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  1. I need to call the server company and see if I can pay for the entire year rather than monthly. As of now, we've raised $1300 + Dan's $130 that paid to get the lights turned back on, so $1430 in total. That's awesome! You guys are great. If I can get it just paid for the entire year, then we don't need to worry about it again until next February. I'll look into some subscription models. I think this software supports it.
  2. That's a great idea. I'll see if this forum software supports that.
  3. Friends, I apologize for the extended downtime. To be blunt, the server went down because I didn't pay the bill. This time of year is the absolute worst for me financially and frankly I just didn't have the money to pay it. I should've come here sooner and reminded everyone about donations, because it's been months since I've received one. But I've been working 12-16 hours a day on repair projects, trying to make some money. Member Dan Gould paid for this month and to him I'm very thankful. Anyway, I'm not complaining, just letting everyone know the reality. As is the case everywhere, the price to run this place has gone up slightly. My server fees are $138 per month and the license to use the forum software doubled from $99 a year to $199 a year. I haven't paid that yet. So in total it's $1855 a year to keep the lights on. I wish I could get the Donations tab working again. I'll look into that some more. That was nice when it was working. Anyway, my PayPal is b3groover@hotmail.com Thanks!
  4. They are up on my soundcloud. Also I just posted a new YouTube video with some more tunes done with an authentic mid-60s Hammond drum machine! There's also this little gem I did a few years ago with Ivan Akansiima and Jeff Shoup.
  5. No, we do not. And I haven't been getting any emails about slow downs. So maybe the server just needed a reboot. Not sure. I'll keep an eye on it.
  6. I was receiving them through the DONATIONS window. But I just removed it because it bothers me. My PayPal is b3groover at hotmail dot com. You can send money there or PM me if you want to send Venmo, Cash App, or a physical check.
  7. The DONATIONS plug-in was purchased via the Invision Community Forums marketplace. The person who developed it, who has a long history with the community (our old donations code was made by him) has evidently disappeared off the face of the planet. He has not responded to any emails, any support requests, nor has he logged on to the actual Invision Forum (the forum hosted by the company that makes this forum software) for several months. I have no idea what happened to him, but as of yet nobody else offers a plug-in for donations. I might have to hire a code expert to make a custom one for us.
  8. Hi friends, I was getting inundated with emails from my server about slow downs and processes taking too long. I asked the server company what was going on and it took them awhile to give me a solution. That should've been my warning sign there; I had emails from no less than five different people over the course of a couple days, all with differing opinions. Finally they claimed I needed to upgrade the server from 4GB of RAM to 8GB. They said the database for this forum had grown so large as to need the extra RAM. I asked how long that would take and they said a few hours and we scheduled Wednesday at 3:30am to do it. Well, something went wrong and the process failed. I'm not sure how installing physical RAM fails... or maybe it isn't physical anymore... maybe it's virtual. I have no idea. Anyway, I kept waiting for them to say the process was done and then tonight I get an email that it had failed yet again. Then I get an email from a completely different person (this was probably the 12th person involved in my support email chain) who said she had no record of me even ordering a RAM upgrade. LOL! This is the email I got: Are you fucking kidding me? So I wrote back the following: I think I may need to move hosting companies. I've been with Liquid Web for a long time. They used to be great. That was when they were owned by the son of a good friend of mine. Local company, local people. Well, the son sold the company a few years ago and the support has really gone downhill in that time. Anyway, I apologize for the downtime and I need to figure out the next best course of action.
  9. It was happening before. I just shut off all new registrations. The only way to become a member was for me to manually add the person. It was this way for years; probably at least 6 or more.
  10. Interesting thread. It is 100% Larry Young. That's obvious from his solo on Samba de Orpheus and his chord voicings on High Heeled Sneakers. I think the confusion is augmented by the gnarly tone of the organ itself because we associate Larry with that clean, precise tone of the Blue Note records. Also, he's playing a LOT of pedals on Iron City, which he doesn't do on the BN stuff. But my guess is that the organ and the material coaxed him to play it a certain way, maybe a tad more traditional than he usually did. Remember, he did two albums on Prestige that are straight up old-school JOS style Hammond before he started doing his own thing. Those two Prestige albums don't 'sound' like Young at all.
  11. Funny, I stopped watching the NBA in 2005. Yes, that Darko pick turned out to be horrible.
  12. I just reinstalled the plugin. The developer finally got back to me (first contacted him in October) and says it's fixed.
  13. I just suspended all new accounts until I can figure out what's going on. We do have CAPTCHA that is supposed to quell this stuff.
  14. Run it through two Leslies? You need a DI box. TrekII makes one. https://trekii.com/products/all/line-output-box.html Use that to get a solid line level 1/4" output and then you can put the organ through an amp or better yet put it through a Ventilator (Leslie simulator) and THEN through an amp or big PA speaker. That's what I used to do on the road, but not for volume. I did it because we didn't have our own sound guy and most of them had no idea how to mic, let alone mix a Leslie. The Ventilator gave them a mono or stereo output that they could just plug into their board and didn't have to think about. Mixing for dummies.
  15. It's still a great idea but it might be viewed as inappropriate for me to pretend to be a Native American in this political climate.
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