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  1. Pim

    Don Cherry

    Anyone checked out this recent release? https://www.soundohm.com/product/universal-silence-2lp/pid/34658/ https://www.discogs.com/Don-Cherry-Carlos-Ward-Dollar-Brand-Universal-Silence/release/13545963 only 300 copies available unfortunately. And misplaced artwork as no one (except Don of course) is on this record. But this group is killing. Third World Underground is a stunning record!
  2. Thanks for the advice Scott! Haven’t tried that yet and will try when I have got some time for it
  3. Thanks Scott, maybe I explained it the wrong way. I have not checked the ITunes library on my pc yet. What I meant was the library on my IPhone. This contained the music from my ITunes library (with all the correct data). Apple Music changed all this data in my ‘Music’ app on my phone. From every artist there is something of course, yet I can’t find a lot of specific stuff by for example: Billy Harper, Hamiet Bluiett, Mal Waldron, Hannibal and so on.
  4. Ha that does not surprise me!
  5. Bought my copy on vinyl. Hanging in my music room now... such a beautiful cover!
  6. Thanks I can read! My comment was a general comment on the ridiculous price of the reissue (and with that, the rarity of this record on cd).
  7. I am not a big fan of streaming music. Collecting music is my hobby and I want something physical to hold. I want to read the liner notes, watch some photographs. I am probably old fashioned or light hearted.... But streaming is nice for exploring music and it helps to make decisions what to buy and what not to. So I recently started an Apple Music trial. Now, part from a small disappointment about the quantity available, something else really pisses me of. From about 2005 I am keeping all the info and data in my iTunes up to date and correct. That includes the right artwork. With more than 10000 songs it has been a hell of a job. Since my Apple Music trial started everything changed automatically and not in a good way. I think 2/3 of my music has the wrong artwork now, sometimes even by a completely different artist and album. This really sucks... Anyone else with this problem or am I the only compulsive disordered person here?
  8. That is correct. You can get it for only 162 euros on Discogs!
  9. Its on Dusty Groove also: https://www.dustygroove.com/item/917260?cat=jazz&incl_cs=1&no_incl_in=1&sort_order=release_date I am curious what the price of the triple LP set will be. Around 70 dollars? Just a wild guess. Anyway, this looks very interesting!
  10. Unfortunate they didnt change the packaging. Two of my discs (including Taylor’s One Too Many Salty) are damaged. What mostly happens with this kind of packaging is that some dust or something harder gets stuck inside the cardboard. Then, when shoving your cd in, a large scratch is made and you’re cd is unplayable. Despite checking the same happened to one of my ECM touchstones (same kind of packing. The Japanese mini LP’s got a nice jacket for the cd to prevent from such things to happen.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Ibrahim is one of my all time favorites. I own about 42 records by him but can’t get enough Ibrahim. Saw him last year, 83 years old, solo piano in Belgium. I was a short but breathtaking concert. Just Ibrahim and the piano, not even an amplifier or anything. One of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. Lovely and humble guy. any info on personel yet? Or is it another solo record like the last ones? Those (Mukashi, Senzo) are so beautiful and melancholic.
  12. Pim

    Billy Harper

    Got the Morgan, one of my all time favorite albums! thanks for the advice!
  13. Pim

    Billy Harper

    Yes I’m gonna be a Harper completist just like you I think! Way easier anyway than my other goal: being a Waldron completist. Fortunately Harpers discography is a bit smaller. Saves me some bucks haha! I already own: - Capra Black - Somalia - Destiny is Yours (killer album) - In Europe - Black Saint - Soran Bushi what should be my next step? Still hoping Mr. Harper will visit the Netherlands or Belgium with The Cookers some day. That’s an asskickin group
  14. Pim

    Billy Harper

    Yes that is it with Billy to me: feeling. It’s like he is talking directly to my soul, and I am not even a spiritual person. He’s just stunning. Added to my wantlist
  15. Pim

    Billy Harper

    Anyone know this one? Bought it for 5 euros at the Utrecht fair and it's pretty freakin great! Steamin session, wow! It's with Everett Hollins, Harold Mabern, Greg Maker, Horacee Arnold and the very great Billy Hart. So that's two drummers Seems to be one of those lesser known pearls,
  16. And Arthur Blythe.... and Henry Threadgill...
  17. Onaje is a pianist, isn’t he? He is a pianist, isn’t he? Anyway this is sad news! love his stuff with Woody
  18. Exactly! You clearly know how it works within 48 hours some ultra rare recording on my wantlist will pop up and than I have to buy it... I mean it would be ridiculous not to!
  19. Had to promise my wife this will be the last for a while... all on vinyl!
  20. Ah in that case I agree. Don’t like all his output but Pursuance, Standard of Language and Beyond the Wall are all very nice records. But also think it’s hard to compare a saxophone player to a trumpet player... anyway thanks for explaining Scott
  21. Yes Alans nice! Pity he only put out a few records...
  22. Thanks! Very happy with it. Took me a day to collect, the fair is quite big and the prices are ridiculous a lot of the time. And now almost no time to listen because of work unfortunately haha. But holidays are coming here
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