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  1. Onaje is a pianist, isn’t he? He is a pianist, isn’t he? Anyway this is sad news! love his stuff with Woody
  2. Exactly! You clearly know how it works within 48 hours some ultra rare recording on my wantlist will pop up and than I have to buy it... I mean it would be ridiculous not to!
  3. Had to promise my wife this will be the last for a while... all on vinyl!
  4. Ah in that case I agree. Don’t like all his output but Pursuance, Standard of Language and Beyond the Wall are all very nice records. But also think it’s hard to compare a saxophone player to a trumpet player... anyway thanks for explaining Scott
  5. Yes Alans nice! Pity he only put out a few records...
  6. Thanks! Very happy with it. Took me a day to collect, the fair is quite big and the prices are ridiculous a lot of the time. And now almost no time to listen because of work unfortunately haha. But holidays are coming here
  7. In the big record fair in Utrecht: on cd: Elvin Jones - in Europe Kenny Garrett - Beyond The Wall Kenny Garrett - Songbook Chet Baker - and Crew Abdullah Ibrahim - South African Sunshine Abdullah Ibrahim - Ode to Duke Ellington Abdullah Ibrahim - Capetown Flowers Billy Harper - Soran Bushi Fred Hersch/Bill Frisell - Songs we Know Gerry Mulligan - Jeru On vinyl: Chet Baker - In Paris: Legendary Barclay Mal Waldron/Jackie McLean - Left Alone ‘86 Mal Waldron - Blues For Lady Day Mal Waldron - Live 4 to 1 Abdullah Ibrahim - Zimbabwe Abdullah Ibrahim - At Montreux Abdullah Ibrahim - Live at Sweet Basil with Carlos Ward (signed by both) Chico Freeman - Destiny’s Dance Bud Powell - The Lonely One Clifford Jordan - Night of the Mark VII
  8. I do not like Branford either. Never heard him play anything mind blowing, although he is surely more mind blowing than his brother... Branford isn’t bad at all but that goes for quite a lot of saxophonists. if I have to name a saxophonist of that generation that is way better i’d say Kenny Garrett for example. But I really don’t like his negative comments on such an old master... I don’t like that whole club of arrogant and jealous musicians with low self esteem: Wynton and of course the biggest gaping asshole in jazz mr. Stanley Crouch. I don’t like jazz musicians talking negative about others anyway.
  9. Me too, and indeed it's worth the price. I also keep my Discogs up to date.
  10. Listening to the Vinyl version now and I have to say: the sound is absolutely stunning. It's balanced, clear an rich, just as I am used to with Pure Pleasure Records. Quite contrary to the most here on the forum I am more into vinyl these days. Very happy with it. How's the cd, anyone? Could someone ad the cd version to Discogs?
  11. Quite a lot of record stores in Amsterdam and the Netherlands have shut down either including a shop specializing in jazz. But to my surprise a record store opened its doors 2 years ago in my hometown Heemskerk (pop. 40.000) and seem to do ok. Probably has something to do with the revival of the LP. I order new stuff in that shop now instead of buying at amazon or other big ventures. Costs me a 2 or 3 extra a piece but worthwhile to me.
  12. Haha it is very nice indeed. Bought another underrated piece by Waldron, on vinyl by the way other than the picture here:
  13. Agreed. Not bad per se but not at all the level he reached in the sixties/seventies for Blue Note and Milestone. Soliloquy is quite nice.
  14. Thanks! It was was quite an investment but the music is wonderfull
  15. Same as you Tom. Very nice record, very nice group of musicians. One of the better ‘80’s/‘90’s recordings by Tyner.
  16. It does indeed. Got mine on the wall, next to Alkebu Lan on Strata. The other list will be filled with Joe McPhee’s Nation Time.
  17. It has been reissued on cd but the prices are ridiculous. About 150 dollar a piece. Got mine on Japanese vinyl.
  18. Yup he is great, especially the Sunrise Orchestra stuff (although I must say I do not like most of the vocals on those albums). His work on Andrew Cyrille's My Friend Louis is also awesome. A trumpeter with Donald Ayler's power and Toliver's technique and speed. Powerful trumpeter!
  19. I myself prefer streaming over buying these boxes as music introductions. The boxes aren’t very nice to look at and take quite a lot of space.
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