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  1. I just collected The new Louis Armstrong Mosaic from a post collection point. Disc 1 playing. Glorious Satchmo
  2. Mine left the warehouse yesterday.
  3. Imaginary Mosaics

    That would be an awful lot of Frank Trumbauer (not a complaint). There was a Bix Beiderbecke/Frank Trumbauer/Jack Teagarden set. That features his work for Columbia/Okeh. His recordings for Victor with the Benson Orchestra of Chicago and Paul Whiteman and others have never been collected in one collection. I don't know about other C-melody players. I would be interested in that.
  4. Imaginary Mosaics

    Might prove to have too many CD's
  5. I'm waiting for it to arrive.
  6. It's not on the Savoy or Savory box . Some issues give give October 19 1938 but Armstrong was in New Orleans that day. Info from Tom Lord disco. I have the Recording on Neatwork Louis Armstrong volume 2 1935-1944 and Frémeaux The complete Louis Armstrong vol 9. Jeepers Creepers is included but not mentioned in the booklet. Disc 1 has 23 tracks in stead of 22. There are many more issues of this session.
  7. The previous Armstrong set was from 2014 (RCA Victor and Columbia live recordings). When I suggested this set to Mosaic I didn't anticipate so much extra material. 3 albums with alternate takes and a few singles. I suggested this set beacause I had trouble tracking down CD's with the master takes of Play W.C Handy and Satch plays Fats. So for me it is a must have. I 'm not suggesting that Mosaic did this set only because I asked for it.
  8. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2021!

    I'll take the plunge and do November.
  9. James P. Johnson piano rolls

    I checked the Tom Lord on line disco. There is no complete edition. From the around 50 rolls a number have been issued on Biograph complitations. BCD105 'Carolina Shout' has 13 of them.
  10. I only read the large print shipping notice. It’s to the warehouse. But it still means the set is on it’s way.
  11. Just got my shipping notice.
  12. From time to time I check te Retrieval web site hoping there will be a new issue. But allas: 'Hotsy Totsy Gang 1930' from 2018 remains the last one. Most available titles are now €8,21. But a lot ot titles are no longer available though some still have the button 'let me know when available'. But i wouldn't put up my hopes too high. Timeless Historical last issue is from 2008. Jazz Oracle's last issue is from 2016. The label has been bought up by Upbeat. I don't now if new issues are in de pipeline. Frog's last issue is from 2019. There was an annoucment of a six CD box with jazz recorded in New Orleans but that is nowere to be seen on the revamped website (a glimmer of hope). Just as the annnouced 6th annual. To the best of my knowledge the remaing serious reissue labels with music from the 78-era are Archeophone and Rivermont. Nice as their products are neither of them are specialised in Jazz. Unless Mosaic comes with a bunch of sets from the 78-era it is a closed chapter.
  13. LF IAJRC Guitar Rarities volume 1

    I have this CD. If you PM me your e-mailadres I can upload it (music and pdf of the booklet) to We transfer. This seems to me the quickest way.
  14. LF IAJRC Guitar Rarities volume 1

    A very worthwhile CD.
  15. Just got an e-mail that the Teddy Wilson set is on last chance. The Lester Young/Count Basie set made a come back just as the Woody Herman Decca, Mars, MGM set. These come backs are usualy short lived. If you don't have them it's time to pull the trigger.
  16. Teddy Wilson set on last chance

    The Teddy Wilson is now OOP. Some how The Woody Herman is still listed. Mosaic catalogue: Paul Desmond, Savory collection. Coming soon: Louis Armstrong. That’s All folks
  17. Teddy Wilson set on last chance

    I remember lending this one from the public library. Must have the cassette tape I made some where in the attic.
  18. Teddy Wilson set on last chance

    Brunswick/Vocalion was an independent record company until end 1930. Bought by Warner Brothers to press records for their talking movies system that din’t make it. They leased the labels to ARC (Columbia/Okeh now Sony under the provision that a minimum number of records be sold. In 1940 they failed and the labels returned to WB who then sold them to Decca (now Universal) Decca also bought the pre late 1930 recordings. The recordings made by ARC stayed with ARC. The Columbia and Okeh label made a come back at that point.
  19. Mosaic partials ...

    If you don't have the set and you like Lester Young get it. It might be the only way to get the complete Jones Smith inc session.
  20. Best concert line-up ever?

    I was thinking about 'The Carnival of Swing' 29-5-1938 on Randall Island (NY). 25 bands in the line up. Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Stuff Smith (with Ben Webster), Artie Shaw, Ella Fitzgerald, and Gene Krupa as the closing act. But also Kay Kaiser and Vincent Lopez. Great bands for shure but jazz?. I could not find a complete line up. Missing from the line up: Benny Goodman he played at the Steel peer (Atlantic City) that day. Count Basie & His Orch. 1938 Randall's Island NYC - YouTube Carnival of Swing: Uncovering an Historic Jazz Concert at Randall's Island Stadium, 1938 | The New York Public Library ( The poster 1938 Carnival of Swing Poster | Growling Hamster is a recreation of how it might have looked.
  21. Name Three People...

    Warren Vaché Cow Cow Davenport Bix Beiderbecke
  22. Woody Herman set on last chance

    The Woody Herman 1943-1954 set is now OOP. Still available at Jazzmessengers Barcelona.
  23. Just got an e-mail from Mosaic stating that the Woody Herman set is on last chance. It bypassed the running low status.
  24. Ella Fitzgerald with Benny Goodman Orch

    1935-1955 Ella recorded for Decca after that for Verve,Capitol, Reprise, Pablo. There is not much stray material to collect. The two sides with Teddy Wilson are included in the Teddy Wilson Mosaic set.
  25. Discographers Monetizing Their Work

    Maybe you should ask Tom Lord who runs a large on line jazz disco behind a paywal. Tom Lord - The Jazz Discography - Catalog of Jazz Music ( Compiling the disco is his livelyhood so it seems natural to me that he asks a subscription fee.