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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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Roland Kirk with Jack McDuff 'Kirk's Work' (Prestige, yellow label)

Great minds think alike ! Just spinning 'Slightly Latin', this time the UK Mercury pressing in the 'Limelight Series'. In stereo too - first time I've heard this version (great). The Limelight LP I have is in mono and I'm pretty sure that the version on the Kirk Mercury set is also mono. Lost master?

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Joe Harriott - Jazz for moderns ( Gearbox) ex BBC 1962 - heavy vinyl sounding very good. Anyone have their Tubby Hayes release ?

edit to add that this a 45 rpm 12 inch with 4 tracks, about 12 minutes in total but with the classic line up of Harriott and Shake Keane


still spinning this , it's really good and the sound is superb, slightly more mainstream compared to Freeform and Abstract, I've ordered the Tubby session too, given its limited edition status I guess if I wait for a review it won't be available

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Donald Byrd - Blackjack - BN, unknown recent reissue.

Scorpio pressing? How does it sound?

Was eyeing up a 'Mr Shing-a-Ling' from same source this afternoon and came near to trying it out.

I picked it at the shop, in the DJ bins, brand new, at normal price, (for DJ records) five or six years ago I think. No idea how to identify the pressing.

The vinyl is ok, the sound not really, quite lifeless, compared to the originals of the same era, like 'Slow Drag' I am listen to right now.

edit: I was listen to BLACKBYRD, not BLACKJACK wich I have in a nice Liberty dress. Sorry.

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