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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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The MGM soundtrack album of the wonderfully bad movie I watched this past weekend: Get Yourself a College Girl. I decided that I had to have it, since a couple of the best pieces of music in the movie, like "Sweet Rain" by Stan Getz with Gary Burton and "The Sermon" by Jimmy Smith, have inane dialogue over and through them. The lyrics to the title song (sung my Mary Ann Mobley) are so bad that they could be by Spinal Tap:

Get yourself a college girl:

She knows how to love,

And how to live,

And how to love....

And the album reminds me that although the Dave Clark Five got first billing, their demise was no great loss. But The Animals were a tough band! They took their Chuck Berry/John Lee Hooker sources and added a real bad-ass, British working class swagger. Nice!

"Sweet Rain" is on right now. Damn!

Who is the main composer, or is it a various artists thing?

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Who is the main composer, or is it a various artists thing?

Fred Karger & Sidney Miller wrote the title song and presumably the musical cues for the film, none of which are on the album. The album is a various artists compilation, which fits the movie - a thin plot as an excuse for a whole bunch of music and dancing.

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Miles Davis--Miles Ahead (Columbia six eyes)

Miles Davis--Sketches of Spain (Columbia six eyes)

Mono or stereo?

Both mono copies in nearly perfect shape that I found yesterday, along with a stereo Live at the Blackhawk, vol. 2.

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Looking Ahead - Cecil Taylor Quartet

One of the tracks on Bill Barton's BFT inspired me to listen to this album for the first time in quite awhile. My rhetorical question for the day is why didn't Earl Griffith become THE vibes player?

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Good Vibes.....

Walt Dickerson/Sirone/Andrew Cyrille - Life Rays (Soul Note)

Khan Jamal Quartet (Charles Tyler, Johnny Dyani, Leroy Lowe) - Dark Warrior (SteepleChase)

Bobby Naughton/Leo Smith/Perry Robinson - The Haunt - (OTIC)

Man, some of my favorite artists and albums. I do like the vibe.

I was listening to Oltremare by Carlo Actis Dato.

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