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  1. Listening to the first four discs of the Modern Jazz Quartet box. Love discs one through three...such thoughtful, patient music, and the collaborations with Giuffre and Rollins are beautiful, arresting. Disc four, on the other hand, presents the kind of music that made me skeptical about grabbing this set. I find that I can't stand Third Stream Music, maybe because I'm not that interested in the arrangements, and the whole thing feels encumbered by the added instrumentation. Not a fan.
  2. That's be like 75 percent of the Prestige catalog, probably.
  3. Yeah, of course just about anything there you can get elsewhere on the internet. I still like the in-store experience...that's the thing that I would find addictive.
  4. If I lived within a three-hour radius of Chicago, I'd go broke spending my money at that place.
  5. I decided to order the one from Amazon. Considering that the box is OOP and that none of my usual sources had it, it seemed like a very reasonable price. Now the great reshuffling of my music collection is just about complete. I think in the last couple of weeks I've sold about 12 or 13 box sets, and have used the proceeds to buy a different batch of music, that I think is more reflective of where my current tastes and interests actually lie. It was kind of like I was a kid again, trading baseball cards...enjoyable.
  6. Thanks...I actually missed that one in my Amazon search, somehow.
  7. Does anybody know if this box set is available anywhere? It can be had as an MP3, but I'm looking for the actual physical artifact. Thanks.
  8. Cool...glad to hear it navigated the Atlantic without any difficulties.
  9. Wow, thanks guys! It has been a good, peaceful day, which is all one can really ask for.
  10. Just tried to send a PM and it seems to have blocked me for some reason. PM me, I'm interested in the set.
  11. Up, added the Complete Norman Granz Jam Sessions to the list.
  12. If any one is interested in the remaining box sets at this price, let me know by Friday, as after that point I will be putting them on EBay. Thanks.
  13. I am offering the following box sets for sale. All are in like-new condition, unless otherwise noted. Prices include shipping to the U.S.; will ship internationally for an additional fee. Paypal only. In all cases I have endeavored to offer the sets for prices lower than you can typically find elsewhere. Mosaic Select #9 - Bob Brookmeyer - $50 (minor shelf wear to outer box) Mosaic Select #21 - Gerry Mulligan - $35 The Complete Norman Granz Jam Sessions - $30 PM if interested, and thanks for looking.
  14. Up: Added a Chet Baker and Bob Brookmeyer box to the list.
  15. So I have the following box sets available for sale or trade. All are in like-new condition. Prices include shipping, except outside the U.S., which will ship at cost. For each item I've tried to gauge the going price and then go lower. Sun Ra - Live at the Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto 1978 (Transparency) - $35 Bob Brookmeyer - Mosaic Select (OOP) - $50 --Box has some minor shelf wear Paypal only, although I will also consider trade offers. My tastes in that regard lean toward the avant-garde realm. PM if interested.
  16. I think one of this site's biggest problems is that too much attention/focus is put on this consumerist ideal that you have to have all the cool box sets and reissues. The cheerleading for that kind of stuff, especially in some threads, can make it seem like one is an "outsider" if one does not conform to the model of raw accumulation of sets. But that is not the way this board should be.
  17. Shaw is gone. Armstrong and Peterson are still available.
  18. I am selling the following three Mosaic sets. Prices include shipping in the U.S. Will ship at cost to other countries. Paypal only. PM if interested. MD7-244 Classic Artie Shaw Bluebird and Victor Sessions (Box, booklet and discs all in like new condition. Set #1261) -- $80 MD7-243 The Complete Louis Armstrong Decca Sessions (1935-1946) (Box and discs in like new condition. Booklet has significant creases along spine, because it traveled with me to Namibia, in South-western Africa, for ten months while I was doing field research in Ovamboland, near the Angolan border. So it has character. Set #1056) -- $70 MD7-241 The Complete Clef/Mercury Studio Recordings of the Oscar Peterson Trio (1951-1953). (Box, booklets and discs all in like-new condition. Euro release, so no set #.) -- $60 -- ON HOLD Thanks for looking!
  19. I'm a big Leandre fan and will look into getting this. Good luck with the new label.
  20. I'm just checking to see if anyone is interested in trading for a Mosaic Oscar Peterson set. The set is opened but in like new condition, Euro release, so no number on the inside of the booklet. I'd prefer to trade rather than sell, but if you are interested, PM me with an offer. Thanks.
  21. Yes, I think Marion Brown in general is very underrepresented on compact disc right now. I'd try to reissue anything by him that has not been on CD, or has not been in that format for many years.
  22. The Benedetti arrived today. The music is absolutely glorious. I can't believe it took me this long to get it. I was so put off for so long by the fact that the sound quality was poor and the recordings were just snapshots of solos rather than full performances, that I forgot that this was Charlie Parker we were talking about here. The music, especially with the hiss of the tape, feels like a warm blanket, like a glass of scotch on the rocks that you slowly take in. I would say to anyone on the fence about the Benedetti, that if you love Parker, you will love this set. Anyway, I'm still going through my first listen so I will have more to say a bit later on.
  23. A Hawkins set along the lines of the one they did for Chu Berry would indeed be a nice set.
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