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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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Today's listening...

John Cater - Dance of the Love Ghosts (Gramavision)

Then back to the Arista/Freedom marathon ...

New York Mary - s/t (AL 1019)

Hampton Hawes - Live at the Montmartre (AL 1020)

Ted Curson - Tears for Dolphy (AL 1021)

Human Arts Ensemble - Under the Sun (AL 1022)

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James Brown, Showtime (Smash) in glorious mono. Found over the weekend, a birthday gift to myself.

Only drawback: it wasn't "showtime" it was "studio time" but Smash decided to dub in applause. Recorded when he was in contractual limbo with King, he had to stick with other composer's work. Did JB record "Caledonia" or "Ain't Nobody Here But us Chickens" elsewhere? Cool takes on some straight blues, too, including "Somebody Changed The Lock on My Door" "Things I Used To Do".

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Max Roach--Drums Unlimited (Atlantic SD 1467)

Elmo Hope--Sounds from Rikers Island (Audio Fidelity AFLP 2119)

Fantastic night of music!

Max Roach - that one is a fave !

Elmo - I'd be 'tickled' to find a nice copy of that one. Congrats !

Yes, I love every Roach album, really. I highly recommend that MJT+3 record, too. It's amazing to hear Muhal Richard Abrams early on playing bebop! Believe it or not, after that prior discussion in this thread, I was lucky enough to win the Elmo Hope mono LP for only $21.48 on ebay. I thought I'd be competing with you and with Clifford :crazy: .

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