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VSOP "Live Under the Sky" reissue Aug 17

CJ Shearn

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I have the French reissue of this, but will get the new reissue for the extra tracks. (although I feel Tempest in the Colosseum is a much stronger album compared to this) According to Jazzmatazz there are a total of 10 new tracks. Will half of these be the "Five Stars" studio album? Thanks

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here's the track listing for the upcoming 2cd reissue. i wasn't able to find the source of the bonus tracks (*).

Disc 1

1. Opening

2. Eye of the Hurricane*

3. Tear Drops

4. Domo

5. Para Oriente

6. Pee Wee

7. One of Another Kind

8. Fragile

Disc 2

1. Opening*

2. Eye of the Hurricane*

3. Tear Drops*

4. Domo*

5. Para Oriente*

6. Pee Wee*

7. One of Another Kind*

8. Fragile*

9. Stella by Starlight*

10. On Green Dolphin Street*

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The Lord discography shows this entry:

Eye of the hurricane

[H1349-4] Herbie Hancock

Live under the sky: The V.S.O.P. Quintet:

Freddie Hubbard (tp,flhrn) Wayne Shorter (sop,ts) Herbie Hancock (p) Ron Carter (b) Tony Williams (d)

Concert "Den-En Colosseum", Tokyo, Japan, July 26, 1979

One of another kind CBS/Sony (Jap)40AP1037/8, SME (Jap)SRCS5823/4 [CD]

Teardrop - -

Pee Wee - -

Para oriente - -

Fragile - -

Domo - -

(Medley :) - -

Stella by starlight - -

On Green Dolphin Street - -

Eye of the hurricane -

Note: All titles on CBS/Sony (Jap)40AP1037/8 also on CBS/Sony (Jap)40DP5610/1 [CD].

The formatting is lost - what this says is that Eye of the Hurricane first came out on the CD issue.

So, I'm confused. It looks to me that the SECOND disc is the Live Under The Sky album since the medley appears there. Or have they left off the original medley and replaced it with a previously unissued medley - I hate when labels do that.

There are no other previously issued VSOP albums that include Para Oriente or Domo, and the other VSOP Japan-only albums don't match that setlist.


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I'm confused too Mike, thanks for the info. "Para Oriente" (aka La Maison Goree, and Ancient Eyes, Soweto Nights) and "Domo" are issued on the French version of "Live Under the Sky" which is the edition I own, still I plan to upgrade. According to the liners notes "Eye of the Hurricane" was recorded, but not released b/c a version already appeared on "Tempest in the Colosseum", also "Eye of the Hurricane" was performed before the horrible rainstorm which you hear affecting the instruments (especially Wayne) resumed.

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For what its' worth (not all that much), the entry on Wayne at jazzdisco.org shows the following:


Freddie Hubbard (tp) Wayne Shorter (ss, ts) Herbie Hancock (p) Ron Carter (b) Tony Williams (d)

'Live Under the Sky', Tokyo, Japan, July 26, 1979

One of Another Kind CBS/Sony [J] 40AP 1037/38

Teardrop -

Pee Wee -

Para Oriente -

Fragile -

Domo -

Stella by Starlight / On Green Dolphin Street -

* Live Under the Sky / V.S.O.P. (CBS/Sony [J] 40AP 1037/38)


same personnel

'Live Under the Sky', Tokyo, Japan, July 29, 1979

Skagly CBS/Sony [J] 40AP 1036

Finger Painting -

Mutants on the Beach -

Circe -

* Five Stars / V.S.O.P. (CBS/Sony [J] 40AP 1036)

I was really hoping that the US CD would include the four tracks from 7/29 - I'm really pissed off; this is one of the few Wayne sessions I'm missing.

'Circe' is supposed to be 'Atlantis'. I'm not sure about the alternate titles that C.J. gives for 'Para Oriente' - I knew this tune first as 'Angel Street'.


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Anyone have this yet? On sale at CD Universe for $16.89.

I got this today at Borders, $11.99, not a sale, that's list price. I actually had to ask the info desk for help- I was there around 12:30 and they still hadn't put it out yet. I went with the info clerk to the cart where they had all of today's new releases to be filed, and plucked out the only copy! Good price. I'm liking it so far, but where the hell is Wayne? Is he even on this? His solo in Tear Drop sounds pretty pedestrian for him. Lots of good Freddie Hubbard though

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GregK, scroll up to my post from August 1st, I hope that could provide some info as to Wayne not sounding that great.

yes, I'm aware of the rainstorm and all, but I guess what I'm wondering is why no Shorter compositions, and why is his playing so mild? I have no idea what playing in a rainstorm would be like, so maybe I'm being unfair.

Why are Belden's liner notes dated April 2003?

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I picked up the set the other day, I actually think Wayne's playing is pretty good, the resequenced set order of the original album makes for a more enjoyable listen I think over the French reissue.

yes, I too think Wayne's playing is good, just not as interesting as he can be

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Description: A fine Champagne cognac made exclusively from the grande and petite champagnes, which are the best quality grapes from the Cognac region.

Aged for 8-12 years in Limousin and Troncais oak barrels.

Amber in colour, silky smooth with some chocolate overtones and a nutty, slightly citrus finish. Hints of vanilla, grilled almonds and port wine. VSOP stands for 'Very Special Old Pale'

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