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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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2 hours ago, clifford_thornton said:

From the liner: The following day, our own Herbie Hancock, spurred on by Jimmy Woode, Sam Woodyard and Quintin Jackson, who graciously consented to a "jam session" in Younker Lounge.......

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Just now, Rabshakeh said:

It's a great record. One I've dreamed of finding for years. But I'm still quite weirded out that this is being reissued when so much else hasn't been.

Expect the unexpected 😃....

@ "Rabshakeh" : in a similar vein .... most likely can find in a bargain bin .... recommended ....

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5 minutes ago, Rabshakeh said:

I hadn't noticed that everyone on the sleeve has a moustache. Branford's looks like it took exactly 14 3/4 years to grow.


On 11/30/2023 at 1:41 AM, soulpope said:

Great stuff .... love the blaring horns ....

Is there ANYTHING that you guys HAVEN'T heard ?!??  😉

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1 hour ago, jazzcorner said:

A good series  ' The Charlie Parker Story' on Verve - have vol. 1 to 3

Another series is: 'The genius of Charlie Parker' have Vol. 4 to 6 + Vol. 8

I think the collection of 8 LPs I have was Japanese Verve, I´m not sure. It´s interesting that they are not chronological, I think the first one is some a bit too bombastic big band stuff. That "Temptation" sounds a bit too much like an old movie score. 
Some of them are very fine: Especially the one which has "Chi Chi" on it, that is a good session where Granz didn´t interfere with the music or the personnel, it´s vintage Charlie Parker quartet with top players. 

I have not spinned it for decades, I still prefer the Savoy and Dial recordings....., and the early 50´s Birdland recordings....

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