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  1. Finally part 2 of my Japanese batch arrived today. Collective birthday gift from my whole family for which I am very, very greatful. Part from the Marion Brown I already owned the others on cd but as they are among my five star albums I still wanted to have a good vinyl copy.
  2. A flawless Rainbo pressing that still misses some… I don’t know how you say it but I am pretty sure most know what I mean. Great music nevertheless
  3. anyone know what’s the story with Jasmine? Was it some kind of early PD label? Their reissues are mostly pretty cheap (this one was 5 euros) in the second hand bins but it sounds pretty damn good.
  4. this remains one of my favorite Blue Note sessions and the 80th anniversary edition sounds excellent. The first time I heard Malagueña I was blown away by it and the power of Hendersons horn. I’m a sucker for that eastern modal groove (same thing with Tranes Ole). And then there’s Lazy Afternoon 🥰
  5. I don't mind Craft is bringing out these kind of releases. I just wish there was a budget line too. I am still looking for some pretty common titles and all that is avaible are ridiculiously priced audiophile editions or of course originals which are even more expensive. Freddie Hubbard's Red Clay, Grant Green's Matador, Lee Morgan's Tom Cat, Search for the New Land and Last Album, Woody Shaw's Blackstone Legacy. Glad I found the Village Vanguard compilation of Bill Evans because those two (Waltz for Debby and Sunday) are also not easy to obtain. I am pretty sure these records would sell.
  6. Pim

    Billy Harper

    Thanks for sharing. Still hoping for a European tour here… I would definitely travel to Belgium or Germany to capture him live. I didn’t knew he had an 11 year old daughter 😲
  7. Well I don't want to show off here... but I am a collaborator for some time now.... I am glad my grandfather isn't able to get this information anymore. Pretty sure that would have broken his heart.
  8. That’s a fantastic live recording by Harper. So glad SAM released it.
  9. these sessions are so powerful, with so much sincere depth. Anyone knows what happened with the Survival Records/Ali project? I expected more records to come.
  10. I agree that in most cases ‘common sense’ doesn’t work. After all: what’s common sense? And I also agree there will be people buying it for the trendy thing. But 50%? Half of all the buyer? 1 out of 2? This is a case where I like to believe my common sense is probably right and this article is wrong.
  11. I know how statistics and surveys work but I think it’s pretty obvious that with common sense alone you could feel that this ‘fact’ isn’t really a reliable one.
  12. Well if you're familliar with the Dreher live set and you like it, this one is highly recommended!
  13. Great one also on cd for me last one for tonight
  14. Thats a great one too! I have it on cd.
  15. Yeah I know he is but I am talking about leader dates. Let Em Roll is a fine date but not worth the Tone Poet price to me.
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