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BFT #16 Signup

Dan Gould

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Nothing here yet, but a week is about the average for USA to UK I think, so Friday is the most likely day but tomorrow possible. I will be waiting for the postperson, although they keep irregualr hours these days. Living in hopes of being able to recognise something, as always.

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We're at 16 now, so maybe the discussion will start over the weekend? Or should I wait to give people more time to listen to nearly two and a half hours of music?

You're in charge. Weekend start sounds good though. I've listened once - enjoyed it all - don't know if more time will lead to any inspiration.

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Actually, I was thinking about getting it started Friday-the boss is away tomorrow, and you know how the mice will play .... :g

Actually, I've just got too much on my plate tomorrow and can't be following a discussion all day, so the weekend it shall be.

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