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  1. Everything was fine after all. Better than that even: he really undergraded his items. Now that’s rare on Discogs, altough Japanese sellers seem to be the most reliable. Found myself a copy of this one finally today! Very, very happy 😃
  2. The only jazz record my local store sold! Still has a special place in my heart
  3. Very curious how everybody liked this one. I was so excited when I heard about the release but to be honest I am a little disappointed. It’s not bad but none of the musicians sound really inspired. It sounds like an ordinary jamsession and I miss interaction. Anyone else who feels the same way or am I just very wrong?
  4. I am very careful with my vinyl. I’ve got Charles Tolliver’s Music Inc. Reissue on Pure Pleasure Records (Strata East). It’s one of my favorite records and with 30 euros a pop they aren’t really cheap. So there I was, taking the record very carefully of my player and in just a second... I dropped it, tried to catch in scratch it all across the wall. Now I won’t repeat the swearing words I used but boy did I hate myself that very moment.... still hoping for a miracle I took a good look at the record hoping it was ok but there were scratches all over unfortunately. there is no protection against human stupidity unfortunately
  5. Yes there is: Voice of Africa Blues for a Hip King African Sun Tintinyana The Mountain All music taken from these LP’s: Mannenberg is Where It’s Happening Abdullah Ibrahim & Ekaya Black Lightning Natural Rythm African Herbs Bra From Kilimanjaro Peace Underground In Africa Blues for a Hip King Dollar Brand Plays Sphere Jazz Dollar Brand + 3 This is highly recommended music from one of his best era’s. A great look into the South African jazz scene of those days. Quite a lot of it is OOP and sometimes quite rare.
  6. Excellent choice. I’ve got the whole series on Kaz. A good way to collect most of the fantastic ‘African recordings’ with Kippie, Robbie and other African talents.
  7. Jeez I wish I had the budget to have blind picking as a hobby. Unfortunately for me it is a very serious consideration in what to buy and what to let go. A possibility to try the album first is very helpful to me. oh and Erwbol: just pass them to me 😜 just let me know when you throw them away and I will stand aside your trashbin 👍😉
  8. Which is why I think Rooster's idea wasn't bad at all.
  9. I can see Roosters point. As I stated before it is a common way to decide if you are going to buy a record or not. When you are able to listen to one whole song it says so much more than a sample of 30 seconds. It has convinced me a lot of times to buy a record when I was doubting first. After all: in a record store you sometimes try a few complete songs first too
  10. Let me say this first: I fully understand you Chuck and you have every right to be mad about all these copyright violations and especially about the difficulty to get them removed (removing a fake account on Twitter is at least as difficult!) But there is one upside on this: to me these YouTube ‘videos’ are a great way to listen to samples. And they have influenced my decisions in what to buy a lot. In fact: quite a lot of them made me want to buy the real product. So in some way in some cases: it’s a way of advertising too
  11. Nah that was 50 for the both incl shipping. Not bad eh?
  12. OOP, very expansive used and there for very much wanted by people who do not yet own this music? Someone like me?
  13. Hemphills Dogon AD will be released on the same label in november
  14. Yes it is indeed that all star group with the Uptempo version of Round Midnight. The interaction within the group is just stunning. I also can’t believe this music hasn’t been issued more. Ordered my copies for about 50 dollars incl shipping from Japan. I like these two even better than The Loadstar as the sound quality is way better.
  15. Haha well these are Two very different Hannibal’s. Not sound wise but style wise. I am looking forward to hear about your feelings about the rest!
  16. Glad you guys enjoyed the music!
  17. Thanks felser it was a pleasure. Very nice to hear you found some new music to explore! And great these albums have another listener. 3.99? That is one hell of a steal! The median price on Discogs is around 30 euros! Enjoy!
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