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BFT #16 Signup

Dan Gould

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Since I harp on other people for not hewing to the schedule, I guess I better get my thread started.

The details:

1) Since the PM and Email function of the board is iffy at best, please email me direct: dangould@hotmail.com

2) Its a two-disc BFT, with Theme. I know, pretty ironic after I was one who suggested setting limits. However, what started out as a single disc with theme plus bonus disc quickly became a double disc test. What can I say? I had a lot to share; and for those of you who haven't done this yet, I can only say, if you have any anal-retentive or compulsive tendencies, you really shouldn't do a BFT, it only exacerbates those tendencies. So I strongly suggest that you resign your position, that way I can sign up again and do this yet a third time sometime before John Kerry's second term. ;)

3) I've got 25 sets ready to go when the time comes, but, unless signups decline in the dog days of August, I would appreciate European assistance.


OK, here's the list:



Brad Lewin

Tom Storer


RDK (says he can't sit any more out, he loves these too darn much! ;)



Bright Moments

king ubu

Marcus Oliveira



White Lightning

Simon Tucker


Peter Johnson


Jim R.

Jim Dye

John B.

Big Al

Stefan Wood

Man with the Golden Arm


Street singer

Cannonball Addict


Randy Hersom


So, we're at 30, which means no August drop-off after all.

Latest Update (August 16):

Adam is in just under the gun. However, that exhausts my capacity to handle more signups myself.

CDs shipped to both Europe and the States on Friday, so if there are any further last minute signups, hopefully they can be taken care of by a relatively close-by prior recipient.

Thanks for your understanding and to everyone who's signed up.

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Brad and Catesta are in, I definitely need to plan to burn a few more at this rate. Still taking submissions; but I will ship to far=reaching places like Russia, South America and Israel on Monday, Europe to follow probably mid-week. I don't want to interfere with Marcus, but since mine is two discs, it probably won't hurt to give some people a longer chance to live with it, if they are so inclined.

And I promise I'll get an updated list up soon! But work was crazy, and the Mexican restaurant is calling to me ... soon, after the refried beans, I will be returning that call. :g

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