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  1. Hi Bev, 

    perhaps we can continue talking a little bit about music....i have not been on organissimo for a very long time, except one post about Maekus Stockhausen..... i just found you as a patron on Mike‘s solo CD PARIS, i am now also a patron ;-) of the Lou-Gare-CD and also of  Catania, what a great project! 

    On organissimo some guys were talking about you, „where he is“, so i hope, you are  allright. 

    I am living in Hamburg, aged 61, married for 25 years !, two adult children, daughter (25) and a son (32), he marries  at the end of november, they have a little daughter, so i think i am a grandfather ???? 

    A week ago i have seen Pharoa Sanders, still fantastic, amazing and moving, very great moment, at the same festival i saw Stuff, Mocky, Neneh Cherry, Yazz Ahmed, Matthew Halsall and a lot of other Music, great! On the german jazz scene Michael Wollny i getting better and better....do you have some new interesting recommendations, in any genre, and how are you? Hope you are fine!

    i am just reading the new biography on the man in black, i love his music!!

    all the best


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