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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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This is my X-mas present from me to me

(sorry  ---> no vinyl!  Should appear in the other thread)



Some groups are found too  on Contemporary vinyls

14 hours ago, Pim said:


such a great record. Beautiful music that fits great with the cold winter weather here. Thank you Sam records for an amazing reissue.

Yep! Here too in the stock. Vinyls are the best.

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Milford Graves and Don Pullen - Nommo


This is a record that was huge for me in the early days of really really getting into jazz.

I remember 20 years ago staring at an inserted image on a blog, trying to make out the album cover on this thing, whilst wondering who these unknown musicians Milford Graves and Don Pullen were. So strange to have it in LP format in 2023.

Ironically, it was increasing familiarisation with both musicians that probably led to this record slipping from my mind to the extent it has. Pullen in particular I associate with his great 80s records, and no longer associate him with this album. Having bought it today, it is the first time I have listened to this record in around 6 years. It is bringing back huge waves of nostalgia.

What a magical album.

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Milford Graves - BABI


People can talk Reid Miles all they like, but the felt-tip with visible smudge and obviously-traced devanagari script era was the real high point of graphic design in jazz.


This record is not Nommo. BABI is obviously a major statement, but it is one that is quite funny in its own extremity, whereas Nommo to my ears is the purest distilled magic that the free-er end of our genre offers. Both great records though.

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Interesting Info by west coast researche Mr. Jim Harrod in another forum:

It is good to know that the Pacific Jazz archive is still being mined for reissues although I’m not among the market for these high end analog vinyl gems in Blue Note’s “Tone Poet” series. LP’s to be reissued in 2024 include: Gil Evans - Great jazz Standards, Chet Baker Sings & Plays (PJ-1202), Lee Konitz Plays with Gerry Mulligan, Gerald Wilson - Moment of Truth, The Remarkable Carmell Jones, Joe Pass for Django, Chet Baker / Art Pepper - Picture of Heath, and Curtis Amy / Dupree Bolton - Katanga.

Here is the announcement from Jazziz:

Blue Note Announces 2024 Tone Poet Reissues: Blue Note Records has announced the 2024 lineup for the Tone Poet Audiophile Vinyl Reissue Series. The series is produced by “Tone Poet” Joe Harley and features definitive all-analog vinyl reissues of acknowledged treasures of the Blue Note catalog, as well as underrated classics, modern-era standouts and albums from other labels under the Blue Note umbrella, including Pacific Jazz, Transition and United Artists. Newly announced titles begin January 5, at the start of Blue Note’s 85th anniversary year, with the release of Elvin Jones’ Poly-Currents (1969) and Lou Donaldson’s Midnight Creeper (1968).



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On 11/28/2023 at 4:31 PM, clifford_thornton said:


And yeah, Independence: Tread on Sure Ground is a great record. I have the 1980s Union pressing which used to be fairly cheap... not sure whether Cinedelic is legit but at least if it sounds good that's something. I know Jeff has an original 1970 pressing of that record, which is very tough to come by.

I couldn't immediately lay my hands on my copy of I:ToSG but looking at Cinedelic's reissue of Togashi's "Speed and Space" it states that it's licensed from Teichiku Co. Ltd. Label reproduces original (?) Union label and has Japanese OBI  !  This reissue also has great sound and on the face of it appears legit.


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2 hours ago, kh1958 said:

Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All Stars, volume 6 (Contemporary)image.jpeg.a6837654718b760dcbdbeadb5692dc72.jpeg

All his groups are excellent West Coast music.

All here in vinyl

Rumsey,Howard     Vol 1 Sunday Jazz a la Lighthouse Vol I        1953          Contemporary                3501

Rumsey,Howard     Vol 2 Lighthouse Allstars at Laguna    1955          Contemporary                3509

Rumsey,Howard     Vol 3 Lighthouse Allstars 1952-55       Contemporary                  3508

Rumsey,Howard     Vol 4 Lighthouse Allstars (flute/Oboe)         1954-56          Contemporary                3520

Rumsey,Howard     Vol 5 The Lighthouse Allstars In the solo spotligh          1954-57       Contemporary                3517

Rumsey,Howard     Vol 6 Lighthouse Allstars 1954-55       Contemporary                  3504

Rumsey,Howard     Vol 7 Music for Lighthousekeeping     1956          Contemporary                7528

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