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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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Sidewinder, how is that "Voodoo Session" album? Any interesting instrumentation or tunes?

Mr T - It will be a 45rpm EP I believe with an instrumental version of the music from the 'Dr Terror's House of Horrors' movie. Tubby and his band of 1964 vintage (with Jimmy Deuchar and Alan Ganley) appear in a 15-20 minute segment - I have the movie but have not heard the EP yet (Trunk haven't released it but there's some advance information on the Trunk Records website). Limited to 666 copies when it does appear. :lol:

Thanks. I'm a sucker for record covers like this. If the music inside is good, all the better! ;)

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THE CEDAR WALTON TRIO - A Night At Boomers, Vol. 1 - Muse, with Clifford Jordan.

Yeah - great stuff. I'm itching to hear some Cedar on my deck. Must get hold of Vol 2 of this one.

I just played both volumes earlier this week. Cedar is in the air! I actually wasn't that keen on these at first, but they've grown on me.

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Hilton Ruiz 'Strut' (RCA Novus). Great band, with Sam Rivers, Dick Griffin, Lew Sollof and Mongo Santamaria !

Soft Machine 'Fifth' (UK CBS stereo). Stylophonic prog-rock bliss !

Back in action -

:tup good news - next to brownie and Chuck, you've probably got the heaviest vinyl collection here.

Yeah - after this deck tweek I'm gonna throw my CDs away. :rsmile:

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Barabara Thompson's Paraphenalia 'Live In Concert' (MCA 2LP) Hornchurch, 1980. Very nicely recorded. :tup

Various Artists 'Jazz Explosion' (UK Columbia Lansdowne, stereo). Excellent Lansdowne series sampler with Mike Taylor, Guy Warren, Rendell/Carr, Stan Tracey, Indo-Jazz Fusions etc.

Harold Land 'Xocia's Dance' (Muse) - with Bobby Hutcherson

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Just finished:

Stanley Turrentine - Jubilee Shout (LP1) (Blue Note)

Now playing:

Curtis Fuller - Four On The Outside (Timeless)

- I buy anything with Pepper Adams on it. :)

Up next:

Richie Kamuca - Richie Kamuca's Charlie (Concord)

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