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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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Lee Collins in the 30s: I Can Dish It - Can You Take It (Collectors Items). This is a nice reminder that Louis Armstrong didn't appear out of a vacuum. He was the most accomplished of the "modern" school of New Orleans trumpet players that were born around 1900 - the generation who built on the work of King Oliver and Freddie Keppard. This group included the unrecorded Buddy Petit and Chris Kelly, as well as Punch Miller and Lee Collins, who made lots of obscure records. The last two remained semi-obscure largely because they had a bad case of wanderlust. Also, they were "only" extremely talented - they were not geniuses, as Louis was.

This album is a collection of Lee's trumpet backing up blues singers in Chicago. Hearing him on Lil Johnson's "Can't Read, Can't Write" and "Ramblin' Man Blues" reminds me that he was only a step or two behind Armstrong. The best of Punch Miller's recordings lead to the same conclusion.

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LALO SCHIFRIN - New Fantasy - Verve, stereo.

That one should blow your speakers apart ! :D

Yep! I had to put Ahmad Jamal's At The Blackhawk on after it, in order to calm my wife down.

I spoke too soon. 'Grantstand' just caused my NAP 250 to overheat and cut out. The top of the amp was pretty damn hot ! :unsure::o

Re: 'New Fantasy' - It must be a 'woman thing' - total hatred of big band music and fortissimo trumpets. Yet to meet one who likes it. :D

That 'New Fantasy' is a great listen though, especially cranked up.

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Hi again

Now spinning is "Miles Ahead!", Prestige Historical Series, original 1953-54 recordings. I just got this record. The players on the first 4 tracks are Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins and Charlie Parker (both on tenor), Walter Bishop Jr., Percy Heath and Philly Joe Jones.

I have 10 Sonny Rollins records and 10 cds. I also have 5 Parker records and 1 cd, but this is the first time I hear them together.

I don´t know if this is the right place in the forum to ask but I´m gonna try anyway:

I want to catalogue my jazz records and I´m looking for the right software for it. Although I have no more than 400 jazz records and about 300 cds, typing all the information for each title would take much time. I know there are some programs that search the net as soon as one writes in the title, and then put the information into the catalogue if they find any.

Has any of you used programs like these and what is your experience with them?

Best regards, Jóhannes

You're talking about Discogs on the web, right? For me it doesn't work because a lot of jazz listings aren't in there.

I just use Excel, though it of course I keep that pretty minimal. Access might be a better endeavor if you want to go "deep."

Hi, Dr. Funkenstein and thanks for your reply.

Yes it is Discogs I was thinking of. I´ll follow you on this and use Exel.

Best regards, Jóhannes

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