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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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Bought the lp before yu b born.

I'm sure you did. ;)

That said, Duke was in regular rotation when I was growing up, thanks to my Dad (who I bet was born before you were). I thankfully inherited many of his LPs.


Most of the Ellington I listen to is from 1938 or later. Whenever I hear any of the earlier stuff, I'm always astounded at how forward-looking it is.

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Joe Venuti - World's Greatest Jazz Violinist (10" Decca LP). Can't find anything on this one, which is a set of eight duets with Russ Morgan on piano. It doesn't seem to be listed in the Lord discography. It's nice, in that third-stream-ish, highly prepared Venuti kind of way.

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I will, after I work my brain into a knot why I much prefer Q's Soul Samba to Jug's Bad Bossa Nova.

Bad Bossa Nova was the reissue title, presumably handled by the record label. The original had a title like "Jungle Soul" or something, which is much closer to the spirit of the music.

Willis' Jackson's Bossa Nova Plus is not as good as Gene Ammons' Bad Bossa Nova (well, I would say that about Willis Jackson v. Gene Ammons generally, but notwithstanding this general predisposition, it's still a lesser album in comparison). I found the album to be pleasing, in a light sort of way, with some nice solos from Willis Jackson and Kenny Burrell; I would probably prefer a CD version, so as to skip the two songs on the album that I dislike (I Left My Heart in San Francisco and What Kind of Fool Am I?). There are no "bossa nova" songs on the record, only a Brazilian guitarist added as a rhythm guitarist and two percussionists along with Roy Haynes on drums.

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A record I had never even heard of until I picked it up at a junk store in the middle of nowhere in Minnesota yesterday: Little Band-Big Jazz by Conte Candoli on Crown. It's excellent, with Buddy Collette (on tenor only), Vince Guaraldi, Leroy Vinnegar, and Stan Levey. It's in mint condition, but since it's a typically cheap Crown pressing, there's a constant surface hiss in the background. Pretty cool find, though, in my opinion - I'll enjoy it.

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This one will make you feel better just thinking about it:

Jimmy Deuchar - Pub Crawling - (Contemporary yellow-label, dg)

Yeah, I've got that particular pressing too. The original was on Tempo.

CD player now behaving itself at least for now. It's the damn puck ! (replacement on order)

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Sidewinder, how is that "Voodoo Session" album? Any interesting instrumentation or tunes?

Mr T - It will be a 45rpm EP I believe with an instrumental version of the music from the 'Dr Terror's House of Horrors' movie. Tubby and his band of 1964 vintage (with Jimmy Deuchar and Alan Ganley) appear in a 15-20 minute segment - I have the movie but have not heard the EP yet (Trunk haven't released it but there's some advance information on the Trunk Records website). Limited to 666 copies when it does appear. :lol:

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