11.    I’m Walkin’ This Town  The Spirits of Rhythm 9/4/34

12.    J'Ai Fair Tout Le Tour Du Pays Jimmy Peters and the Ring Dance Singers 6/34

13.    Little Liza Jane  Wilson Stavin’ Chain Jones & Group  6/34

14.    Le Blues Du Petite Chien  Breaux Freres  10/9/34

15.    Matchbox Blues Larry Hensley 1/25/34

16.    Moon Country Hoagy Carmichael 3/9/34 (tommy Dorsey trumpet)

17.    My Good Gal Has Thrown Me Down Homer Callahan 8/17/34

18.    My Soul is a Witness Austin Coleman Joe Washington Brown, Group ca. 7/34

19.    St. Louis Blues Cliff Edwards 10/19/34

20.    How You Want Your Rollin’ Done Louis Lasky 4/2/35

21.    I’m Troubled in Mind Southern University Quartet  1/22/35

22.    Stack O’ Lee Blues King, Queen, and Jack 1935

23.    Sugar Babe High and Shug’s Radio Pals 7/16/37

24.    My Man’s Gone Now (Porgy and Bess) Ruby Elzy 1935

25.    Sunshine Alley Stuart Hamblen  2/25/35

26.    Field Mouse Stomp Minnie Wallace and her Night Hawks  1935



Volume 18


1.      I’m Sitting on Top of the World The Shelton Brothers   12/19/35

2.      Old Time Blues Carl Martin 7/27/35

3.      Po' Laz'us Booker T. Sapps Roger Matthews 6_35

4.      Podunk Toddle  The Freeny Harmonizers  10/20/35

5.      Baby Please Don’t Go Big Joe Williams  10/31/35

6.      Coquette  Boots and His Buddies 8/14/35

7.      Les Bleues De Bosco Fats’ Raybo Ramblers, 8/10/35

8.      Elm Street Woman Blues  Dallas Jamboree Jug Band   9/20/35

9.      Fiddler’s Dream Arthur Smith   1/22/35

10.    Down by the Ohio  Milton Brown  and his Brownies  1/35

11.    Magnolia Waltz Cherokee Ramblers  7/11/35

12.    You Got To Go Down Blind Gary Davis  7/26/35

13.    Shoeshine Boy Lester Young/Clayton/Basie/Page/Jo Jones 10/9/36

14.    Somebody’s Been Using that Thing Callahan Brothers 12/22/36

15.    Moonglow Mississippi Mud Mashers  1/21/35

16.    Anytime Emmett Miller  9-1-36

17.    What's the Matter Now? Lawrence Walker  1936

18.    Blues in the Bottle Jimmy Revard and his Ok. Playboys 10-26-36

19.    Farrish Street Jive  Little Brother Montgomery 10/16/36

20.    Give Me My Money Blue RIdge Playboys 11/36

21.    Honky Tonk Train Meade Lux Lewis 5/7/36

22.    Hittin’ The Bottle Stomp Mississippi Jook Band 1/20/36

23.    Cripple Creek  Jimmy Strothers  6/14/36

24.    Guess who’s in town Bill Boyd cowboy ramblers 10/27/36

25.    Last  Fair Deal Gone Down Robert Johnson 11/27/36

26.    Mayflower Stripling Brothers 3/12/36 (folk rag?)


Volume 19


1.      Mama Let Me Lay It On You  2/8/36

2.      New Jelly Roll Blues Al Dexter 11/28/36

3.      New River Train Monroe Brothers 2/17/36

4.      Oh Lord, Don’t ‘low Me to Beat Em Willie Williams 1936

5.      Soap Box Blue  Jack Pierce (Slim Mays) 9/36

6.      Watermelon on the Vine J.E. Mainer’s Mountaineers 6/15/36

7.      Weave Room Blues  The Dixon Brothers   2/12/36

8.      Never No Mo’ Blues The Rhythm Wreckers 1937

9.      One More River Sons of the Pioneers 12/14/37

10.    Porquoi Que tu Laise Moi Clifford Breaux 2/15/37

11.    Stay out of the South LC Doughboys 6/20/37

12.    Sugar Babe High and Shug’s Radio Pals 7/16/37

13.    Bell Clappin’ Mama  Bill Carlisle 2/16/37

14.    East Texas Drag East Texas Serenaders  2/20/37

15.    Everybody’s Truckin’ Smokey Wood 3/1/37

16.    I’m Moaning All Day For You  Five Jinks 2/20/37

17.    Moten Swing Carolina Cotton Pickers 3/24/37

18.    Frankie and Johnny Alabama Boys  1937

19.    Glory in the Meeting House Luther Strong1937

20.    Golden Gate Gospel Train Golden Gate Quartet 8/7/37

21.    John’s Idea Count Basie 7/7/37

22.    She's Selling what She Used to Give Away Buddy Jones 9/21/38

23.    Just Dream of You Norfolk Jazz Quarter 7/16/37

24.    Knocking on the Hen House Door Lester ‘Pete’ Bivins  2/20/37

25.    Little Maggie Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris  8/2/37

26.    Milk Cow Blues Cliff Bruner's  Texas Wanderers  2-5-37

27.    Old Dad John Rector 1937

28.    Coal Creek March Pete Steele 3/29/38

29.    Cowboy Rhythm Patsy Montana 2/17/38


Volume 20


1.      Fiddle and Guitar Running Wild Walter Hurdt 9/29/38

2.      I Can’t Give You Anything But Love Adelaide Hall Fats Waller 8/28/38

3.      Jivin’ Woman Blues Blind Boy Fuller 1938

4.      Katie Dear The Blue Sky Boys   1/25/38

5.      Memphis Blues the Nite Owls 1938

6.      Mitchell Blues Wade Mainer  1938

7.      Mollie Married  A Travelin’ Man J.H. Howell  1/29/38

8.      Pray for the Lights to Go Out Bob Wills 5/16/38

9.      Sewing on the Mountain Coon Creek Girls 1938

10.    St. Louis Stomp Speckled Red 12/17/38

11.    Tiger Rag Jelly Roll Morton 1938

12.    When the Sun is Setting on the Prairie Roy Rogers

13.    Your Soul Never Dies Smith’s Carolina Crackerjacks  9/29/38

14.    De Blind Man Stood on De Road and Cried Morris Brown Quartet 8/23/39

15.    Down the Line Sister Rosetta Tharpe 1939

16.   Orange Blossom Special Roy Hall and His Blue Ridge Entertainers  11/7/38

17.    Footprints in the Snow Cliff Carlisle 1939

18.    Headin’ for Texas and Home Roy Rogers/Sons of Pioneers 4/18/39

19.    I’m Not Angry With You Darling  Four Picked Pepper 8/22/39

20.    Farther Along Pine Ridge Boys  8/22/39

21.    Matzoh Balls Slim Gaillard 10/11/39

22.    Hear De Lambs/Plenty Good Room Roland Hayes 1939

23.    Plantation Blues  The Sons of the Ozarks  12/8/39

24.    Streamline Train Cripple Clarence Lofton  1939

25.    Tu Peus Pas Me Fair Ca Alley Boys of Abbeville  6/30/39

26.    Up Jumped the Devil Byron Parker and his Mountaineers, Snuffy Jenkins  2/9/40

27.    Walk Around The Soul Stirrers 1939



Volume 21


1.      I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water The Cats and the Fiddle 6/27/39

2.      I’ll Get Mine in the Bye and Bye Buddy Jones Bob Dunn 3/4/39

3.      Six White Horses Bill Monroe 10/7/40

4.      Moten Swing Charlie Parker with Jay McShann 11/30/40

5.      Gonna Ride ‘til the Sun Goes Down Johnny Barefield 2/5/40

6.      I’m Through With You  Big Joe and  His Washboard Band 12/17/40

7.      Key to the Highway Jazz Gillum 1940

8.      Koko Duke Ellington 11/7/40

9.      Laughing at Life Lewis Bronzeville Five 4/11/40

10.    Muleskinner Blues Bill Monroe 10/7/40

11.    Nobody’s Business Riley Puckett     10/11/40

12.    A Chicken Ain’t Nothin’ But a Bird Louis Jordan 9/30/40

13.    Yancey’s Bugle Call Jimmy Yancey 9/6/40

14.    Nice Work If You Can Get It (Excerpt) Thelonious Monk Minton’s 5/41

15.    I Never Loved But One The Carter Family 1941

16.    Catfish Blues Robert Petway 4/28/41

17.    Gallows Pole Leadbelly 1941

18.    House of the Rising Sun Alamanac Singers (Seeger/Guthrie) 7/41

19.    Mama Knows What Papa Wants Georgia White 3/41

20.    I’m Gonna Lift Up a Standard for My King  Church of God in Christ 8/41

21.    Old Ship of Zion Paramount Juniors 11/10/41

22.    Slewfoot on the Levee Light Crust Doughboys (Zeke Campbell) 2/27/41

23.    Worried Life Blues Big Maceo  6/24/41

24.    Stand By Me Sister Rosetta Tharpe 3/41

25.    Why Don’t You Do Right? Lil Green 4/23/41

26.    You Got To Roll David Honeyboy Edwards 7/42

27.    You Got To Take Sick and Die Some of These Days Muddy Water 7/42

28.    Eighth of January Nathan Frazier & Frank Patterson  3/42

29.    Blues Trip Me This Morning Tommy McLennan 2/20/42



Volume 22


1.      Born To Lose Ted Daffan 2/20/42

2.      I Be Bound to Write To You   Muddy Waters 7/24/42

3.      Joe Turner Blues Son Simms 4 (Muddy Water) 7/24/42

4.      Mean Old World T. Bone Walker 7/31/42

5.      Missionary Sermon J.H. Terrell 7/23/42

6.      Soon in the Mornin’ Sid Hemphill 8/15/42

7.      I’m a Soldier in the Army of the Lord  Rev. McGhee 7/42

8.      Stormy Weather Ethel Waters 10/42

9.      Walking the Floor Over You Ernest Tubb 1942

10.    Tall Skinny Poppa Sister Rosetta Tharpe

11.    Trouble Trouble Betty Roche 1943

12.    West Kinney Street Blues Skoodle-Dum-Do and Sheffield 11/6/43

13.    I Want Two Wings Utah Smith 1944

14.    Downhearted Blues Miss Rhapsody (Viola Wells) 11/21/44

15.    East of the Sun Sarah Vaughan Dizzy Gillespie 12/31/44

16.    God’s Mighty Hand Utah Smith 1944

17.    That’s the Stuff Sonny Terry Brownie McGhee 12/12/44

18.    Remember Me T. Texas Tyler 1945

19.    Shaw ‘Nuff Charlie Parker Dizzy Gillespie Al Haig 1945

20.    Tent Show Rag Brun Campbell 1940s

21.    The Honeydripper Part 1. Joe Liggins 1945

22.    What Is This Thing Called Love? Lenny Tristano 1945

23.    At the End of the Trail Blackwood Brothers Quartet 1940s

24.    Indiana Don Byas Slam Stewart 1945

25.    Coquette Leo Watson 1/24/45

26.    I’ll Remember You Cecil Gant 1945


Volume 23


1.      Don’t You Lie to Me Texas Ruby 1945

2.      Love Me Or Leave Me Kay Starr 1945

3.      Across the Sea Gribble, Lusk, York  9/46

4.      Empty Bed Blues Ivy Anderson 10/46

5.      I’m Talkin’ About You Bob Wills Junior Bernard 1946

6.      Railroad Bill Hobart Smith 1946

7.      The Reefer No. Jo Jo Adams 6/11/46

8.      Trouble in Mind Tex Ritter 12/11/46

9.      What’s New? June Christy 1/46

10.    You Won’t Let Me Go Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers 1946

11.    Pigmeat Strut Merle Travis  4/8/46

12.    Did You Ever Try to Cry?  Gatemouth Moore 12/26/47

13.    I Just Keep Lovin’ Her Little Walter & Othum Brown 1947

14.    It Never Entered My Mind Frank Sinatra 11/5/47

15.    Milk Cow Blues Maddox Brothers and Rose 1947

16.    New Mississippi River Blues York Brothers 9/1/47

17.    Nobody In Mind Joe Turner  11/29/47

18.    Placetas Chano Pozo and Orch -2/4/47

19.    Sad and Disappointed Big Maybelle 12/47

20.    Too Many Blues Bill Nettles 1947

21.    Weird Lullaby Babs Gonzales 5/47

22.    Unloved and Unclaimed Roy Acuff  11/19/47

23.    Forgive Me Manny Nichols 1949

24.    Life is a Problem Sister O.M. Terrell 1948

25.    It’s Too Soon to Know  The Orioles 1948

26.    Stand By Me Sister Matthews 1948

27.    Milk ‘em in the Morning Blues Tennessee Ernie Ford  1948


Volume 24


1.      Grievin' Blues John Lee Hooker 1948

2.      What Are They Doing in Heaven Today? Lily Brothers 1948

3.      Fast Train Through Arkansas Wayne Raney 1948

4.      Hallelujah We Shall Rise Sauceman Brothers late 1940s

5.      Hard Times Will Soon Be Over Blue Ridge Quartet 1948

6.      Little David Play on Your Harp Merle Travis 3/20/48

7.      Lost on the River Hank Williams 1948

8.      Goin’ to Virginia Ralph Willis 6/8/48

9.      God Don’t Like It  Elder A. Johnson ca. 1948

10.    There is Another Mule in Your Stall Nellie Lutcher – 1948

11.    What You Gonna Do Cavalry Quartet 1948

12.    I’m Wondering and Wondering Ray Charles 1948

13.    Lord Will Make a Way Elder A. Johnson ca. 1948

14.    All Night Long Homer and Jethro 1948

15.    Looking for a Woman Roy Brown 1948

16.    We Will Know Roy Lanham and his Gospel Quartet 1948

17.    Yodel Your Blues Away Bill Haley 1949

18.    Night Watchman Blues Memphis Minnie 1949 (scream 1:36)

19.    Poor Ellen Smith Molly O’Day 4/4/49

20.    Prelude to a Nighmare Babs Gonzales 3/11/49

21.    Sweet Georgia Brown Bud Powell

22.    When Your Lover Has Gone Julia Lee 1949

23.    Where the Sun Never Goes Down Willie Mae Williams 10/29/49

24.    Cabin in Caroline Flatt and Scruggs 1949

25.    Cuttin’ Out Annie Laurie 1949

26.    Dallas Blues Floyd Dixon 1949                

27.    I Got to Cross the River Jordan Blind Willie McTell 1949


Volume 25


1.      Hey Little Girl Professor Longhair 1949

2.      I Almost Lost My Mind Ivory Joe Hunter 10/21/49

3.      Trixie Curley Weaver 1949

4.      Baby Don’t You Want to Go  Dan Pickett 1949  (Scotty Moore)

5.      For Old Times Sake Johnny and Jack 1949

6.      Goin’ Back Home Dennis McMillon 8/49

7.      I Ain't Got Nobody Peggy Lee 1949

8.      I Wonder John Lee Hooker 1949

9.      Baby Shame on You Wynonie Harris 10/19/49

10.    In the Middle of the Night Amos Milburn 1949

11.    Joe Turner Link Davis 1949

12.    Jumpin’ At the Jubilee Joe Turner  ca. 1949

13.    Lou, Cindy Lou Walter Brown 10/31/49

14.    In the Jailhouse Webb Pierce 1950

15.    All In Down and Out Blues Uncle Dave Macon 1950

16.    Release Me Eddie Miller 1950

17.    Louisiana Blues Muddy Waters 1950

18.    The Letter Harry Partch 1950

19.    My Baby Left Me Arthur Crudup 11/8/50  scotty guitar

20.    The Tree of Life is Waiting for Me Prophet Powers 1950

21.    Joliet Blues Johnny Shines  10/23/1950

22.    Love Her With A Feeling Tampa Red  7/3/50

23.    Muskadine Blues Little Walter 1950

24.    Pan American Boogie Delmore Brothers 1950

25.    Rollin’ and Tumblin’ Part 1 Little Walter Muddy Waters Leroy Foster 1/50

26.    Take Out Some Time  Miss Sharecropper (Laverne Baker) 1950

27.    Soony Roony (Song of Yxabat) Slim Gaillard and His Peruvians 3/5/51

28.    Rockin’ With Red Piano Red 1950



Volume 26


1.      I’ll Drown in My Own Tears Lula Reed 1951

2.      I’ve Got Mine Pink Anderson 5/29/50

3.      You’ve Gotta Lay Down Momma Johnny Beck  1950

4.      Crying at Daybreak Howlin’ Wolf 1951

5.      Travelin’ Blues Left Frizzell 6/1/51

6.      Trouble in Mind Jerry Irby 1951

7.      Walkin’ on Top of the World Peck Touchton 1951

8.      Please Tell Me Baby Varetta Dillard 1/22/51

9.      Wrong Road Blues Tommy Duncan 1951

10.    She Done Moved Harmonica Frank 1951

11.    Every Day Will Be Sunday By and By Dorothy Love Coates & the Orig. Gospel Harmonettes 7/5/51

12.    Big Mama Blues Jimmy Murphy 1951

13.    Black Gal Walter Horton 6/51

14.    By and By Sister Jessie Mae Renfro 1951

15.    Goin’ Away Walkin’ Harmonica Frank 1951

16.    Good Lovin’ H Bomb Ferguson 12/12/51

17.    Hi Tone Poppa Tillman Franks 1951

18.    Don’t Jive Me Smiley Lews 4/51

19.    Juiced Billy Love 6/51

20.    Lone Town Blues Junior Brooks 1951

21.    I Wanna Be Mama’d Jimmy Logsdon 1951

22.    You Go To My Head Bob Graettinger Stand Kenton  9/15/52

23.    Sparrow in the Barrel Johnny Sparrow 1952

24.    Strange Things Henry Green 3/52

25.    Take a Little Walk With Me Boyd Gilmore 1/23/52

26.    Twice the Lovin’ (In Half the Time) Jean Shepard 1952

27.    Walked All Night Charlie Booker 1952

28.    Monkey Motion Houston Boines 1952


Volume 27


1.      Please Find My Baby Elmore James 1/52

2.      Reeling and Rocking Fats Domino  1/52

3.      River’s Invitation Percy Mayfield 1/22/52

4.      Satisfied Blue Ridge Quartet 1952

5.      Fine Looking Woman BB King 1952

6.      It Wasn’t God Who Make Honky Tonk Angels Rosalie Allen 7/52

7.      Long Time No See Frank Hunter and his Black Mountain Boys 1952

8.      I Was Praying Five Blind Boys of Mississippi 1952

9.      I’m in the Mood for Love Doris Day 1952

10.    Let Your Tears Fall Baby Big Mama Thornton 1952

11.    Maggie Campbell Robert Nighthawk 10/25/52

12.    Me and the Devil Rev. Chambers  1952

13.    Have Mercy Baby Billy Ward & His Dominos (McPhatter)  1952

14.    Holsten Valley Breakdown Ronnie Knittel and the Holsten Valley Ramblers Early 1950s

15.    Dream Girl Jesse Belvin 1952

16.    Easy Easy Baby Varetta Dillard 5/6/52

17.    Goin’ Down Slow Billy Wright 10/8/52

18.    Ain’t a Bump in the Road Roy Hogsed 11/17/52

19.    Ain’t No More Texas Melody Boys early 1950s

20.    Body and Soul Eddie Jefferson 7/11/52

21.    Baby I'm Coming Home Charlie Booker 1952

22.    Blue Midnight Little Walter 1952  LISTEN AT !:45+

23.    Crying Blue Smitty and his String Men 7/11/52

24.    Darling Brown Eyes Church Brothers ca. 1950

25.    Dial 110 Blues Country Jim Bledsoe 1952

26.    Better Late Than Never Buster Pack and His Lonesome Pine Boys 1952

27.    Catfish Blues Bobo Thomas Sonny Boy Williamson 7/52

28.    Zindy Lou The Chimes 1953

29.    There is Only One Four Leaf Clover Quartet 1953



Volume 28


1.      Tran La Ezy The Musical Four Plus One early 1950s

2.      The Story of My Life Guitar Slim 10/26/53

3.      The Gypsy Louis Armstrong 10/22/53

4.      She's All Right Muddy Waters 9/24/53

5.      Just Can’t Stay Willie Nix 1953

6.      Tempus Fugit Miles Davis 1953

7.      A Million Mistakes Claude King 1953

8.      My Baby Left Me Big Boy Spires 1/17/53

9.      No Shoes Eddie Kirkland  1953

10.    Old Grey Goose Red Belcher and the Kentucky Ridgerunners Early 1950s

11.    Rock Me Lucky Joe Almond 1953

12.    Saving My Love for You Johnny Ace 12/53

13.    Arkansas Traveler Jimmy Bryant Speed West 12/8/53

14.    Bye and Bye Bob Angliano Quartet 1953

15.    Descent Into the Maelstrom Lenny Tristano 1953

16.    Diggin’ My Potatoes Washboard Sam Bill Broonzy 1953

17.    Feelin’ Bad  Junior Parker 10/53

18.    Grande Nuit Especial Iry LeJeune 1953

19.    I Heard About You Charlene Arthur 1953

20.    Have I Waited Too Long Faron Young 1953

21.    I’m Crying Holy Unto the Lord Brother Claude Ely 10/53

22.    It Don’t Hurt Anymore Hank Snow 12/16/53

23.    Lonesome Old Jail D. A. Hunt 5/53

24.    Love My Baby Junior Parker 1953

25.    You Gotta Be My Baby George Jones 1954

26.    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Thelonius Monkk 6/7/54

27.    Thrice Upon a Theme (excerpt) Charles Mingus  12/54

28.    What’s It All About? Little Leo 1954


Volume 29


1.      Too Close to Heaven Bessie Griffin 1954

2.      When the Saints Go Marching In Papa Lightfoot  4/17/54

3.      I’m So Lonesome Hobo Jack 1954

4.      Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down Caudill Family 1954

5.      blue Moon of Kentucky Elvis Presley 1954

6.      Bonus Pay Pat Hare  5/14/54

7.      Don’t Explain Helen Merrill 12/54

8.      Eva Lee James Walton  ca. 1954

9.      Hey Little Girl Billy Emerson 1/11/54

10.    Honky Tonk Gal Carl Perkins 1954

11.    I Could Love You All the Time Estill Stewart and the Flat Mountain Boys 1954

12.    Jolie Tee Caitin Clarence Garlow 1954

13.    Lovin’ You JB Hutto 1954

14.    No Nights By Myself Sonny Boy Williams 12/12/54 (listen to 2:13!)

15.    Prelude to a Kiss Billy Holiday/Jimmy Rowles 1954

16.    Choose the One You Want Hoyle Nix 1955

17.    Just a Lonely Boy Clifton Chenier 1955

18.    Do Lord Deep South Quartet 1955

19.    Don’t Cry Baby Little Jimmy Scott  4/22/55

20.    Don’t Worry About Me Julie London 1955

21.    Downbound Train Chuck Berry 1955

22.    God’s Creation Those Golden Bells Gospel Song Birds  ca. 1955

23.    Hide Me Rock of Ages Speer Family 1955

24.    Hidin’ Out Patsy Cline 6/1/55

25.    I’m Just a Lonely Guy Little Richard 1955

26.    You’re Fer Me Buck Owens 1955

27.    Making Believe Kitty Wells 1955

28.    Need a Hundred Dollars One String Sam 1955



Volume 30


1.      Hottentot Potentate Bobby Short 1955

2.      I Woke Up Screaming Bobby Blue Bland 1955

3.      I’m in the Mood Nappy Brown 1955

4.      Ruby Baby The Drifters  9/19/55

5.      She’s Fine She’s Mine Bo Diddley 1955

6.      Social Call Betty Carter 5/55

7.      When They Ring Those Golden Bells Gospel Song Birds  ca. 1955

8.      What Happened Last Night Alec Wilder Mundell Lowe 1956

9.      You Can Fly High Earl King 12/56

10.    Just Wailing Louie Meyers 1956

11.    You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To (excerpt) Cecil Taylor 1956

12.    Lonesome Train on a Lonesome Track Johnny Burnette Trio 7/2/56

13.    My Babe  One String Sam  1956

14.    No More Abbey Lincoln 1956

15.    Ooh-Wow  Roy Montrell 8/18/56

16.    Sinner’s Cross Roads Slver Quintette ca. 1956

17.    Slow Down Cochran Brothers 1956

18.    Suzie Q Dale Hawkins 1956

19.    There I’ve Said It Again Big Maybelle  7/20/56

20.    Three Hours Past Midnight Johnny Guitar Watson 1956

21.    The Train That Carried My Girl From Town Vernon Sutphin Cleve Sutphin 1/56

22.    Uncloudy Day Staple Singers 9/11/56

23.    All On Account of You Speckled Red 1956

24.    Baby Don’t Say That No More Jimmy Reed 1956

25.    Half as Good a Girl Wanda Jackson

26.    Can’t Hardly Stand It Charlie Feathers 1956

27.    Could It Be You The Four Tops 1956

28.    Crazy Arms Jerry Lee Lewis 1956


Volume 31

1.      Black Jack David Warren Smith 1956

2.      Crazy Arms Ray Price 3/1/56

3.      Death When You Come to Me Moondog 1956

4.      East Virginia Blues Stanley Brothers 1956

5.      I’m in Love Solomon Burke '56

6.      I Don’t Know James Brown 1956

7.      Going Down the Road Feeling Bad Elizabeth Cotton 1957

8.      You Can Bet Your Life (I DO) Esther Phillips 5/2/56

9.      Lord I Come to Thee Deacon Leroy Shinault 1956

10.    Groaning the Blues Otis Rush 1957

11.    Let ‘Em Roll The Midnighters (Hank Ballard)  1957

12.    I’ll Weep No More Betty Everett 1957

13.    What is This ThIng Called Love Sonny Rollins 1957

14.    Wilson Rag Elizabeth Cotton 1957

15.    Searchin’  The Coasters  2/15/57

16.    Everything Gonna Be All Right Magic Sam 1958

17.    Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow  Congregation of Mt. Olive Reg. Baptist Church  1959 

18.    You’ve got to Lose Jackie brenston Ike Turner 1958

19.    Respectable Isley Brothers 1959

20.    Images Sun Ra and His Arkestra 1958

21.    Under the Double Eagle Cowboy Roy Brown ca. 1958

22.    Step it Up and Go Ike Everley (unknown date)

23.    This is The End Buddy Guy 1958

24.    Black Pearls John Coltrane 1958

25.    Holiday Hill Wallace Waters 1958

26.    Crossroads Paul Bley Don Cherry Ornette Coleman 1958

27.    Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby Link Wray 1958

28.    Old Time Religion Stovepipe 1960






























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I think I'll order this, although I, too, have reservations about the title (not only does it reek of SJW status, it's kind of amateurish).  And I'll probably never crack open the book, unless it contains discographical information.  Still, the track list looks interesting, especially the early recordings.

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11 hours ago, mjzee said:

..... although I, too, have reservations about the title (not only does it reek of SJW status, it's kind of amateurish).

If you are familiar with Allens mission over the years and his previous projects, it makes sense.

11 hours ago, mjzee said:

And I'll probably never crack open the book, unless it contains discographical information.  

You should - Allen's opinions about interrelations of American music styles are revealing. 

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The whole "SJW" thing is so fucking trite (from every angle). I'm looking forward to people doing better than cheap actions and cheap labels. Don't know if I'll live long enough to see it, but oh well about that.

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It's a cheap thought, to be sure!

Just sayin', I hear "SJW" (or it's full word equivalent") in today's "conversations" and to me it sounds just like "hippie" did back ca. 1972, or "redneck" ca. anytime, Just a way to compartmentalize and avoid.

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Yeah, well, idiots can attach themselves to any cause. Idiots gonna idiot, period.

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On 18.9.2019 at 0:23 AM, mjzee said:

I think I'll order this, although I, too, have reservations about the title (not only does it reek of SJW status, it's kind of amateurish).  And I'll probably never crack open the book, unless it contains discographical information.  Still, the track list looks interesting, especially the early recordings.

While I have no idea about ths one yet I know you'll be missing out on plenty of interesting insights. i found the booklets to "That Devilin' Tune" very intersting, and "God Didn't Like It" too. A rather different and certainly personal but definitely fascinating perspective on the subject. It cannot hurt or read about this kind of musical history from an angle that is off the beaten tracks of the usual writings.
As for the title, I am not sure what the bone of contention is with many around here - but maybe that is because I am not from the US. I take it as a play on words (of sorts) but I am sure Allen is not one of those newbie P.C.-ish writers who find "cultural appropriation" the latest "in thing" in writing about music to blast any WHITE listener for how he DARE to deeply and genuinely embrace that music ("black" music, for example) and most everything that goes with it.

If you want to avoid preconceived SJW agendas in writing about music from decades past (note that I am using SJW with a strictly neutral connotation here), steer clear of "Swing Shift" by Sheree Tucker and "Come In and Hear The Truth" by Patrick Burke, for example. ;) (And these are just examples ... oh, and come to think of it, for all its interesting subject matter, Rashida K. Braggs' dissertation-turned-unrevised-book "Jazz Diasporas" can get grating at times too, at least the two thirds I have so far read).

Edited by Big Beat Steve

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2 minutes ago, Captain Howdy said:

Does that describe the minstrels? Pat Boone? Rock & roll in general? The relationships b/w black and white music in the US deserves to be examined; I just don't think the concept of "cultural appropriation" has any value. It's a loaded term, a term of abuse, implying theft and it's only ever leveled at white men.

No, it's not only ever leveled at white men. It's leveled at "white culture" in general, male and female alike. And if you ever want to stop the idiocy, I think you have to begin by acknowledging the point that the world (and as much of the world as has been available) economy of the last several centuries has indeed been structured in a way that benefits (and to sustain that benefit) "white people" first, sometimes intentionally, sometimes inadvertently, but still, always..

After that, there's more than plenty room for nuances (for starters, the role of not just race but gender, and the role of "divide and conquer" in terms of intra-racial as well as inter-racial power dynamics), but the longer this basic point elicits defensiveness instead of acknowledgement...that's just going to make the "conversation" louder and stupider.

All that is shifting, inevitably, McLuhan's "global village" no longer just an idea, but a hard reality. Stridency and idiocy in response to the change (either by those wishing to prevent it or those wanting to hurry it along, in both cases little more than a mob-mentality screaming MAKE IT STOP) might be inevitable, but to invest in that conversation rather than one looking at what will come next, be it in 5, 50, or 500 years seems to me the more entertaining and healthy route.

Plenty of good seats left!!!!



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16 hours ago, Captain Howdy said:

Does that describe the minstrels? Pat Boone? Rock & roll in general? The relationships b/w black and white music in the US deserves to be examined; I just don't think the concept of "cultural appropriation" has any value. It's a loaded term, a term of abuse, implying theft and it's only ever leveled at white men. You'll never see Ray Charles accused of cultural appropriation for Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music. 

I do think Allen Lowe is one who is historically aware of all the stylistic cross-pollination that went on from the beginning of recorded music and has valid things to say about all the infuences that went BOTH ways without romanticizing things. And personally I don't think he will accuse anybody of anything from the "cultural appopriation" angle so much in vogue these days in certain quarters. So I dont' really know what you are getting at. Don't you realize that in your ranting you don't even see who your (purported) opponent is and who is not?

I agree with your statement above and this is one reason why I find exploring all this history of cross-pollination (some might say "crossover" before there was the term) highly fascinating. And this is part of the muiscal history that is TOTALLY different from all the "cover version" and bowdlerized white POP versions too. But again - influences e.g. between black and white "niche" music (i.e NON-pop) pre-war and early post-war went BOTH ways in many, many directions. I have no idea what your exact musical tastes are but just as one little example, let's assume you are familiar with Wynonie Harris' hits "Bloodshot Eyes" and "Good Morning Judge". Would you know offhand too that NEITHER of the two was a Harris original (or one written specifically for him) but in fact Harris COVERS of COUNTRY songs recorded before? "Cultural appropriation"? Ha!

I short, calm down and let the "cultural appropriation" agitators agitate as much as they like. After all, what was the saying about the caravan moving on again? ;) What does it matter to those of us who are aware of BOTH sides of the (musical) coin and give credit where credit is due to the ORIGINATORS (which admittedly is something the covers churned out by Pat Boone and his ilk did not - but who wants Pat Boone anyway?).

15 hours ago, Captain Howdy said:

Now it seems to me that a white academic compiling a canon of--what is it, 36 CDs?--of black music and instructing us on how to listen to black music is about as perfect an example of cultural appropriation as I can think of.

Did you check the track listings close enough, I wonder? THere are PLENTY of tunes by WHITE artists there, and as far as I can tell with my spotty knowledge of 20s music both black and white, I'd say this just shows EXACTLY this cross-pollination that went on even way back then.

Edited by Big Beat Steve

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That's really quite the set; not to figure out if I actually have money for it.

I noticed Vol. 14 has the titles in alphabetical order.  Curatorial humor?

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46 minutes ago, Captain Howdy said:

I understand that I'm the outsider here and everyone else seems to know and respect Allen, and I've no doubt he's forgotten more than I'll ever know about music. And I agree with you when you say you don't think he will accuse anybody of anything from the "cultural appopriation" angle so much in vogue these days in certain quarters." My point has always been that "cultural appopriation" has become such a joke that it no longer has any academic value.

Those might not be the best examples, since Wynonie probably never heard those songs until Syd Nathan presented them to him. Syd liked to reuse songs whose copyrights he owned. Again, I too find the "history of cross-pollination" fascinating. Just don't call it "cultural appropriation".

Here I disagree, and strongly. If you're not willing to stand up for free speech you're going to lose it. 

No, I confess didn't, but the title is Turn Me Loose White Man.

Seriously, I think your avatar affects the way people perceive you.  

As to the topic here: I think everyone should compare  the Will Bradley Trio's version of Down the Road Apiece with Amos Wilburn's and Chuck Berry's and guess who wrote it and which came first. 

Edited by medjuck

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51 minutes ago, Captain Howdy said:

Here I disagree, and strongly. If you're not willing to stand up for free speech you're going to lose it.

That "free speech" thing works in some funny ways sometimes...

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It's only "stealing" once it gets monetized and commoditized. Until then, it's just love doing what love do.

6 minutes ago, Captain Howdy said:

As the man in charge of deleting posts you have hopefully given it a lot of thought.

Oh, I'd gave it a lot of thought long before I was given the power to delete posts.

One thing I noticed was that "free speech" always seems to be a lot freer when it's being spoken from power than to it, especially when it's a demand/request to sit down and STFU.

Like I said, funny ways sometimes.

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8 hours ago, Captain Howdy said:

What belongs to no one can't be stolen. 

But what gets sold certainly does have at least a claimed owner, and that process can arouse at least the aura of a theft.

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Volumes 1 & 2 are certainly early. What kind of recording techniques were employed then and how do they sound?

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