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  1. What an amazing thread, thanks for posting this - I had no idea there was so much Elvis-hatred (or is it Elvis envy)! Speaking only for myself, I can dig Elvis, Sinatra and even Elton at the right time and place. It has never interfered with my other musical likes-I would even go so far as to say it enhances them! One more thing-I have even been to Graceland (twice) and would recommend it!
  2. Well, the box seems to be unchanged. My set arrived undamaged, but there was a torn seam on the box (this has happened before). They do use plenty of bubble wrap but really could use a sturdier mailer. UPS is pretty rough with packages.
  3. Set #37 has arrived. Enjoying disc 1 (sound is very good as expected).
  4. Thanks much - I have warm memories of shopping for blues at Jazz Record Mart back in the day.
  5. Thanks for the shows. The "Cafe Society" episode is excellent as well!
  6. There is one other mistake, my booklet states the edition is limited to 5000 sets - the website says 10,000. Mistakes aside, this is a magnificent Mosaic box and this material has never sounded this good, IMHO! I can already say my copy will never wind up on ebay (in my lifetime, that is).
  7. Set #42 got here today - got a good scare when I saw the box, absolutely trashed like UPS backed the truck over it (even had two corners exposed)! The good news is the set is undamaged in any way. I'm listening to disc 1 and the sound is excellent, Pops Rules!
  8. The Armstrong has been shipped by Mosaic - just got the UPS email.
  9. Houston Person Trio with Atsuko Hashimoto on B3 & Jeff Hamilton, drums live at Jazz Port Townsend (July 27th). More concerts from the festival to come at: http://www.kplu.org/wilke.html
  10. It's hard to choose just one, but I have to go with the Shorty Rogers followed closely by the Johnny Hodges Small Groups and the Buck Clayton Jam Sessions (and the Hank Mobley, Anita O'Day and on and on...).
  11. I've been listening to set #2864 for a few days now, I agree with most of the previous comments. There is a lot of variety in the groups and the players are mostly outstanding - there is some great Dorham here and Tommy Turrentine is excellent too (as are all the tenors). Great drumming by Max of course. I'm very pleased with this one!
  12. It's disc 5 of my newly-aquired Max Roach set - I've only heard about half of the set so far. Lots of great music I wasn't familiar with (like the beautiful take on "Parker's Mood" on disc 3).
  13. just played Disc 7 & 8 of the Mildred Bailey, now it's time for some Sonny Stitt!
  14. Ordered the Max Roach set this am - there are "about" 100 sets remaining...
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