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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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Hampton Hawes' "Here and Now" (Contemporary), with Chuck Israels and Donald Bailey, from 1965.

A somewhat unusual and interesting record -- fairly free-ish (in terms of rhythmic and harmonic looseness) versions of pop-ish material of that general era: "Fly Me to the Moon," "What Kind of Fool Am I?" "The Girl From Ipanema," Mancini's "Dear Heart," "People," "Chim Chim Cher-ee," "Days of Wine and Roses," plus a Hawes original "Rhonda."

For some strange reason Hawes' reading of "Dear Heart" kind of obsesses me; at first it sounds like he's just playing the melody (an obsessive one by nature) over and over again, with only the slightest of variations, but that's not quite it -- he's going for something different that I can't really describe, maybe a much more edgy, active version of the same kind of near-hypnotic stasis that Red Garland achieved on "Mr. Wonderful." In part it's like Hawes is trying to emphasize or even isolate the elements of touch and attack, to the exclusion of other factors; and the album is very consistent in approach and mood, along those lines. Does anyone else know and like it?

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James Moody/George Wallington - The Beginning and End of Bop (Blue Note). A really nice reissue that I bought around 1977. Ernie Henry sounds great on the Moody sides.

1978 in my case - cutout ! Still enjoy hearing that one.

Spinning Jimmy Ponder 'Jump' (Muse). Big John Patton on organ, recorded by RVG.

Clarke/Boland Big Band: At Her Majesty's Pleasure (Black Lion). Thanks for the recommendation, sidewinder.

Glad you enjoy it. I think Tony Coe's playing on that session is magnificent. :tup

Recommend the album with Getz, 'Changes of Scene', if you can find it. A bit scarce on Verve vinyl I think (mine's a UK issue).

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Grant Green - Solid (Blue Note)


Rainbow or King?

Or recent Capitol cheapo reissue?

I bought it recently from Honest Jon's. It does not say Capitol on the label, but I guess it must be this one:

# Vinyl (September 30, 2008)

# Original Release Date: June 12, 1964

# Number of Discs: 1

# Label: Blue Note Records

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