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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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The Mel Lewis Orchestra, 20 Years at the Village Vanguard (Atlantic)

Rarely buy vinyl these days, but spotted this at Manchester's Vinyl Exchange for £6 in as-new condition. Cheapest online seems to be about £30. As for the music, you can never fault this band, as far as I'm concerned. And I'd never heard of this album before!

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Marion Brown - Vista - (Impulse)

How is that one? I've passed on it a number of times. Not sure as to why.

Gesprachfetzen it ain't, but then again it doesn't need to be. I would spend no more than $5 on it; I think mine was $2 and it's very clean. Super-mellow, but very nice. The version of "Visions" is an only-slightly-guilty pleasure.

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Al Gallodoro - Gallodoro (Merri). A guilty pleasure. This is semi-classical and pop music - flashy and shallow. But I'm a sucker for great saxophone playing, and Gallodoro is pretty amazing.

As I said before, he came to my small town, Iowa school (maybe 300 students, k-12) around 1957. I was in the band and was transfixed by his playing.

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I've been spending a lot of time the past month or two with the Avant Garde box sets put out by DGG. There were 4 volumes issued consisting of 6 LPs in each set. They released one box(limited to 1000 copies) per year starting 1968. Lots of good stuff here.

(I cut/pasted this info from various sources - I'm too lazy to type it myself)

Volume 1 includes:

1. LUTOSLAWSKI: String Quartet

PENDERECKI: Quartetto per archi

MAYUZUMI: Prelude for string quartet

Performed by the Lasalle Quartet

2. STOCKHAUSEN: Gruppen for 3 orchestras; Carre for 4 orchestras & 4 choirs

Performed by Cologne RSO directed by Karlheinz Stockhausen,

Bruno Maderna & Michael Gielen; and the Norddeutschen Rundfunks

Hamburg Symphony Orchestra & Choir, directed by Mauricio Kagel,

Karlheinz Stockhausen, Andrzej Markowski, and Michael Gielen

3. KAGEL: Phantasie fur orgel mit obbligati


LIGETI: Volumina; Etude no.1 "Harmonies"

Performed by Gerd Zacher (organ)

4. BEDFORD: Two poems for chorus

LIGETI: Lux Aeterna

MELLNAS: Succsim


Performed by Chor des Norddeutschen Rundfunks Hamburg,

directed by Helmut Franz

5. GLOBOKAR: Discours II

BERIO: Sequenza V

STOCKHAUSEN: Solo fur melodie-instrument mit ruckkopplung

ROQUE ALSINA: Consecuenza

Performed by Vinko Globokar (trombone)

6. KAGEL: Match for 3 players; Music for renaissance instruments

Performed by Christoph Caskel (percussion), Siegfried Palm

(cello), Klaus Storck (cello), Collegium instrumentalis dir. Maurcio


Volume 2 includes

Record 1


Record 2

ZIMMERMANN: Presence, Intercommunicatione

Record 3

CAGE: Atlas Eclipticalis (1961-62), Wintermusic (1957), Cartridge Music (1960)

SCHNEBEL: Glossolalie (version 1962)

Record 4

KAGEL: Hallelujah

SCHNEBEL: Fur Stimmen

Record 5

KOENIG: Terminus II, Fluktuation Gruen

PONGRACZ: Phonothese

RIEHN: Chants de Maldoror

Record 6

STOCKHAUSEN: Telemusik, Mixtur

Volume 3 includes:

Record 1. 2561 039 - MAURICIO KAGEL : Der Schall (for five players with 54

Instruments) performed by The Kolner Ensemble for New Music

Record 2. 2561 040 - GYORGY LIGETI : Streichquartett / EARLE BROWN : String

Quartet / WOLF ROSENBERG : Streichquartett; performed by the Lasalle


Record 3. 2591 041 - LUC FERRARI : Presque Rien No. 1 Daybreak on the beach +

Societe II and if the piano were a female body; performed by Gerard

Fremy (piano), Jean-Pierre Drouet/Sylvio Gualda/Gaston Sylvestre

(percussion), Ensemble Instrumental de Paris

Record 4. 2561 042 - LUKAS FOSS : Paradigm (1968) "for my friends" with

percussion,electric guitar,violin,clarinet,cello, electronics/tape

recorder / LEJAREN HILLER : Algorithms I,Version I and Version IV with

woodwinds, brass, harp, percussion, strings, tape recorder / ELLIOTT

SCHWARZ : Signals (1968) for trombone and contrabass - with insert in

French and German.

Record 5. 2561 043 - (DG 2543003 Issued with alternative sleeve) - KARLHEINZ

STOCKHAUSEN: Stimmung Paris Version - work number 24 : Collegium

Vocale Cologne: Dagmar Apel, Gaby Rodens, Helga Albrecht, Wolfgang

Fromme, Georg Steinhoff, Hans-Alderich Billig - with booklet

containing English and French translation of German sleeve notes

Record 6. 2561 044 - ROLAND KAYN : Cybernetics III (1969) - Tape recorder

realization / LUIGI NONO : Contrappunto dialettico alla mente (1968)

for soprano, voices, tape recorder realization and Coro da Camera

della RAI.;dir. Nino Antonellini - with insert

Volume 4 includes:

RECORD ONE (2561106): Franco Evangelisti "The Box" (1962-63) for 5 to

7 actors, voice, projector, small orchestra and tape recorder ; Heinz

Holliger "The Magical Dancer" (1963-5).

RECORD TWO (2561107): 2561107: Cornelius Cardew "The Great Learning"

(1969) The Scratch Orchestra. Recorded 1971, London.

RECORD THREE (2561108) : Roman Haubenstock-Ramati "Symphony K" (1967)

; Vinko Globokar "Etude Pour Folklora 2" (1968)

RECORD FOUR (2561109): Heinz Holliger "Siebengesang" (1966/67) ;

Karlheinz Stockhausen "Spiral" (1968)

RECORD FIVE (2561110): Sylvano Bussotti "Cinque Frammenti all'Italia"

(1967/68) ; Nicolaus Huber "Versuch uber Sprache" (1969)

RECORD SIX (2561111): Leo Kupper, Exequiel Virasoro, Jean-Claude

Frison "L'Enclume Des Forces" Artaud poem ; "Electro-poem" (1967) ;

"Automatismes Sonores" (1971) electronic composition


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