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  1. *** SUN RA Corner***

    Actually, the sound is not bad at all for this sort of music. Leo even boasts about the quality. As for the music, I like it, but not a priority purchase, unless you are a fanatic. It's a big band, about 25 pieces, with trombones, which you don't always get.
  2. *** SUN RA Corner***

    Speaking of "What Planet is This?", a CD of that name of a 1973 Sun Ra concert in New York is now out on Leo.
  3. Pangaea and Agartha

    Only for the first two minutes or so. The wild stuff comes courtesy of Gaumont.
  4. Pangaea and Agartha

    A question about one of my favourite bands is a good place for my first post... Lucas solos once per concert on the Agharta and Pangaea discs. On Agharta, he solos on the second track of disc 2 around the start of the tune most people call “For Dave.” He also solos on disc 1 of Pangaea around the 30:29 mark following Fortune’s solo. On Dark Magus, that’s Lucas playing initially on “Tatu“, with Gaumont taking over afterwards around the 2:30 mark. Cosey is likely playing percussion throughout.