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  1. They could actually put Back at the Chicken Shack and Midnight Special together on one disc, even that one track which surfaced on the CD issue of Chicken Shack should fit in. Now that would be a hell of a disc!

    And Crazy Baby, yes! - but that music is so fucking good!

    I got it as my maybe tenth BN disc of Smith and it really was a revelation!

    That other one with Turrentine (can't remember the title) would be nice to have RVG'd, too, though it doesn't grab me as do Midnight Special and Chicken Shack.

    Then how about RVGs of the two Ornette and the two Cecil Taylor discs? I know they would probably rather show up as Conns (as should the third Don Cherry disc), but they would be nicer done by RVG, I think.

    Then anyway they should hire either Malcolm Addey or RVG as their "default" remasterer...


  2. Nice idea, Matt. (But otherwise: we around here are alerted in time anyway when some Mosaic runs out.)

    Big Wheel: the Hamilton is very nice. His first quintet with Buddy Collette and Jim Hall was very very good, and quite a lot of the set is material with that line up, included some (partially unreleased) very good live sessions.

    The Katz/Pisano group got a little more mellow, but I like some of their stuff, too. And the originally release Ellington album (as opposed to the recently unearthed "Original Ellington Suite" feat. Eric Dolphy) has both Katz and Collette, and is good, too, in my opinion.

    vibes: great for you! That's the sort of set Mosaic does the best. And the music is very good, indeed! Was one of my first purchases of music of that era, and it's a good starting point to get you interested!


  3. - only, I've got to wait till the next paycheck arrives... and don't tell my girlfriend  :w )

    Uh...there is sort of an "unwritten agreement" on this, isn't there??? I mean, if Mrs. Moose ever totals up my jazz bills... :ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:


    this would be DOOMSDAY indeed!

    although the actual ms. ubu is not half as horrible a wifey as the one found with help of the link in my signature...

    going undercover to do some further additions to my collection

    :unsure::rfr B)


  4. Whistleman was on Label M, but the one I've got is an Atlantic Original Sound digipack release. I think the Label M one had additional material?

    Conn: have fun! And try to get that 32jazz Dog Years in the Fourth Ring box while it's still around (hope it is, don't know for sure, though)


  5. up!

    Lon: you've mentioned the Birdland 2CD sets. And I actually got my 4CD set (which is, musically, identical) based on your mention of how good the sound quality of the fabled Bird/Fats/Bud date was. Thanks for that!

    You or anyone else knows the others I listed in my first post?

    Bringing this up again, because Eric asked about the Ember Bird sets in that NEW NEVER HEARD BIRD/DIZ etc. thread.


  6. i wish BN could add more titles to it...

    I think they intended to release a third batch of these fine series, but as the first two didn't sell, they stopped.

    The first ones were:

    Baker/Freeman, Touff, Perkins, Montrose, Sheldon, Shank/Perkins

    so the second ones:

    Amy/Bolton, Andreza, Brookmeyer, Edwards, Mulligan, Shank/Cooper

    My favorites are the Mulligan set (as I don't have the Mosaic), the Baker (same), and Teddy Edwards. Amy was new for me (I could locate the LP version of this one a year or two ago), and I like that one a lot, too.

    The Andreza disc is the only one I don't have. Anybody has a second copy?


  7. What kind of King lives week to week? Ubu, draw down on those Swiss accounts.

    despite my alias, I'm nothing than a blatant, grandiloquent student... :(

    and on switzerland: imagine "nice price" and "mid price" disc for 16$ , normally priced ones 25$. nice, eh? not even a swiss king might buy as much as he would like to! B)


  8. Is this a reasonable place to start with AEC. ?

    I have nothing else by the AEC (except a late live disc from around 1990.)

    I'd say if you're open-eared (/-minded), and the comments made in this thread don't keep you away from it, it's a great place to start.

    And finally, if you got it, you can go the chronological way later on (I'm not so far yet, but that's more of a time and money related issue than a question of wanting to), and know their beginnings.


  9. Typically I ordered the Chico Hamilton set on Monday . I could have taken advantage of the offer to get the AEC box .

    But then again that JJ Johnson box looks very enticing.

    oh, sure! get them!

    two great box sets! and with the j.j., you can even get two more discs...

    and have fun with Hamilton!

    (I'll finally pick up the selects 1 & 2, together with some ESSENTIAL Basie & some Duke... what a feast! - only, I've got to wait till the next paycheck arrives... and don't tell my girlfriend :w )


  10. Following is the text from the link above:

    *****Buy A Mosaic Set And Get A Discount On True Blue Music!*****

    Limited Time Offer!

    Offer Ends July 31st

    As a customer of Mosaic Records, you are eligible to enjoy a price reduction on our True Blue Music catalog. True Blue Music carries some of the finest jazz recordings from all of the major labels including Blue Note, Verve and Columbia as well as independents such as Delmark, Concord and Hindsight.

    Here's how the promotion works: Purchase a Mosaic Records set and you are entitled to purchase the same number of CDs or LPs at a $5.00 discount from True Blue Music. For example, buy a 5 CD or 5 LP set from Mosaic Records and buy up to 5 CDs or 5 LPs at a $5 discount on each CD from True Blue Music (a savings of $25. (You may mix CDs and LPs). A $12.98 item would cost $7.98 and a $15.98 item would cost $10.98. And a 3 CD set which would normally sell for $39.98 would be priced at $24.98.

    All of the Mosaic sets are eligible for this program and you may purchase as many sets as you wish (Buy a 10 CD set and be eligible for a $50 savings). The discount may only be applied to True Blue Music product and not Mosaic Records sets. The discounts must be used when you place the order. They cannot be carried forward for use at a later time.

    If you order on the website, the shopping cart prior to checkout, will automatically calculate the proper discount that you would pay for your order. The items from both websites (www.mosaicrecords.com and www.truebluemusic.com) are included in the same shopping cart. You can always delete items from the shopping cart before you finally complete your order.

    Hopefully with this program, we are able to provide you with more jazz recordings at basically wholesale prices and at the same time expose more of our sets to our customers. As a member of the Mosaic family we hope you enjoy this benefit and we thank you very much for your continued support.

    now the updated version has the offer ending august 31, 03:

    A Final Note

    Please take advantage of Mosaic without delay – this offer ends August 31, 2003. You probably know by now that jazz isn’t just a business for us; it’s a labor of love. And thanks for your loyalty to us and to this great art form.

    Sincerely, All of us at Mosaic Records

    now this has poor ubu a little bit confused...


  11. I can only give Zweitausendeins a big thumbs up for their customer service.

    as Aggie said! thumbs up :tup

    That said, it must also be pointed out that a large number of these inexpensive box sets appear to be selling without the actual box (or slipcover in most cases) and booklet. An employee at my local Zweitausendeins outlet here in Stuttgart told me that they were getting them that way from their source (ZYX directly perhaps?). While I'm not really sure about that, it appears that either the source or zweitausendeins is just trying to get rid of them at fire-sale prices. (maybe ZYX/Fantasy is getting ready to replace these boxes with remastered versions?)

    seems so. I complained when I received my BIG package (the usual shabby cardboard box...) and Mr Luening answered telling me they got these sets like that from their source (ZYX?), and that I can of course send those back I don't want (which of course I did, and then ordered the full-price sets from the US <_< )


  12. Hoever, the Pepper Galxy set is missing discs 5-8, and there are no booklets or discographical information of any sort with either set of discs. Actually, neither set even has a larger box. Each just has its set of 4 discs jewel cases - 4 for the Monk, and 3 for the Pepper (and one missing).

    Try and write Mr Luening an email (I think the address is sluening@zweitausendeins.de, but I would have to check at home tonight - write me a PM if the above address is wrong, and I'll come back to you tonight). He was very helpful when they first sent me twice discs 5-8 and none 9-12 from the Monk set, and then (see above in this thread), also a wrong disc 8 of the Evans Riverside.

    I could keep the additional discs (after having gotten rid of the MD Jazz Giants disc 'coz I had all of it in the Monk Prestige box, I finally have the Prestige MD Quintet take on 'Round Midnight again this way!)

    and they sent me replacements (which were correct, by the way) very soon.

    Then, couw's booklets are very good! (thanks again :) ) I got Pepper and Evans Fantasy and Tatum Group with small little booklets, and Tatum Solo, Monk Riverside and Evans Riverside with none.


  13. I found this LP today. It's an early stereo recording made in January 1961. So far, I have only listened to the first track - sound quality is astonishing for a live recording f that time, and the band (Claude Williamson, Don Prell & Chuck Flores) seems to be on.

    The label is called Concept records, copyright is from 1985 (as are Shank's own liner notes, and a note from producer Gerry Macdonald).

    Sounds like a very VERY nice companion piece to the Mosaic! AMG gives it the following 4 1/2 stars review (and lists it as a Bainbridge and Choice release):

    Altoist Bud Shank recorded frequently as a leader during 1954-69 for Richard Bock's Pacific Jazz and World Pacific labels, but very few of those diverse records (other than his collaborations with guitarist Laurindo Almeida) are currently available. An exception is this CD reissue (on Choice) of a live set by his 1956 group for the obscure Concept label. Recorded in early stereo by Gerry MacDonald, the Shank Quartet (with pianist Claude Williamson, bassist Don Prell and drummer Chuck Flores) was caught during a seven-month period when they worked regularly at the Haig in Los Angeles. They stretch out on Williamson's "Ambassador Blues" and a variety of standards, playing cool-toned bop and pushing themselves. Easily recommended to straight-ahead jazz fans. — Scott Yanow

    Anyone has more info about htis release? Opinions?


  14. I also like "Here Comes The Whistleman", which came out as one of those Verve CDs with a three-letter abbreviation. Kirk's work with Jaki Byard is also outstanding.

    oh yes! that's a real good'un! how could i have forgotten that one!


  15. Number one would be the whole Mercury set, I gues...

    Some of the outstanding albums for Mercury were "We Free Kings", "Rip, Rig & Panic", the Copenhagen live sessions, the album with Benny Golson arrangements...

    Then I am very very fond of the 1960 "Introducing" album (Chess, reissued in GRP's "Chessmates"-series).

    That one has the versatile Ira Sullivan on trumpet and tenor. Their battle on "Soul Station" (a Kirk original, not the Mobley tune of the same name) is beautiful.

    The very first of Kirk's recordings (Early Roots, Bethlehem, rec. 1956) is more an R'n'B kind of thing, but as the latest addition to my Kirk holdings, I'm growing quite fond of it, too.

    My introduction to Kirk was via the nice 32jazz 3CD set "Dog years in the fourth ring". That one has 2 discs of unreleased live material from the sixties and seventies, and on disc 3 it includes one of the mrarest Kirk items, his solo disc "Natural Black Inventions: Root Strata". Highly recommended!

    His other Atlantic albums (reissued by Rhino, 32jazz and Collectables) and the late Warner stuff (also on 32) does not grab me as much, but "The Inflated Tear" and "Volunteered Slavery" would be the exceptions.

    "I, Eye, Aye" is very good, too. I second that. Generally, though, I find listening pleasure in any of the Atlantic albums ("Rahsaan, Rahsaan", "Left and Right etc).

    His one Verve album "Now Please Don't You Cry, Beautiful Edith" (on CD with "Rip, Rig & Panic") and his one Prestige album "Kirk's Work" with Jack McDuff are very good, too.


  16. Another very nice one I recently got is the Italian Instabile Festival 2CD (Leo) - cover down below.

    It has various line-ups, from duo, trio and quartets to the full beloved Italian Instabile Orchestra.

    Players include Mario Schiano, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Gianluigi Trovesi, Enrico Rava, Sebi Tramontana and many others.

    You can get it for 9£ from amazon.co.uk (just need a little patience...)


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